Road Accidents Collection

Oh, to be first on the scene. Kneeling beside this still-warm man. Touching, licking his yellow goo. Sniffing death. Tasting death. :stroke:
Very nice, including the empty-headed guy.
So cool! Never saw a guy ripped apart in quite that way. Wish I could see him naked on the morgue table. :tognue2::yummy2::tognue2::yummy2:
Cute young Brazilian motorcyclist crashed in Manaus at high speed and cracked his skull. His brain was found several metres away from the body inside a tree guard.

Five people were killed in a pileup on the A1 highway in Romania near Bucharest when two cars, a van and truck collided at high speed.

The impact was so strong that it took a whole hour for the emergency firefighters on the scene to determine what type of car had been crushed between the two trucks.

All five deceased were inside the van. A truck driver, and the driver of another car involved in the pile-up were injured.

According to authorities, inside the crushed van were workers, aged between 35 and 48, from a construction company in Pitești, who were heading to the Băneasa flight school to contribute to the construction of a flight simulator.