1. Brian2012

    The Wrestler Hunter

    Chapter 1. Releasing the Bloodlust Jonny attended a family function and was enjoying some quality time with family. As he spoke to his brother his sister pulled him to one side and asked him to go and speak to her son. Jimmy was his favorite nephew and his sister explained that he had not...
  2. Eclipse

    Fun With Finality - Short Stories

    Hello everyone! I may not be as proficient at finding nice photos and videos, but I can provide some short stories for your viewing pleasure - all exclusive to CDG! This thread will contain works of fiction depicting sexual acts between adult males, alive and deceased. If that's not to your...
  3. R

    STORY: Destination - Abattoir 4

    Destination: Abattoir 4 The curtains flutter, caught in a breeze funnelling through the open sash window. It is July, admittedly, but the gusts are of tropical warmth the type of which London witnesses only two or three days a year. Flimsy cream affairs, the curtains cannot block out the...
  4. R

    SNUFF STORY: The Drop

    This is a hanging story, in three parts, written a few years ago. It generated some positive feedback, and I went on to write a great number of extreme gay BDSM fiction pieces, albeit not all snuff. The action here is non-consensual, and the usual content warning apply. ******* The Drop...
  5. Art Of War

    L.L.K (Love Lust Kill) 1 : Scene 4 Beinngings

    (Submitting this scene for my screenplay for some feedback, need to know if I am hitting the right tempo) Scene 4: Beginnings [Camera focuses on bathroom door, noises of shower can be heard through it, there is a fleeting shadow passing the door, seconds later the bathroom door opens and...
  6. D

    Roomies (bagging story)

    I didn't mean to kill you. Honest. I was only playing around, because you crashed my bike. I wanted to scare you a little bit, that was all. But the way your body writhed against me felt so good, and your muffled gasps and the crackle of the plastic bag were like a symphony, and when I saw your...
  7. D

    At Least You Don't Have To Go Back To The Office (strangulation story)

    It's your day off, and you are home alone, relaxing in the basement. It's a beautiful day, breezy and cool, and you've left all the upstairs windows open. After all, what could happen? You'll hear if anyone tries to break in. You've finished lunch, a sandwich and a big glass of lemonade, but...
  8. F

    Rude, brutal and sadic gay porn movies

    Can anyone suggest me good gay porn movies title with some rude, brutal and sadic actions? Not just a common sm session: I'm looking for some punching, kicking, spitting and slapping action. It would be grat if in the movies the bottom guys starts starts crying in pain in front of camera.
  9. P

    snuff stories without sex, yes or no?

    How do you feel about stories that include death/snuff but no sex? Since I don't have a dick I have no idea what it feels like to get a blow job, jerk off or do a guy up the ass, so I can't imagine that my stories would be full of sex. I wrote one story and posted it here, but nobody seemed to...
  10. W

    Still wondering about pleasure and hanging

    I've seen a lot of guys that really get turned on by noose play with a trustworthy friend and I've been wondering at what point the pleasure begins. Is it when you first step off the stool, or when your feet are kicking, or when you're about to pass out? I'm too scared to try it but there seem...
  11. Tecpatl

    another Frisk killing

    Another killing from the movie Frisk. In this one Alexis Arquette (who was thankfully Robert Arquette when the movie was made) is drugged, butt fucked, strung up and stabbed. Powered by VideoBam - Free Video Hosting
  12. E

    Art, Literature, Photoshop?

    I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I was just wondering, is there any practical reason why the 'Art, Literature, Photoshop' section contains all those three lumped together? I tend to browse for fiction, and it can be hard to tell from the title whether a post is a picture post...
  13. MegTheHottie4U

    Hi From Megan(smiles)

    Hi My real name is Megan and I'am new to this site. I'am a smart and interesting (single/straight person) who would like to me other interesting people with diffrent interests and lifestyles...
  14. justus

    Predator Story of a Serial Killer Chapter One

    Author's Note: I have some stories and drawings I thought I might post here in reciprocation. I am not sure if any of it really fits in, you will let me know, won't you? This is a story of rape, torture and possibly death of a young man by a serial killer. This is a work of fiction. Nothing here...
  15. D

    New Guy

    Howdy CDG from South Texas - thanks for letting me join. I enjoy writing and reading hard-edged male BDSM fiction - (the more hard -edged the better) - and looking to get ideas and inspiration from the site. Road
  16. W

    Anyone remember the ANCGS archive?

    A long time ago there was an archive of stories, the "Alt Non Consensual Gay Stories". They had some pretty awesome snuff fiction among other things but eventually ran out of money. Does anyone know if it still exists somewhere or have any of their content?
  17. GoreGoreGadget

    Some writing you folks may appreciate

    I thought I'd take an opportunity to share some of my work with you fine individuals, as you'd probably appreciate it. The first is the poem my signature is derived from, the second is a short story about a young man pursuing his dream...
  18. sputnikoi

    My poems from my poetry book centered on necrophilia and cannibalism

    I need some help guys. Please tell me if you like this. I hope this get published as a book because no publisher I submitted it to liked the idea of my poetry... So I am doing my best to save and finance the printing. I need your support whatever they can be. My best unpublished work is about...
  19. J

    Penis amputation and torture snarff(artwork)

    Hey,guys,I saerched the internet 4 a long time to collect these superhot fiction artwork. Dunno where 2 put it,so I just adhere it here,.this is a artwork of an artist named gur o,I just transfer it here,if it offended the author I will immediately withdrew it. Anyway Bon appetit..!!:drunk friend:
  20. J

    OK already--I'll introduce myself

    Hi all. Just your average guy who likes to view male bodies which have been pierced--nope, not rings and barbells. I'm talking arrows, spears, knives etc. Hi, Joe here. Just your average guy who likes to view pierced male bodies--nope, not rings and barbells. Were talking arrows, spears...