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    Mexico Collection

    Remains of three beheaded and chopped up young men were found dumped wrapped in plastic bags near Almoloya de Juárez.
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    Homicides Collection

    Fit 26-year-old found beheaded and chopped up in Brazil. Video here.
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    Big Brazil Collection

    Seeet Brazil. :love forever: 42-year-old was found murdered inside a toilet in Manaus.
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    Young Parents Gunned Down in Mexico for Owing Money to a Gang

    The couple recently had a baby which was taken to hospital for a full check-up.
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    US records largest annual increase in murders in six decades

    The US has experienced its largest-ever recorded annual increase in murders, according to new statistics from the FBI, with the national murder rate rising nearly 30% in 2020 – the biggest jump in six decades. Nearly 5,000 more Americans were murdered across the country last year than the year...
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    Bound Man Found Burnt to a Crisp in Brazil

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    Overkill of Young Gangster from Two Angles

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    Young Man Murdered in Brazil

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    Man who Killed 11-year-old Boy in Brazil Executed Next Day by Drug Dealers

    20-year-old man who robbed and murdered 11-year-old boy in Brazil was found executed the next day by drug dealers.
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    Mayor of Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine Found Dead with Gunshot Wounds

    Konstantin Pavlov was found shot dead in a village near Kryvyi Rih a few minutes ago. Exclusive images from the scene obtained from source. More details soon.
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    22-year-old Medical Student Murdered Both his Parents in Brazil Then Comitted Suicide

    Guilherme Heringer Cesar, 22 jumped from a bridge after killing both his parents in Brazil on August 4, 2021. A super handsome and athletic medical student killed both his parents in Brazil after overdosing on drugs on August 4, 2021. Information from family members confirm that the model had...
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    22-year-old Model Dead after Two Shots in the Head

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    Mixed Mexico Kills for the New Week

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    Three Gangsters with Big Knives Behead and Rip open a Handsome and Athletic Rival

    Not fair. Check thread tags for more videos like this in forum posts and join our social groups if you have more specific interests our murder and autopsy video collections are vast.
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    Man Brutally Murdered by his Son

  16. AnonymousPH

    Double homicide in Estelí

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    Another Nicaraguan homicide

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    Lots of murders for the end of March

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    Dead Guys Trash

    Dead young models treated like trash and send to morgue. <iframe src="https://vid.me/e/mkqK?stats=1" allowfullscreen="" webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" scrolling="no" width="854" height="480" frameborder="0"></iframe>
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    Handsome lad killed in Brazil eyes and mouth open

    <iframe src="https://vid.me/e/v6J5?stats=1" width="270" height="480" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen scrolling="no"></iframe>