1. Ctuagentowen

    Patriots Day

    Hot cop gets shot in the face, then in the hand, then three more times in the head. Based on Sean Collier, who was killed after the Boston Marathon bombing.
  2. Ctuagentowen

    CTU SWAT Team Ambush

    Another project I've been working on:
  3. Ctuagentowen

    Dare Devil (episode 13)

    I love me some SWAT guys getting shot. Just wish they had shown more of this guy's dead body. He was part of a prison transport that was ambushed.
  4. Ctuagentowen

    CTU Team Ambushed

    The first movie scene I ever got hard off of was the ambush of the SWAT team in Die Hard 2. I've been obsessed with seeing videos and images of dead cops (and especially dead SWAT officers) ever since. Here is my stab at recreating that scene, but in a warehouse and hotter looking cops. The...
  5. phyzzique

    THE MENTALIST 'The Desert Rose'

    Handsome athlete shoots it out with the cops
  6. Art Of War

    I Am Not Racist!!! Why is it when push comes to shove peoples true feelings come out? One thing I hate most about race issues, is when someone proclaims they are not racist or predujice against another race, I have learnt from personal experience and...
  7. chainsawjockey

    cops make great mest

    All these years hunting a serial killer he never thought he would be his Final victim .he was huge at least 6/8 tall gruff bear build wearing a Rubber apron and boots .The young cop tears streaking Down his Boy band looking face realised his taunts in the papers worked To well .he saw all the...
  8. ArrowMan

    Three bored teens kill jogger in USA

    Three bored loser teen-agers in a no where, white trash central western American town shoot dead a promising Australian baseball player named Christopher Lane (age 22) whose only mistake was he was out jogging in broad daylight. Why did they shoot him? "For fun." MAJOR story all...
  9. phyzzique

    Beefy CDG assassinado

  10. M

    an interesting arrest

    This guy is pretty hot, and was wearing very little when busted. Looks like the cops pulled his t-shirt over his head to hood him. There are at least a couple of versions of the video posted on various news sites...
  11. Tecpatl

    cops undress 2nd Boston Bomber

    The first picture from the apprehension of the 2nd Boston bombing suspect. Looks like the police are checking him out.
  12. phyzzique

    Awesome body

  13. M

    Minnesota man beaten and stabbed in Mexico by workers building his dream home
  14. R

    Law Student Schools Polieman On His Gun Rights

  15. jon_b

    smile please that we can take pics of your dead body, lying on the pavement full of bullet holes, and post them on CDG :yes:
  16. Meatpie

    Two hairy guys chopped up

    Guess where this is ...
  17. jon_b

    Hunky robber with toy gun

    Cute and dead...he pointed a toy gun at tourists to rob them..but was shot dead by an armed policeman. Playing with toy guns can harm your health!!!:confused: He died after being hit by 4 bullets :this isnt happening
  18. M

    Ex-con shot by cops after commiting abduction & rape on coed
  19. Tecpatl

    Strangle! Dismember! Party!!!

    Four twenty-something's in Joliet, Illinois lured two 22-yr-olds to their house, strangled them, tried to chop them into pieces, gave up, left the hacked up corpses lying around the house, and went on playing video games and having a party. No word on whether the body parts were part of the...