JohannaXn: Graham Stafford is innocent


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Oct 7, 2008
In a new development today, JohannaXn posted a message to the police on her blog.

This is a direct quote from their shit site:

...after reviewing the whole crime case against him are completly sure he is innocent of this crime...
How is this possible? Now Jo hinks she is a real forensic expert and can give her opinion on murder cases as far away as Australia?

She knows the police are now reading her blog.

She also called Australia a "totalitarian country.....worse than Libya"

:sm (41):

What's the world coming to, isn't there anyone able to pull the plug on this bitch and her shit blog?

Who does she thinks she is?

Here is one truth: She is a necrophiliac leasbian, extremely cunning and perverted and lives in Sweden.

Notice how she can't even spell yet her ignorance goes even further to call a nation known for its democracy "totalitarian" and involve herself in criminal cases which are entirely police matter and none of her business.

Click on the thumbnails to read excerpts from her long explanation. Her whole entry is full of spelling mistakes.