Room 6 at The Sauna.


Nov 3, 2022
I finally got the courage to go to a sauna whilst on holiday. It was a fun experience and I was really shy at first keeping my towel wrapped around my body to not show my small penis. It’s not actually small and gross to an impressive 7” but with all the eyes and nerves it just didn’t get erect.

I entered the steam room and saw a sign. No towels inside. I hung up my towel on the rail and stepped inside basking in the heat. My body starting to sweat from the mixture of intense heat and water in the air.

I sat down for a while when a group of guys came in together some skinny looking twink and two toned guys who could easily overpower me if they wanted to. They make their way through the red mist and sit down beside me giving me a nod in passing.

Spreading their legs showing off their 7” hard cocks pretty impressive. I couldn’t help taking a peek while they were sat soaking up the heat.

The twink moves in closer placing his hand on my leg. Moving to the step below he strokes my thighs and calves smiling at me then looking away at my legs. He proceeds to stroke past my ankle to my feet. I’ve size ten feet, high arches and he strokes the top of my feet to the end of my toes then back up to my thighs giving it a squeeze looking into my eyes.

I don’t know what to do at this point but my cock starts its first erection playing games with me getting hard. He pulls my calf up and positions himself at my feet lifting my foot and massaging it. The two males slowly jerking off turn their attention to what he’s doing. Slowly jerking their cocks at the sight of the play going on.

The twink starts licking my feet and pushing my toes into his mouth. Sucking hard like a hungry animal that hasn’t eaten in weeks. Licking my soles he smiles at me and stands up. Placing my feet back down on the hot tile he steps in-front of me with his eye thin and guided my mouth towards his cock, fondling his balls as my lips open to start sucking. His penis slowly enters my mouth pushing and out slowly as I feel hands sliding over my feet.

The two toned guys are stroking my calves and feet as I’m being fucked in the face.

The twink holding my head as he pushes in deeper making me gag. I can’t take it and I make a vomit sound as he’s pushing it deeper and deeper. I pull out and throw up in the corner as he grabs my head again and continues to fuck my mouth. Looking at me in the eyes he fucks harder and harder releasing his warm milk into my mouth.

“Your going to be mine” are the firsts words he says as he grabs my head and pulls it back the two guys lift my legs forcing me into my back one taking my feet in his hands and sucking on them as the other leans into my tight asshole and starts licking and lapping up my sweat. His tongue slowly working its way into my hole.

I’ve never felt like this before my heart was pounding as the twink leaves the steam room. The two hunks licking and lapping at my feet and hold sharing the musk and sweat between them. It must have been ten minutes I was starting to get too hot when the twink returns and walks over to me. Licking a chain around my neck and pulling on it. He lifts me to my feet taking me out of the steam room and into a small room at the end of the corridor. It requires a key to be opened with a large padlock.

The locks opened and I’m lead inside and there’s some stocks. And a metal bench with some chains from the ceiling. He tells me to bend over and put my head in the stock. I do this and kneel on the metal bench. The other side of the bench my ankles are secured along with my wrists.

“That’s better” he says as the two males join us in the room carrying a bag.

‘Clunk’ it does as they drop it on the worktop in the corner and the twink closes the door.

“Now we don’t have long” he says pulling out a knife and a ball gag from the bag. Stuffing it into my mouth.

“What did you guys want” he says pointing the knife at me.

One of the naked males approaches and feels up my thighs and ribs. “His asshole and those ribs” he says as he pushes his thumb into my hole.

The twink leans over me and says it’s my lucky day. He’s got me a new home as he pulls out an empty fleshlight container and chucks it to the males.

“Sure thing” he says stroking my back he cuts the skin around my spear ass. Unable to close my legs he cuts a round my asshole as I scream. Blood running around my hole as I shake. He pushes the knife in deeper cutting away my hole pulling at the flesh with his fingers my intestines coming out of what once used to house my backside and sliced the thick tube off about 15cm into my intestines. I’m screaming into my gag unable to stop the pain. Feeling dizzy and faint he leans over to me… “Would you like me to free you from these restraints?” He smiles.

I’m barely holding it together screaming yes, let me go.

He smiles and reaches into the bag. “Alright” tossing a saw to the guy stood next to me. He stops jerking and walks behind me to where my asshole used to be. He then grabs my foot and begins sawing off my ankle. Shredding through my ankle with a ripping sound as he saws. My foot completely removed he tosses it to the twink who brings it to my face.

“Told you you are mine” he says to my foot as he kisses it. Sticking my toes into his mouth he packs it into the bag.

I faint as the guy starts to cut off my second foot tossing it to the twink. These feet are fucking beautiful” he says licking my soles and toes as he puts it into the bag.

“The hands too” please guys as they start sawing at my wrists. “Need to get this meat free don’t we”

The third guy is stuffing my asshole into a plastic fleshlight container stretching my skin around the opening as he screws the lid tightly over my pale skin to keep it in place. He lowers the fleshlight to his cock and forces his member inside my asshole fucking it as he walks forwards towards my face.

“ I can’t wait to get your ribs out” he says holding my asshole to his cock and running the other hand over my back and sides. Groping my ribs and back muscles.

The twink packs both of my hands into his bag and sits on a chair in-front of me. Waiting for me to regain consciousness as he jerks iff his member cumming once more. This time all over my face.

I ale up in complete agony pleading eyes looking directly into his.

He reached for the saw and snaps my head on both sides. “ I’ve almost freed you from the restraints” he says smiling as I scream into my gag. Mmmmph no.

He grabs my head and pls Ed the saw on my neck “ I’ll just get your head out , let me help you” he says as he starts hacking off my head…

Blood oozes from the sliced flesh as the blade swiftly passes through severing the head from the body and falling to the floor.

“ Shit @ didn’t mean to drop that he says picking it up and stuffing it in a clear plastic bag, he throws it into the second bag along with the hands and feet like a basketball.

It just so happens you’ve read about room 6 on a website and made your way to the sauna on the off chance of some action earlier that evening.

You hear the sound of guys behind the door at the sauna and give it a knock. The legendary room 6.

The male with the fleshlight unbolts it from the inside with a ‘Thunk’ still fucking his new toy he looks at you.

“ Ah just in time says the twink “ come in…

You enter room 6…

(What happens next?)