[story] Kill The Clones


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Oct 3, 2019
I got off the weightlifting rack and then went to shower.

Coming out, I dressed, and stepped into the circle marked "1". The matter replicator hummed as warmth shot through my body.

I stepped out of the circle, which said "2", and looked at my identical copy, still standing in circle "1".

"Fuck", I said. "I am the clone, aren't I. But I feel so... me."

"You say that every time", grumbled the original me. "Time is money. Chop-chop".

"Why do you have to be such a dick?" I said.

"You're just a body, go and do your job", he replied.

Well... he was right. I... he... we... did this for money.

I pulled a pillbox out of my pocket, and took the illegal SuperBoner pill. Something about filling the penis with calcium so it stays upright. Irreversible effect, and eventually it hurts, but perfect for a corpse. Customer satisfaction is important for business, and none of them requested a limp dicked body thus far.

I walked outside, and got into my Uber.


The Uber barely found his way to this remote cabin in the middle of wilderness, and sped out of here.

I knocked on the door. "Who's there?" a raspy voice said.

"Delivery..." I said.

"Oh yeah, you're fast", said the man, as the door opened. His eyes scanned my toned body with a creepy coldness that sent shivers down my spine. I entered the dimly lit room, and put my bag on the couch.

"Your choice", I said, and he started rummaging through the bag, pulling out a big kitchen knife, a 9mm gun, and a sturdy garrote.

He turned back to me, holding the gun. "I want you to strip", he said.

I shrugged. "Pointing the gun really isn't necessary, I can do that as a courtesy."

After my jeans flew off to the floor, I pulled my T-shirt above my head and threw it off too, and the socks followed. I was now standing in front of this complete stranger in just my black briefs. The cold muzzle of the gun traveled across the bulging little hill of my left pec, across my hard nipple, bending it back and forth.

"You're about to die, you realize that?" he said, with a hint of disbelief. "Why aren't you freaking out?"

"I'm a clone", I said. "The real me still exists, and that's all that matters."

"But you're a person, a complete person", he said. "I can see it". The gun muzzle traveled down and pressed into my belly button. "All I need to do is put a few bullets into you, and this stomach of yours won't be inhaling air anymore, you won't be talking back to me, you will be just be a dead body."

"Killing a real person is still freaky, man", he said. "I thought it would be easy, but you're like... real. You have thoughts and feelings." He pointed the gun at my head, as I looked into his eyes, trying desperately to die with dignity and not listen to my legs which wanted to run out of here.

His hand was shaking. "Hey", he said. "How about I just fuck you, and let you go. You go wherever you want, I'll tell your original self that I got rid of the body on my own."

As I tried to process his offer in my head, he approached me, pulled down his pants, revealing an erect shlong, grabbed the back of my head, and pulled my lips into his with a kiss.

He had bad breath. As I was still in shock from his bold move, he pushed my head down, making me kneel in front of his hairy dick, and the stench was strong enough to indicate that he hasn't showered in days.

I suppressed the urge to retch. I couldn't do this and I didn't want to turn off the client. My job was just to be dead, dammit. This has gone too far.

"You ordered a body to fuck", I said, standing back up, looking at him eye-to-eye. "A dead body, not a person, because a corpse can't refuse you. You know why?"

He wasn't killing me, and I couldn't bring myself to kill myself for him, but I needed to deliver the order.

Or run away. I could run away. But... I must not.

"Because you're a loser", I said. "Yes, you're a sad fucking loser who couldn't get laid his whol-"

With a "pop" and a muzzle flash, I staggered back, as a puff of red mist flew out of the black hole above my bellybutton.

I looked back up at his terrified, but angry face, and pushed him in the chest.

"You're just a bitch who can't finish anything he started-"

"NO!" he screamed, crying, the gun jumping in his hand with each shot as I stumbled back, black holes rippling the two muscular hills on my chest.


My knees gave out and thudded against the floor. I looked up at him, his gun lowered, as he was hypnotized by the sight of my swiss-cheesed body kneeling in front of him in forced submission.

His shaking hand slowly raised the gun at my forehead. Feeling myself getting hard, I said, "Do it, or be a loser forev-"

I winced as red powder flew out of the hole above my left eyebrow, my mouth opened as in surprise, and my body folded back and hit the floor with a thud.


