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  1. Meatpie

    Feet have a special place at the morgue

    This new set is just in to CDG from medical students in Russia. As well as the usual dry medical cadavers we see that feet have a special place at that particular medical school - they are chopped up from the corpses and put in a special bathtub and soaked in formalin. The smell must be exquisite.
  2. ColdJoe

    Tied - Gagged - Chopped

    these Cartels are making some excellent images for us the fact that they tie the victims, then stuff their mouths and tape them shut indicates something is going on before they're killed I'm sure they're decapitated and chopped up while still alive, and that it's filmed man, I'd love to see the...
  3. jon_b

    Jon's Picture Thread

    Meatpie suggested that I start up a thread to pull together my pictures of dead guys. We can see how it goes - and change back if needed - but here we go..... jon
  4. Y

    Butchering consociation

    Village Butchering
  5. ArrowMan

    airin' hairy bellies n' dead, ripe twisted toe manFEETERS

    Airin' hairy bellies n' dead, ripe twisted toe manFEETERS ! So totally rawkin' daidMAN PRIME !! :load::load::load: :sm (52)::sm (31): :sm (45)::sm (45)::sm (45):
  6. lvsoldier

    Do you think is it possible anyone in this website will be serial killer?

    In the future. Do you think is it possible that anyman in this site are going to be... Or it's possible it has serial killer in this site now. Oh I don't wanna think about this.It's so interest!
  7. Meatpie

    Meat Market

    We have obtained extremely graphic photos showing the aftermath of brutal gang killings in South America. All victims were young men, bodies were found naked and chopped up. See their heads, cocks, feet in an exclusive set posted only in the Secret Room of the Cute Dead Guys forum. Here is...
  8. Meatpie

    Beheaded, body hacked and chopped

    Mexican gang lords are hardcore.
  9. verlup1

    Night Train

    A guy dies and gets chopped up.:sm (39):
  10. Meatpie

    Victims of the Drugs War in Mexico: More Young Dudes are now just chopped up Red Meat

    Young guys are chopped up like pigs in Mexico on a daily basis. If I lived in Mexico I would be out with my digital camera all day, so many young guys die there. What they are doing is really brutal - chopping the guys up. And there knives must be really sharp. Do they hate their opponents so...
  11. Meatpie

    Zetas Assassins Dismembered and Scalped by Rival Narco Gang in Merida, Mexico [HR]

    All chopped up but cock and balls left intact. Insane high-resolution image. These two guys were dismembered in Mexican state of Merida and their body parts were left on the streets for everyone to admire – obviously to show off what they can do when it comes to turf wars. The two unlucky...
  12. ArrowMan


    WATCH STUDS FALL n' get KILLED in manly CUMbat with arrows, oh yeah !! When slideshow ends, replay it...cuz' u may miss the primest, most scruffy faced PRIMAL PRIME manKILLS the first time around OH how I bone ta these pics, n' how men USED ta DIE ... with ARROWS, blades, swords....THRUST n'...
  13. altsxman

    classic ""

    stuff I saved over the years . . . Enjoy
  14. Meatpie

    Just Another Day in Mexico

    BRUTAL NEW COLLECTION FROM MEXICAN POLICE. They have an insane number of corpses to deal with, mostly young cute guys!!! Some of the dudes suffered greatly before their croak - you can see some bodies are badly damaged and chopped up! ^ Some corpses look quite fit! wonder where the heads...
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