Wild West Gunfight


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Mar 7, 2018
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A little "campy" but enjoyable.

Wild West Gunfight

It was a hot summer afternoon and the town’s people had gathered along Main Street in expectation of the gunfight. Joe and Dan had argued the night before in the saloon and Dan challenged the other man to a fight; Joe accepted and now the time had come.

Joe stepped out of the livery stable into the street. He was not wearing a shirt. His gun belt and pants were low on his hip and the people watched his heaving chest as he walked up the street toward the saloon. Dan stepped out of the saloon, fully dressed, his gun on his hip. Dan sees that Joe is bare chested and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, carefully watching his opponent. Joe comes to a stop in the middle of the street and watches Dan remove his shirt. Dan tosses his shirt to the ground and both men face each other, their chests heaving from the tension. The crowd watches the two specimens of man flesh as they prepare to shoot each other in their bare chests.

“I’m glad you took off your shirt,” Joe says, “so I can see where my bullet hits you; in the belly or the chest.”

“I’m going to belly shoot you” Dan shouts back, “so you die nice and slow.”

They face each other, two half-naked men ready to kill each other. Joe's hand moves near his gun. Suddenly, they draw!

As Joe's gun clears its holster, Dan fires!


The bullet hit Joe in the belly. He bends slightly from the impact, his gun arm drops down and he fires into the dirt. He stumbles a few steps toward Dan, in shock. Looking down, he sees that Dan's bullet hit him right in the navel!

“AHHHH!” Joe groaned loudly, “you hit me in the belly, you bastard!”

The crowd stares at Joe's bellybutton, now a red hole pouring out blood that runs down his lower belly into his pants. Joe drop his gun to the ground and clutches his navel, trying to stop the bleeding. He fall to his knees staring at Dan. Dan's bare chest filled with breath, proud of his shot. Joe falls onto his side still looking at Dan. The crowd watches Joe holding his belly with excitement. Dan walked slowly toward the man that he had just shot.

“First, I'm going to take those boots, I need a new pair” Dan pulled off both of Joe's boots leaving his bare feet squirming in the dirt in front of the whole town.

“I always liked that fancy gun belt of yours,” Dan laughs, “and now is as good a time as any to take it.”

Dan bends down, his gun pointed at the ground, and unbuckles Joe's belt. Joe reached into the waist of his pants, pulled out a long, thin dagger and shoved it into Dan's belly, about an inch above his navel.

“OHH! You son-of-a-bitch!” Dan screams, “you knifed me in the belly!” Dan straightened up in shock. Some of the women in the crowd scream as they see the knife standing straight out of his belly, the blade half way in. Dan stared in disbelief at the knife. He took hold of the handle with his left hand. Raising his gun, and fires point blank.


"AHHHHH!” Joe groans as the bullet hits his belly slightly above Joe's navel. Joe's bare feet kick into the air then fall down and squirm on the ground as the new wound begins to bleed down his side onto the dirt.


Dan fired again. The shot hit Joe's belly again. Joe screamed again in pain and his body convulsed on the ground, his bare feet twitching as he lay on his back.

“You son-of-a-bitch, you knifed me!” Dan screamed and fell to his knees.

Joe lay on the ground looking with satisfaction at the knife in Dan's bare belly. He looked at his own belly, Dan's bullets have torn it up. Joe screams, “My navel is gone from your first shot, just a bloody hole remains where it was. I’m sure that parts of my bellybutton were blown out my back by your bullet. The rest of my belly is shot to pieces. I have to make sure that I’ve killed you before I die.”

Joe crawled to where Dan lay. His bare feet digging into the dirt. Then with all of his remaining strength he grabbed the knife handle before Dan realized what he was doing and pulled the knife out of Dan's belly.

“NO!” Dan screamed as the knife was pulled out of his belly followed by a stream of blood.

Joe shoved it in again, this time he stabbed Dan in his navel, cutting his deep cavernous navel in two with the blade.

“OHHH!” Dan groaned, “NO! my belly! You stabbed my bellybutton!”

Joe feels the knife slice into Dan's navel. He shoved it in to the hilt as he fell against his enemy. Joe's face hits Dan's pec’s as he forces the knife deep into the other's belly.

Joe pulled the knife out and stabbed Dan again in his bare belly, several inches below his navel.

HH!” Dan screamed as the knife cuts into Dan's belly.

He pushed the barrel of his gun against the middle of Joe's belly and fired.


“UGHH!” Joe groaned as the bullet tore into his guts. He rolled onto his back holding his belly, trying to stop the bleeding and pain. The knife came out of Dan's body in Joe's hand as he shot. Knowing that he had only seconds to live, he needed to know that he has killed his enemy. He rolled over and drove the knife in the center of Dan's abs.

Dan screamed, “You bastard! You’ve sliced my belly open!!” Dan shoved his gun against Joe's belly just above his cock and fired!


The bullet tore Joe's lower belly open. He groaned and rolled onto his back raising his bare feet again in the air while holding his bleeding belly. He looked over at Dan, the knife sticking in his abs.

“I’ve got you” Joe taunted, “I ripped your belly open with my knife!”

“You bastard!” Dan screamed, “I got you fair and square with my gun”

Joe's legs go limp and his feet dropped to the ground, his arms fall from his mutilated belly and dies.

Dan looked over at Joe and try to fire again, the gun is empty. Dan's arm drops to the ground. His hand slipped from the knife in his belly. He let out one last groan as he died.

The crowd stares at the two bare chested cowboys dead on the street. Someone calls for the undertaker.

Two teens ran from the crowd and take off the men's gun belts and Dan's boots leaving him barefoot also. Dan's bare feet were still twitching. The boys then pulled down both gunfighter's pants. The women watching scream as they see the men's cocks standing hard, straight up.

Both nearly naked bodies lay in the street, their hard cocks stand straight for everyone to see. Before they are run off, the boys play with the bare feet of the dead men.

After a while the undertaker came and pulled each of the dead men by his bare feet to his wagon. He lifted their naked bodies into the back and they lay together bouncing in the back as he rode back to his shop.

He carried the naked bodies into his shop. He lifted Dan into a coffin and then threw Joe's body on top, just to same money. Both men lie together, face to face, chest to chest, belly to belly, Joe's hard cock buried between Dan's legs crossing Dan's still rigid cock that is shoved between Joe's legs. He nailed the coffin lid as the two men lie together naked for eternity.


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Bellies and bullets and knives. Sexy!


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Oct 29, 2011
I would like to be part of that gun fight but I would be wearing a black cotton turtleneck, blue jeans , and black cowboy boots.