1. todd00009

    Montage of BestDeaths Death clips for 8.14.13

    Some really good ones this week... Chad and Jake pay a one way visit to the morgue... The underground Thrillermaker classic SATURDAY is finally (legally) released... Deathbot STAN finally gets his revenge by stranging his master... and more....
  2. deaddirty


    Thought I started a general 'strangled' thread a while back but can't find it, so here's a new one - open to all to contribute!
  3. Meatpie

    Brutal Stabbing in Forest

    The body of a 36-year-old man with multiple torso wounds was found by the police in the forest some 200m away from home after he was reported missing by his wife in the morning. That day the deceased was to go to work as usual but never reached it. The employer notified the wife of her...
  4. Meatpie

    Young guy electrocuted after power station trespass

    Join our secret room for exclusive images of dead guys from around the world - accidents, murder, suicide - you name it. New content added every hour. Post and contribute and we will award you a FREE premium account!
  5. J

    Robo Chick Kills Well Built Man!

  6. E

    About me

    I've spent two days trying to figure out what to say. See, I'm not suicidal. I don't have low self-esteem. I don't particularly want to die. But I'm also not homicidal. I'm a pagan who tries to live by the Wiccan Rede. I'm not fanatical about it or anything, but all life is inherently sacred...
  7. B

    Hi... I'm New it..

    Hi.. Nice site...i'm from malaysia ... nice to meet you guys:heart love:
  8. veryblah214

    Knocked out, strangled, stripped, bagged dead

    Josh was sick of Devon's shit. This was the 3rd month in a row he had been late on rent, and he was over all the lame excuses. Late one night, Devon arrived home, drunk as usual. He stumbled in to his room and changed in to more comfortable clothes. Josh was waiting. Suddenly, he burst...
  9. feettartar

    Whats our Russian members say about new crackdown on gays there?

    I am very curious to know about the current 'situation' for gays in Russia lately and would like to hear from our fellow members there. Was it something specific that happened recently? Has it been building up for a while? Or what? Because being in the U.S. and the shit the Republican...
  10. B

    Where has everyone gone?!?

    It seems the last week or so there has not been much traffic coming through the board...where is everyone?
  11. todd00009

    BestDeaths 2013 Video Previews...

    All of us who contribute to BestDeaths would like to wish everyone out there a Happy New Year. We appreciate your advise and support... Our goal in 2013 is to produce the best death scenes out there, anywhere ... Here's the first montage of our 2013 offerings.... [/video]
  12. F

    My Choose Your Own Adventure Gay Slasher Story

    I started this story here: And the part with the guys if you choose so is here: I rely was hoping other people would contribute and give feed back but I have not been having any luck...
  13. G

    What really GRINDS YOUR GEAR?

    Pet Peeves..Everyone has got them. Post them here. For me it's when you invite someone over and they sit there and "text" for the entire time they are supposed to be visiting you...RUDE. People who use the slang words: "Dat," "Crib," and "Dawg," When people point out mis-spelled words and...
  14. feettartar

    When the Nazi Republicans take over, this is what will happen....

    First, they will amend the Constitution to stop all abortions, taking away all women's rights to control their own lives, thus insuring even greater overpopulation. Second, they will take away ALL GAY RIGHTS COMPLETELY and UTTERLY! They are succeding in this thru their Nazi propaganda station...
  15. P


    Hi, became an active member to CDGs today Aug 08/12. pete22:wink:
  16. Machiavelli

    Beavis & Butthead found

  17. L


    Hi guys, just thought I'd introduce myself. I find this site intriguing and am interested in "angel lust", or forced exposure/humiliation type scenes. Thanks for all the great posts, and sorry I don't have more to contribute!
  18. Meatpie

    About white pages & server overload message

    Hi all, Believe it or not CDG costs around $500 a month. We can never get that in donations that's why as of May 1, 2012 rergular users will get "Server too busy" message when the forum is overloaded. When that happens all you can do is wait and try again. OR Upgrade your account to premium...
  19. M

    Howdy, love the site

    Hey everyone, new ot the site, thought I'd check it out. Pretty hot pics and awesome comments lol. Hope to contribute in any way I can. Laters.
  20. todd00009

    Free Clips from BestDeaths

    Hello...As many of you know, I produce films for and If you haven't already heard, we are merging with Our new goal is to collectively produce the best and most realistic death scenes of hot guys out there. Combining our talents...