fatal road accident

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    Young Motorcyclist Killed in Crash

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    23-year-old Gorgeous Model was Run over by a Car

    This happened a few days ago in Sofia the model was killed along with his girlfriend by a speeding driver. He was autopsied and bathed naked on morgue table. The body was in good condition.
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    Motorcyclist Shredded in Crash

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    Young Man Killed in Road Accident in Rio De Janeiro

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    Young Man hit and Killed by a Car in Peru

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    Beautiful Young Man Run over by Truck Lower Body Mangled

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    Young Motorcyclist Gets Embedded into the Grilles of a Scania Truck after Crash

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    Two Young Motorcyclists Collide in Indonesia and Seconds Later Both Get Run over by Truck

    According to news sources both guys passed the first one that is still moving was rushed to hospital but didn't make it and the second was smeared on the road and didn't stand a chance.
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    Strong Young Man Mangled in Road Accident

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    Young Man Severed in Two after Car Crash in Russia

    Happened in Sakha Republic and according to sources the driver was drunk.
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    Young Bus Driver Killed in Russia after Piece of Metal Fell from a Truck in Front and Struck him in the Head

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    Dead Soldier after Road Accident in Columbia

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    Road Accidents Collection

    Audi vs Volga in Russia five people were killed.
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    Motorcyclist Crashed into a Truck in Thailand

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    A 20-year-old college student died after his car was knocked off a bridge by a reckless driver

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    Road Worker Run over and Ripped Apart in Russia

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    Young Couple Killed in Road Accident in Brazil

    Young girl dead with leg amputation.
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    Roadkill Barbecue Collection

    Result of crash between two cars at high speed. Dude was ejected from one of the cars like a ragdoll was thrown with such force that his jeans split open.
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    One Dead After Out-of-Control Cement Mixer Crashes into Oncoming Traffic in Mexico

    Two angles. A cement mixer ran out of brakes and crashed into four vehicles and a street stall, causing the death of one person and injuring eight more on Thursday, October 28 in the capital of San Luis Potosi. Recordings released by the State Police show the moment when the mixer runs out of...