He stood over my head, with his boot on my neck, watching my slack-jawed face settle into expression of mild, permanent surprise. My head was slightly turned, my blue eyes staring past his erect junk.

"Who's the loser now?" he said, kneeling down. His fingers ran over my lips, pulled my jaw open wider, and his stinky penis started rubbing against my tongue, hitting the back of my throat, as his hand squeezed my muscular pec. A little blood leaked from the hole next to the areola.

"Unghh" he said after about 30 thrusts, blowing out inside my mouth.

Then he went to the kitchen and came back 20 minutes later.


He pulled down my black briefs. My erection sprung out, and he took it in his mouth, his tongue playing around the shaft, as his hand reached under my toned buttock and squeezed.

My stomach, with a bullet hole in it, remained still as he teased the dick of my warm, but dead body.

He threw off the remnants of his clothes, his hands grasped my hips as he slid himself up on my torso, his unwashed stinky skin against mine, clean.

His hands probed the protruding pecs on my chest, his lips pressed into their relaxed muscle as his tongue played around my areolas and sucked my nipples, to no reaction.

"Why am I trying to turn on a fucking corpse?" he said aloud, glancing up at my indifferent face with a leaky black bullet hole above my eyebrow.

He turned my body over, my arms flopping, and raised my ass in the air, making my body into a tripod with my knees on the floor, my cheek pressing into the hard wooden floor as well, and my hands thrown about at the sides.His hands squeezed my tight buttocks, then he slowly pushed his stinky shaft inside me.

"Ffuck", he exhaled, entering warmth and meeting no resistance. My face, with cheek pressed into the floor, blankly stared at the wall, as my ass-up body was being thrust into from behind by this smelly dirty customer.

Thrusting into my pliant, toned body, he reached back into the bag and fished out the big kitchen knife. "Ooh let's see what it feels like to stab someone", he said.

The sharp tip of the knife pushed into my side, my skin yielded and bent inward, and then broke, letting it go in smoothly, as he pushed it in to the hilt. "You like that, bitch?" he said, as his white cum was leaking from between my lips, which were smudged and rubbing against the floor with each ass-thrust.

There was no response from my successfully delivered corpse.


I got out of the Uber and entered the cabin. A man opened the door and let me in, smiling at me with a creepy familiarity, as if he could see every inch of my body under my clothes.

I saw a naked body lying face-down, arms above its head, legs parted wide, with white leaking from its butthole. There were several bullet holes in its back. The body was obviously mine.

A repeat customer. On the same day.

"I want you to fuck yourself in the ass", he said, motioning with the gun.

I came up to my body, straightened its legs, and nudged its hip with my boot, turning it over. Its arms flopped as it turned, one of them trapped under its back.

Its erect penis waved around playfully. With a strange curiosity I knelt at my body and took its dick in my hand. I moved my hand up and down, trying to jack it off. It felt like my own penis... a bit colder... and I didn't feel anything while jacking this "my" penis. What a bizarre feeling.

"Don't bother", he said. "I can't make him cum. I mean you."

"Wow", I said. "So this is what I am like dead".

"Strip" he said, and I obliged. He's clearly seen me naked before.

"Now sit on his dick" - he pointed at the corpse with the muzzle of the gun.

"Ehhhhhh" I said. "Over my dead body".

He pointed the gun at my forehead, and this jolt of weird excitement shot through me. I was about to die, and become just like the glass-eyed, slack-jawed body lying in front of me, because he bought me, to own me.

I reached for my corpse's dick, and lathered some lube on it.

Then I climbed on top of my cooling body's hips, with bullet holes in its pecs, stomach, and head.

Facing his feet, I reached behind me and grabbed the corpse's angel lust. "Yeah that's as far as I go" I said.

The pervert pulled off his clothes and sat behind me on my corpse's torso.

"Put your hands behind your back", he said. Handcuffs clicked around my wrists.

"Now just let go", he said, with a garrote wrapping tightly from my neck.

I tried to keep my body from thrashing as the garrote etched into my neck. I felt a jolt of extreme panic, and my body thrashed a little, trying to free my cuffed hands, but then my face felt full like a balloon, and the last thing I felt was my dick swelling up.

