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19-11-08, 12:01 AM
Today two motherfuckers robbed me when I went to school... the put me a knife in my waste and order me to up in a taxi... they let me very fay away from my house and my school, without my cellphone, my money and my books :(

I'm so sad and scared :'(

19-11-08, 02:08 AM
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19-11-08, 05:04 AM
Really sorry to hear that! Must have been scary as hell.

Unfortunately, I've heard that this kind of thing is common in Mexico City now. When I was there forty years ago, it was considered fairly safe for a large city. People used to be horrifed by the violence in New York.

19-11-08, 10:49 AM
OMG. NO. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? :confused: NO witnesses, wheres the police? Thats insane.


I AM SO ANGRY, there is nothing we can do about your situation over the internet but we are with you now and hope you will recover from the stress quickly.

Did they hurt you? Did you go to the police.

Bad situation, you should be careful now. I always wear a knife in my sneakers when I go out since three dudes attacked me in January.

verlup was also attacked in new york, a few years ago.

I gues nowhere is safe, absolutely nowehere. Doesn't matter new york, sofia, london or mexico city

19-11-08, 06:26 PM

I am glad to hear you are not hurt physically.

Did you report to the police about this?
I hope they fibd the bastards that did this, and that you get to kick the crap outta them!!

Lots of strength an d health..

20-11-08, 04:51 AM
I'm so sorry to hear about it too. I can't imagine how scary that must be, driven off somewhere like that. I was attacked but they left me there. They kidnapped you! I hope they catch the guys that did it. Did you report it to the police? When I was in Peru I was told by friends that lived there that the police can't be trusted. Is it that way in Mexico? I never went to the police here in NY either. I'm glad you're ok at least. I agree with Meatpie, it seems Mexico is in a terrible crime wave, I hope the gov't improves the situation soon somehow.