Jeremy and the lost civilization Part 3 (by Tecpatl)


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Nov 24, 2020
The ending you’ve been waiting for. Still locked out of my account. Don’t know if I’ll ever get back into CDG. Hope you and Caleb and the others enjoy! Let me know if there are other ways you’d like to die.


Jeremy and the Lost Civilization Part 3

Jeremy lay on his back where the Flayed One had left him after spilling his seed into him. He waited to see the light begin to creep through the window. Waited for the day he would die. He knew which god waited in the central shrine. Huitzilopochtli, the Hummingbird of the South. The head of the pantheon of gods. Jeremy was thinking through the new research he had been studying in the last year and how it had changed his fantasies. Forensic study of the bones of sacrifices had shown that the Aztecs had three ways to remove the hearts of victims not the one that he had grown up knowing about. And how they tore your heart out had to do with which god you were being offered to. When Eric had his belly cut open and the leader reached up into the chest for his heart, that was what Jeremy had expected, the most efficient and quickest death. It was the scene Jeremy had grown up fantasizing about, cumming to. But Liam’s sacrifice had confirmed the theory of those sternum bones that had been found broken in two. Probably the oldest form, hacking right into the chest. The oldest form and the hardest to suffer. Other rib bones had been found with knife marks. Always on bones from the left side. So Jeremy had a new fantasy. A knife cutting between his ribs, a hand reaching into his chest, being claimed by Hummingbird of the South, the god who turned his offerings into hummingbirds in his palace. If only that were true, and not just horrible pain and then darkness.
The light came, the door opened, and the boys came to clean him and prepare him. There was the beautiful one who had sucked him off while his friends had died. Today was his turn to lay on the stone. He walked naked with them, his feathered headdress all that he wore. There was no need to restrain him. He knew there was no way to escape. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to escape. He’d wanted so much to find this lost civilization and the fame of revealing it to the world. Now he was glad it would destroy him. And remain lost.
As he stepped into the clearing he looked into the empty eyes of his dead friends, their heads mounted on the skull rack across from the three shrines. I will join you soon, he thought to them. The doors to all three shrines were open now. And in the center the stone fire bowl where his heart would burn stood in front of Huitzilipochtli.