After my body stopped twitching, he took me by the armpits, raised my torso over the previous corpse's erection, and carefully lowered my non-resisting ass onto it, impaling it on its dick.

"Over your dead body it is", he said.


My killer was still sitting on the first corpse's chest, his ass toward its face. My freshly garroted body was sitting on the corpse's dick, its back facing my killer.

The shoulderblades of my body were pressing backward onto my killer's chest. Back of my head resting on his shoulder. He cranked my head around, looking at my red-eyed face with puffy tongue sticking out of the corner of my lips. He licked it with his smelly tongue, then gave me a passionate kiss, while his hands reached in front of me, fondling my firm pecs.

His erect dick boinked into my lower back. "Fffuuu" he said. He got off my earlier corpse, letting my back fall on the two bullet-riddled hills on its chest, my cuffed-behind wrists pressing into its stomach.

He grabbed my hips and moved me downward on the body, to ensure that its bent, cooling dick was still buried deep inside my ass. My own erection bounced around as he moved me, pointing at the ceiling.

He knelt next to the corpse sandwich, turned my head toward him, and stuffed my mouth with his erect, smelly dick.

His hand reached for my full shaft and started jerking me off, his other hand grabbed my ear and was shifting my head back and forth, my warm puffy strangled tongue rubbing against his dick inside my mouth.

"Oh yeah", he said. His hand left my penis, and grabbed the kitchen knife.

Thrusting his dick into my mouth, he slowly lowered the knife into my bellybutton. My strangled body did not squirm, did not try to free its hands, as the knife slowly buried to the hilt in its still, defenseless stomach, above my full, upward-facing dick.

"Unghhhhhhh..." he pulled out and sprayed his white cum into my unblinking eyes.


I got out of the Uber and knocked on the cabin's door. Upon entering, I saw my naked self, legs bent under, lying with its back on the stomach of another me, which had a bullet hole above its eyebrow.

I knelt down, my hand probed between the "top me"'s squished buttocks, as his reddish eyes stared to the side with cum dripping from the eyelashes. Yep, the bent shlong from "bottom me" was firmly buried in his ass.

I caressed the knife handle sticking out of its stomach, looked up at my killer. "Damn" I said. "You're insatiable".

"Yeah", he shrugged. "Not that you'll tell anyone about it. Strip."

His hand casually grabbed the perky, full dick of the top (2nd) corpse, and started jerking it off to no avail, with the knife handle in its stomach swaying lightly.

A minute later I stood in front of him naked, as he kept jerking the corpse's dick.

"Now I want you to cuff yourself." he said.

I put my hand under my top corpse's buttock, rolled it to the side, and pulled out its cuffed wrists, then took the key and unlocked the cuff.

The cuffs clicked closed behind my back.

I said "Wait a second" as he leaned down and a larger pair of cuffs clicked around my ankles.

"Look man", I said. "This is a corpse delivery service, not a kink fulfillment service. I am not here to fuck you."

He pushed me down, and I fell to the floor. "Lie down. And don't worry, I'll entertain myself."

He pulled the knife out of the top corpse's bellybutton, and threw it away. Then he grabbed the corpse by the armpits, and laid it on top of me, chest to chest, the hills of our pecs touching. His were softer and more relaxed.

I turned my face away from his cum-stained, dead face. Man, I look dumb when I'm dead.

Then this jerk pulled the corpse lower, bent my dick, and raised the corpse, then lowered it, slowly pushing my dick into its butt, which was still warm.

"This is an abuse of our contract" I said.

"Oh, an abuse? Who are you gonna tell?"

"I'll call my office and tell them you are doing sex stuff instead of killing me. Also this is gross."

Holding the corpse upright on top of me, with my dick in its ass, he stepped over to my side and put his foot on my stomach, pinning down my attempts to roll on the floor.

Then he took the corpse's neck and started pulling it up and letting it down, bouncing its ass on my dick. The tip of corpse's own erection kept slapping on my stomach... thwap, thwap, thwap...

His gun, held in one of his hands under the corpse's chin, still pointed in my general direction.

Of course, my dick had a mind of its own and decided to get really hard inside the body's still warm, relaxed butthole.

