death penalty

  1. secretchamber78

    Is lethal injection even more painful?

    I think the victim maybe feel extremely agony but don't have any chance to behave. They just look like sleeping and dying peacefully. I imagine to stop heartbeat within a minute, the victim should feel like suffering intensive heart attack and then sudden cardiac death.
  2. BloodFullOfPain

    Do you support death penalty ?

    And for what ? [ which crime(s) ].
  3. secretchamber78

    How was the Body Processed after Execution?

    As the major player of the sport team, I was the one who led the team lose the game. I was already 21 yo so I should take the responsibility. I told my teammates that I should be executed. They thought it would be a pity if I died. My girlfriend said “You had really well-built muscles and...
  4. Art Of War

    Should Countries Be Allowed To Ban Homosexuals Entry Into Their Country?

    Gulf states to start ‘medical tests’ to ‘detect’ and stop gays trying to enter country
  5. Art Of War

    Stoned To Death

  6. B

    Death penalty

    china Death penalty
  7. StiffBoy

    1995 (E.X.E.C.U.T.I.O.N.)

    :punch: The death penalty by shooting and state sponsored killing looks at moral impact of these methods of death. Abrute Chinese fall to DEATH...! After been S.H.O.O.T.I.N.G.
  8. roadrunner

    Death Penalty by being burned alive

    This is the ultimate dealth penalty for those students caught stealing cellphones and laptops in South Africa.;-Set-On-Fire-Whilst-Still-Alive.html
  9. StiffBoy

    F.A.T.A.L.. CAR... ACCIDENTS...!

    :nono: Excessively severe madman,!! Road killer pedestrian, driver on drugs, alchool The death penalty in the most appropriate for him...! *Click image to see A.L.L...
  10. deaddirty

    Prince Harry Displays the Arse Royal

    Yes, he's done it - got himself photoed nude in Las Vegas!
  11. J

    There are how many chinese in the BBS

    I would like to ask the number of informed Oh this jar. Purely free of tears
  12. phyzzique

    Handsome victim

    A northeastern Ohio man has admitted that he killed and beheaded his neighbor in a mobile-home park. William Perry of North Canton pleaded guilty in Stark County Common Pleas Court to aggravated murder yesterday in a plea agreement that will spare him the death penalty. Perry was accused in the...
  13. Craigie Boy

    New hanging video from Iran! (phwoaarh!)
  14. D

    Today - April 16, 2012, Iran hangs men for drug trafficking

    Iran hangs eight drug traffickers April 16 2012 at 04:26pm By SAPA Comment on this story iol news pic noose Ex-QDMS Tehran - Iran on Monday hanged eight convicted drug traffickers in a prison in the southern city of Shiraz, the Fars news agency reported. The report did not identify those...
  15. N

    Your opinion on capital punishment

    Since we all here are deeply entangled with death, I was curious to know what people here think about capital punishment...are you in favor or against it? My opinion: I am a huge lib when it comes to this kind of thing. In as much as I think there is something erotic about death, I do not...
  16. phyzzique

    Florida teen convicted in British tourists' deaths

    (CNN) -- In a case that drew heavy media attention overseas, a Sarasota, Florida, jury Wednesday convicted a teen in last year's killings of two British tourists. Shawn Tyson, 17, received two mandatory and consecutive life sentences after being convicted of two counts of first-degree murder...
  17. sunray

    SHORT NOTICE - Interested in Chinese sentenced to Death?

    Every Saturday night in China, millions gather around their televisions to watch Interviews Before Execution, an extraordinary talk show which interviews prisoners on death row. In the weeks, days or even minutes before they are executed, presenter Ding Yu goes into prisons and talks to those...
  18. D

    Canadian being railroaded to death penalty
  19. C

    Troll kills hunky male dancer, troll faces death penalty

    Typical of southern white trash, get into a fight then lay in wait for the victim Heres the news story
  20. ropetrick

    Ropetrick's Kuwait executions archive (HANGINGS)

    I wanted to get all my Kuwait hangings archive in one place and online for various reasons. Many of these images are reposts, but this is the most complete archive of Kuwait executions anywhere. Some of these images are familiar, others very rare and hard to find. Sorry for some small images...