1. Meatpie

    Hurricane Fiona Slams Nova Scotia and Becomes Strongest Storm in Canadian History

    Some residents in Port aux Basques have been forced to flee and some have lost their homes. State of emergency has been declared. Towns in Cape Breton and on Newfoundland’s southern coast declared states of emergency on Saturday as post-tropical storm Fiona — one of the strongest storms to ever...
  2. Meatpie

    Man Jumped off the 30th Floor of the Bisha Hotel, Toronto

  3. Meatpie

    Canada Records Hghest ever Temperature

    People sleep at a cooling centre set up in Portland in the US state of Oregon Canada has recorded its highest ever temperature as the country's west and the US Pacific north-west frazzle in an unprecedented heatwave. Lytton in British Columbia soared to 46.6C (116F) on Sunday, breaking an...
  4. Meatpie

    June 2019 Canada Wildfires Destroy Homes and Force Thousands to Evacuate

    NASA released this view of Canada from space in a Tweet on Saturday June 1 showing smoke from wildfires raging in northern Alberta. At least 10 wildfires are burning out of control in Alberta, and the massive blaze that has forced the evacuation of High Level is nearing half the size of...
  5. Meatpie

    At least two dead, thousands without power as strong winds hit parts of Ontario

    Powerful winds wreaked havoc in southern and central Ontario on Friday, leaving thousands of people without power, causing flight disruptions and claiming the life of at least two people. Wind gusts of close to 120 km/h were observed in the wake of a cold front that moved across the...
  6. Meatpie

    Another human foot washes ashore in Canada

    The tibia and fibula were attached to the left foot found by Johns. It was still wearing a white sock and a black shoe. A tibia and fibula attached to a left human foot with a white ankle sock in a black running shoe washed ashore in Vancouver Island. It was the 13th foot to wash ashore since...
  7. Meatpie

    Young man found dead in his bedroom in Canada

  8. D


    Hi guys, any young from canada here? Thanks
  9. M

    VIDEO: Chinese guy got killed, cut, fucked after death Website is all in Chinese, click the player under [视频地址1:] SO HOT, 10 mins video recorded the whole process.
  10. Art Of War

    Cute Canadian Guy & girlfriend Missing in New Zealand

    New Zealand authorities on Thursday were searching for a Canadian couple who were believed to have died when their rental van went over a cliff on a rugged road. Police said they were trying to recover the bodies of 25-year-old Connor Hayes and 24-year-old Joanna Lam off the Haast Pass road...
  11. S

    Bus train colission in Ottawa Canada today

    A train and a bus collided in Ottawa this morning, ripping apart the front end of the bus and killing 6 people. One survivor reported seing a bus passenger cut in half . Story is here
  12. txkinkguy

    Seeking real time KO play

    Still looking for real time KO Doms or Versatile guys into KO Play/Scenes using chems and meds. Can travel, arrange hotel play as needed. U.S., Canada and UK. Texas here.
  13. Meatpie

    Sammy Yatim shot nine times in Toronto

    A Toronto police officer fired nine shots in 13 seconds at a young man wielding a knife in an empty streetcar killing him on the spot, police said Monday. Hundreds in Canada's largest city protested the shooting that was caught on video and posted on YouTube. Some protesters called it...
  14. Meatpie

    The end of

    Mark Marek, 38 was getting ready to leave Canada last week and return to his family in Slovakia The owner of Mark Marek, 38 has been banned from using the Internet by a judge in Edmonton. He was released after a $7,500 cash bail and will not be able to leave Canada. BestGore is...
  15. S

    Google Glass.

    I was thining about the new possibiliies to see and create your favourite porn stuff on the new Google Glass, as it become more popular. What do you think?
  16. V

    Canadian gasper

    Hey there, I'm a bit new here, just getting into posting more often. Hoping to meet lots of new people here, hopefully some of whom are up here in canada! -Vox
  17. S

    Victims wanted !

    Is anyone here who wants to be hanged? Muscle and well build men prefered but everyone is welcome
  18. ArrowMan

    Downton Abbey: gay theme?

    On the latest episode of "Downton Abbey" .. a hot new entry-level butler seems to have caught the eye of one of the Senior Butlers who is rather hot. The Senior Butler seems quite chumsy with the new guy and so friendly when this has not been his style with others on the household staff. The...
  19. S


    Hello anyone in va or near va thats interested in sleep play ? been hoping to meet someone thats interested in a ko scene. Thanks
  20. K

    Fem loving this URL

    Hi, I am proably an exception to the tenor of this group, but I do hope you will accept me for what I am, a closet lesbian that just adores the way guys handle hangings. A bit more about me. Alberta, Canada, and the author of several tales on hangings, including a very nasty end for a rich...