After a few more thrusts, that was it. Maybe it was the gun pointing at me, but I could not stop my stupid body from coming. This was gross and embarrassing.

My biceps and pecs bulged visibly as I squirmed and said "aw fu-", my cum shooting inside my corpse's butt from my pulsating shaft.

My eyes rolled up, and apparently that's what he waited for. Startled, I jerked as red mist blew out of the black hole between my eyes. The floor above my head sprayed with red, and then I was quiet and still.

The customer stood over my body, watching my budging, glistening pecs relax, as did the biceps of my cuffed arms, as my body settled down, my stomach flattening down and not coming up.

My blue eyes rolled back down and were crossing toward my nose.

He pulled corpse #2 off me, with cum leaking from its ass and dripping onto my toned legs.

He grabbed his own dick, watching my full, hard shaft stay upright, bubbling with white cum coming down at its sides like a little volcano, as my wrist- and ankle-cuffed body laid still in front of him.

"So how does this work?" he said, looking at my crossed eyes, and open jaw. "Is this your O-face? Are you now cumming in eternity?"

"How about now?" He angled the gun downward, and with a "pop", my left pec rippled around the black hole that replaced my hard nipple.

"Why aren't you calling your office, asshole?", he said, kneeling at my face, with his gross, engorged dick pushing into my warm mouth.

"Oh wait. You're dead."

With his dick thrusting into my throat, he aimed the gun at my unmoving stomach, and it rippled around 3 new black holes below my bellybutton. The last bullet sunk in right above my still-erect dick, making it sway toward him and shoot out a burst of cum in his face.

"Fuck you", he said, picking up a screwdriver, holding the leaky head of my shaft steady, and putting the screwdriver through my dick's thick, meaty side. My hands, cuffed behind my back, didn't even try to move. My crossed eyes with a black hole between them, stared blankly at his crotch, his dick still in my mouth, as the sharp end of screwdriver came out the other side of my full shaft.

"Unghhh" he groaned, putting his hand on my mouth and sealing my lips around his dick, and white cum started dripping from my nose.


I got out of the Uber and knocked on the cabin's door. It was opened by a naked, dirty-looking man, with what seemed like a mess of cum all over his hairy body. I couldn't help but notice that he sprung an erection at the sight of me.

"Finally. I could use a fresh one", he said.

There were 3 of my naked bodies sitting neatly on the couch, heads thrown back on the seat, holding each other's and their own dicks. All 3 had obvious mortal wounds - one was shot above his eyebrow, another between the eyes, and the middle one had a red garrote line on his neck... not to mention other bullet and knife wounds on their bodies.

All 3 the dicks were erect.. the 3rd one had a lot of white cum smeared on it, and around the corpse's inner thighs and bullet-riddled stomach. Also, its dick was pierced with a screwdriver, which was weighing it down.

He made me strip at gunpoint, and then said, "Need to make your dick big."

He pushed a gun into my forehead, my back pressed against the wall. Then he lowered himself and started sucking on the hard nipple on one of the tensed-up hills on my chest. Embarrasingly I felt my body react to the warmth on my pec, and my penis filled out and sprung forth, pressing hard into the customer's stomach. "Look" I said, "this is not-"

"Shut up, bitch" he said, pulling the trigger.

My knees bent inward, pressing into each other, and together thudded down into the floor, my full shaft swaying wildly in all directions, then my body leaned forward, falling onto him. He caught my head, and impaled my open mouth on his hard dick.

The back of my head bonked against the wall repeatedly, my arms swaying by the sides of my kneeling body, as he thrust into my mouth, looking down at the leaky black hole straight in the middle of my forehead, which made me his property.


A day later a new review appeared in Yelp for my corpse delivery service, giving 5 out of 5 stars, together with a photo of 4 of my bullet-riddled, knife-stabbed, cum-bathed clones posed with dicks in each other's mouths. Gross, but thankfully I'm never the one who has to go fulfill the order.

Or am I...

I looked away from my phone, down at the circle under my feet, which said "2".

Fuck. Here I go again.


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Jan 13, 2012
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Never-ending death. A beautiful clone to torture and kill over and over. Heaven!


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Dec 5, 2014
I love the story. I also have this kind of fantasies, but unlike the story, in my fantasies, the original self also got killed, and got replaced by clones.