1. G

    The Hunt Part 3

    “Gary, I can hear others coming. We must hide!” Joe said with alarm. Gary and Joe again sought cover. A barefoot man wearing only a loin cloth like the others appeared on the path. He had an arrow notched on his bow, ready to shoot. When he reached the Oriental man he stopped. Gary could...
  2. ChrisJackson

    The Leopard Men vs The Empire's Army

    Several generations ago the Leopard Men ruled Mongano Moutain. But the powerful lower Empire lusted after the mountain's lush resources. The Empire moved in, at first under friendly terms. But they had superior technology, able to build better tools and weapons. Greedy as they were, the Empire...
  3. barryds


  4. T

    kill me

    I'd like to chat with sadistic killers about their violent fantasies. I'm in my mid-forties and totally submissive. I have fantasies about been beaten up (love kickboxers breaking bones) and slowly tortured before being killed. Love to be stabbed, gutted, burned, roasted, arrows, knives, swords...
  5. higladius

    Saint Seabastian

    Enjoy Higladius
  6. Tecpatl

    shirtless navy freshman climb greased phallus

    OK let's see how many fetishes this one covers. Shirtless teens, military, uniforms, college freshmen, lubricants, giant granite dildos, piles of writhing bodies . . . . In an annual ritual that is even too gay for an Abercrombie and Fitch photo shoot (although it looks like one), the freshman...
  7. B

    new guy:)

    Good morning all. I have just foundthis site and think it is great! 55y/o silver tipped ol' griz bear here, into role play, IM, just fun with like minded dudes. into the "hollywood death" where we get to do it over and over again. special likes are guns, knives and arrows..drop me a line....thanks!
  8. yarkov

    Death by Arrow

  9. todd00009

    Arrow in Throat

    Recently I've been a little obsessed with arrows... I usually like em in the gut... but this is an interesting twist... Hope you like this clip from the feature film CAMP DAZE... Its another one of those scenes that was cut way down in the DVD release, but now is available UNCUT at...
  10. Leon

    HOT dead soldiers+ HOT boots + HOT Socks!!

    Wish I can watch the full vision!!:rocksss:
  11. Meatpie


    Killerluke22 = Rocco Luka Magnotta? :totalshock: Hasn't logged in for two weeks.
  12. R

    Gun me down on my cam!

    Looking for someone to gun me down on my cam on either yahoo or skype! love to wear tight gear to be be blown away in to, just tell me how you wanna see me die and i'll do my best to oblige! add me on yahoo as riker1969, just say your from cdg and then we can play!...............if you think you...
  13. drakator


    Some arrows art
  14. S

    Ancient Chinese Soldier was shot to death by arrows

    :totalshock::totalshock::totally hot:
  15. J

    OK already--I'll introduce myself

    Hi all. Just your average guy who likes to view male bodies which have been pierced--nope, not rings and barbells. I'm talking arrows, spears, knives etc. Hi, Joe here. Just your average guy who likes to view pierced male bodies--nope, not rings and barbells. Were talking arrows, spears...
  16. Meatpie

    Beefy, strong bare chested drug dealer shot in the heart

    More hot dead young guys in our Secret Room. No watermarks. If you like my posts please take a second to leave a rating for this thread or give me a green bar!
  17. blade61

    Poser and Vue

    I have been working with a program called Vue to create worlds where my Poser men could reside. Here is my first real effort at combining the two. The environment is not mine, being a sample that came with the program, but the hanging guy is. I think I will be slowly converting all my future...
  18. ArrowMan


    FOUR ARROWS Two bods
  19. ArrowMan


    THE MeSoHornee Indian Tribe is forming up another WarParty. :yes: They are bound and determined THIS TIME to get thems as much WhiteManWampum as they horny can. :stroke: Chief HornyBigDick has his hardened braves scouting now ... IT's lookin' real prime for the way too eager...
  20. O

    Cowboys and Native American enthusiasts

    If you like Native Americans Look for the movie Son Of Morning Star. it is Custers story from the Indian Side. The Final battle at Little Big Horn is hot. I love the striping of the dead solders. JJ