1. Meatpie

    Bar fight ends with dead young guy in Ukraine

  2. Art Of War


    Dear CDG, I am apologizing publicly to all Geminis on here for my negative attitudes towards other Geminis.:oops: Thank you to Meat Pie and KiltedSoilder for helping to see that not all Geminis are so bad after all :party beer: Yes, this is me swallowing:come and get me: humble pie. Yours...
  3. Meatpie

    Young man found dead on beach

  4. M

    Crossfit trainer gunned down in class
  5. Meatpie

    Stay cool all summer with CDG

    Hello everyone, Hot weather getting you down? Stay cool & enjoy CDG all summer, premium accounts are now 10% cheaper only until August 2013! Join our elites for incredible content, fresh stuff is added in our Secret Room every day. :beer:
  6. phyzzique

    Nice looking 18 yo with nice feets shot to death in cafe

  7. ArrowMan


    RebFEET snuffin' n' truckin' randy dandy galore ! :super happy:
  8. Meatpie

    23-year-old Vladislav Tornovoy brutally murdered in Volgograd for being gay

    Vladislav's friends claim he was straight and joked about being gay... 23-year-old Vladislav Tornovoy from Volgograd, Russia was horrifically tortured stark naked on May 9by his best friends who rammed beer bottles in his anus before smashing his skull open with a huge stone. Vladislav was...
  9. ArrowMan

    STARIN' chestHOLE reb gets some lovin'

    :stroke:Next fondly randy feelyUP carresin' n' a juicy kissin' huggin' Mister Horny Bearded BIG CHESTED Sexy LOVER BOY NO MORE is soon a really MANfucked cummin' from them crawlin' grinnin' MANmags where he sure is a headed planted over yonder DOWN there in MaggotManor CENTRAL, oh YEAH ...
  10. S

    whats the best ko drugs

    Iv got 3-400mg Seroquel but they are so big that every one would notice them and they take like 4ever to liquedise if mixed in beer and u surely can tast them tried with a few friend and they always said that the beer tastes funny and opens new one. So if u know some good ones please recommend...
  11. B

    wanna used raw to max, then snuffed splited or hanged, then disposed of afterwards

    My title says it all, i stay in corsicana Texas. I go to a remote place on the country or wood, u make me stripe naked and take my clothes away, put them in a pile by ur car. Lead me to the spot u wished to use me, make sure i please u well. Then u can choose to snuff, hang, or roost me, and...
  12. PiercedChest

    Homeless man clubbed to death

    40-year old victim (head wound from 'blunt instrument'): 22-year old suspected killer(caught on scene) called Nego:
  13. B

    "A Table for Two"

    I remember when I came across this video back in highschool..I showed all of my friends because I thought it was "cool". But really I thought it was hot :too hard to take: . I know a few folks on this site will appreciate this video the same way I have. "Why should I be crucified for wanting...
  14. W

    Piss buddies

    when I discovered that piss and cum are sterile, as opposed to saliva which is loaded with bacteria I became a semi-lover of piss too. Either taking a leak after lots of beer with my bud lying on the bathtub floor with me pissing on his face until I finally got to his mouth as he massaged my...
  15. Meatpie

    Homeless woman pisses on street, shits hard then collapses and passes out

  16. N

    Come up with a hot scenario for this pic

    This pic could lead to so many hot scenarios. I would love to read what ur lovely sick perverted minds would come up with:)
  17. Octave

    Beautiful piece of meat.

  18. StiffBoy

    19 years old

    :party beer: Caio Luiz de Morais In Caruaru. The victim was in place drinking with some friends, when at one point there was an altercation and the victim was killed with blows of iron bar on the head and back. :red arrow: He had already passage through prison for drug trafficking and was...
  19. StiffBoy


    :stars::coffe::party beer: Almost half of the fatal accidents show ALCOHOL involvement ! 75% of motorcycle accidents involved collision with another vehicle, usually a car. *Click image to see SAD E.N.D ..!
  20. P

    ever drugged a guy?

    hi there everyone! i would like to hear if there is anyone in here, that has tried to drug a guy (friend, roommata, unknown) in order to have fun with him. reading such stories (especially if they are real), is a huge turn-on! i have also thought of doing it, but i am quite scared to be...