1. E

    German morgue

    Haven't seen this video posted on here, so I'll do it. Maybe it's a repost, I don't know. It's censored sadly, but there are some excellent feet shots.
  2. A

    D-day: Giving a German soldier a loving farewell

    It was early morning on D-day. After the botched airdrop I found myself alone and wandering the French countryside looking for my unit. As the day broke I stumbled upon three German soldiers lying in a small clearing. Whoever had killed them had moved on, and there was nobody around. The man...
  3. AnonymousPH

    Dead German guy in a Dominican Republic morgue

    I separate this post from the Dead Dominican Republic Men Collection thread because he was a German citizen who died in the Dominican Republic.
  4. X


    Starting at minute 28:00
  5. AnonymousPH

    German found dead at a Dominican hotel

  6. AnonymousPH

    Jürgen Siegfried Paul killed in Dominican Republic

  7. Meatpie

    Angela Merkel, Queen of Europe will reign supreme for another four years

    Long live the Queen…German comedian Henning Wehn. Angela Merkel is riding high. The Germans have voted. Merkel won the elections yesterday now she is not only her country’s most popular leader for a generation, but arguably the most respected politician in the world. Germany's European...
  8. Meatpie

    Zookeeper mauled to death by a Siberian tiger in Munster, Germany

    Cute: Siberian tiger Rasputin killed his keeper with a single bite to the throat after a door was left unlocked Horror: The keeper, named as Martin H, was laying out food for the tigers in their outdoor enclosure while they were inside...
  9. Meatpie

    TATORT, Best Gay Necro TV Series of all Time: Shenja Lacher Stark Naked in Morgue

    Brutally hot morgue scenes, no censorship whatsoever, no modesty cloth or fat mortican getting in the way blocking our view...I give the show five stars and declare it the hottest gay necro series ever shown on TV. :5 stars:
  10. J

    Workaholic Aussie student found dead
  11. drmngofmybhdng

    Longpig from NYC waiting to be beheaded, hanged or strangled.

    Longpig from NYC waiting to be beheaded, hanged or strangled. Contact me if you are nearby and want to help me. plumpandjuicy64 at ya hoo.
  12. D

    I want to leave earth as a CDG on a pickup

    It is very sad, to see, how beautiful boys die in Brasil. Boys, maybe, who have dreamed from a better life. I still living, but i have no dreams of my life anymore, so i'm still hope and waiting to be shot 2014 in Brasil or later 2015 in Peru. I want to be transport on a pickup to the morgue...
  13. ArrowMan


    :Photo::Photo::Photo: !!! NEIN !!!
  14. C

    Hanging Scene from German Television Movie

    Hi all, I've been searching this for years, because this scene made me being interested in hangings: Scene starts at 15:10 Chuncino
  15. jon_b

    Naked Soldier

    A German soldier hangs naked on a fence - a revenge killing by the inmates. :shock: Although available on the internet - this 'complete', undamaged version of this vintage photo in full size is very rare. However, our CDG Elite Members can pick up the original, in its full size - and without...
  16. P

    Young Guy gets Dick Cutoff with Shears. Lots of Blood spurting out!

    Young Guy gets Dick Cutoff with Shears. Lots of Blood spurting out!!!! :sad1:
  17. crops

    Dead german soldier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Meatpie

    Man dies when toy plane flies into his head in Germany

    A toy plane has killed a 53-year-old man in a freak accident in the German city of Stuttgart. A tiny remote-controlled model aircraft collided at full speed with the man's head on Sunday, police said. He died in hospital the same day. The model was...
  19. bulletskill

    Shootiing soldiers.

    Some images of Afrika Korps soldiers being machine-gunned to death.
  20. satanic-cumshot

    my Blog was Banned

    my Blog wa banned in Germany ,germany always bann reality and gore site ,i remember in 2006 when they ban ogrish in 2010 they ban documenting reality