He walked to stand before the leader, beside the ancient rock covered in dried blood. The leader looked him in the eye and began the words thanking him for his offering, as the young men painted the signs of the hummingbird on his arms and his thighs. This was it. There would be much pain soon. But as the ice of fear filled his gut there was a warmth alongside it. The same feeling he would get when Liam whispered in his ears as he kissed and nibbled his neck, his hands tangled in Jeremy’s hair, the feeling that would grow until Liam would hold his head back and lick down his neck until he reached Jeremy’s chest, nipping at his nipples, driving Jeremy crazy and making his cock strain for release. Now the murmured words and the hands stroking his body brought Jeremy’s cock to hardness. And the beautiful boy and Jeremy smiled at each other as the boy squatted and took Jeremy in his mouth.
Hands took Jeremy’s wrists and upper arms and gently lowered him onto his back on the stone. Naked men danced around him, including the Flayed One, wearing Liam’s bloody skin. Their cocks were hard as their dance grew wilder. The beautiful boy stood between Jeremy’s legs, stroking Jeremy’s cock. The leader stood to Jeremy’s right. He had the razor sharp tecpatl in his hand. The Flayed One danced to his left, his massive cock poking our of Liam’s crotch. The leader reached out his left hand and pressed his fingers into Jeremy’s left pec, feeling for gaps between the ribs, for the strongest heartbeat. He was deciding where to cut, and that made Jeremy’s nipples rock hard, his cock straining. The leader withdrew his hand and raised the stone knife in his other. The four boys around Jeremy wrapped their arms around his arms and legs and stretched him tight across the stone. This was it! The fire of lust and the ice of fear burned together in his belly. He took in a sharp breath as the knife slashed down into him, slicing into his left pec above the nipple, between ribs. It cut across him, burning pain, Jeremy clenched his jaw shut to stop a scream, breathing sharp shallow breaths against the invading knife. The leader turned the knife sideways as he took it out, prying the ribs apart. Jeremy wanted the hand in his chest soon, his heart pulled out, his cock to explode, the searing pain to end.
Instead the Flayed One stepped to his left side and took his massive straining cock and thrust it into the wound in Jeremy’s chest. It slipped in and out in the blood flowing out and coating the stone. Jeremy felt it poking near to his pounding heart. His body was crying out to cum. Crying out for the pain to end. The Flayed One stretched out his arms as two boys wrapped their arms around them. The leader was standing behind the Flayed One now as the cock pumped in Jeremy’s chest. The beautiful boy stroked Jeremy’s cock quicker and quicker, his eye on the leader. Suddenly the leader put his left arm around the Flayed One’s neck and pulled his head back, exposing the throat. The cock spasmed deep in Jeremy’s chest as the leader sliced across the throat, sending sprays of blood over them all and sheets of blood down the dead skin of Liam’s chest. Jeremy’s cock exploded as the dying cock was drug out of him, and the dying Flayed One dragged away. The leader used both hands to wrench apart Jeremy’s ribs as ropes of Jeremy’s cum sprayed onto his blood coated belly and chest. His body was writhing against the arms holding him to the stone as he felt his pounding heart wrenched free. The pain ended as he rose into the air looking down on his feebly beating heart raised high above his body. The pain ended but he still felt the orgasm flooding through the body that he no longer had.
He watched his body go slack against the stone as it died. Watched the eyes go empty and sightless as the head rolled to one side. Watched his heart placed in the fire bowl before Huitzilipochtli and begin to smoke and sizzle. He smelled the scent of his own flesh beginning to char. He watched Liam’s skin being cut off the body of the dead boy, and then folded and buried in front of the shrine of Xipe Totec. And he watched each of the naked men come up to his body, thrusting their cocks into the wound in his chest until they came inside him. Every thrust was like a new orgasm in his floating body.
After they left, two boys came forward. One held Jeremy’s dead head as the other cut it off in one swift chop of a machete. They took it to the skull rack where they pounded it onto the pole until it went in through the right temple and out through the left and Jeremy hung next to his friends Liam and Eric. He watched his body taken to another clearing where a low fire and spit were set up. They gutted his carcass and tied it to the spit, turning it as it roasted. Then the other dead boy’s carcass was carried in. They broke it down into parts, turning it into stews, baking thighs wrapped in banana leaves and strange herbs. But there was no head.

Jeremy flew back to the clearing of the gods, where he saw the dead boy’s head was on the rack too. Pressed next to his. He felt arms wrap around him from behind and a chest press close to his back, even though he no longer had a torso. A soft voice whispered in his ear, “We are together now forever.”
They flew back to the central clearing of the Jungle city where the feast was now laid out. Jeremy’s roasted carcass lay in the center, various dishes made from his companion were placed around and through the people. The men were sharing bowls of some fermented liquor. Others played music. The leader called a name and the beautiful boy who had gotten Jeremy off as he died came forward. He kneeled between Jeremy’s legs once again as he took the knife from the leader. He took Jeremy’s roasted cock in his mouth as he used the knife to cut off the cock and balls. He stood, chewing on the cock and rubbing his belly to show how good it tasted. Everyone laughed and cheered. Then the leader gave a command as he took the knife and sliced off a slab of Jeremy’s left pec. The men seated around the roasted carcass took out their knives and began to slice off pieces and eat them. Some called out to friends across the body, pointing and calling out for particular parts they wanted, which were quickly cut off and passed to them. He watched a hunk of his shoulder cut off and handed to the beautiful boy who was sharing his cock and balls with some young friends. Another was cutting off his abs and passing them around. And he felt like when the boys were painting him earlier, stroking his body, or when Liam and Eric would lick and nibble him all over as they made love. He felt the Flayed One’s arms reach around him from behind once more, the familiar cock moving inside him. The feeling built inside him as he felt a hand around his cock, kisses on his neck. He and the dead boy who was now his forever, hovered over the banquet of their bodies, making love, slowly building to a climax more massive than any a living human could have, as they watched their arm and thigh bones being gnawed on, as Jeremy saw his rib cage as nothing more now than bone and sinew. And the men below them began to fuck as the two of them made love. They all fell into a rhythm, that built faster and faster. Cocks pumping in asses, hands stroking cocks, until Jeremy and his companion came in one massive wave of orgasm, and the men below all came with them, ropes of cum spraying on butts and bellies, on backs and chests and faces. The men fell against each other exhausted, stroking each other’s bodies in the amazing afterglow.
As the waves of orgasm subsided, Jeremy heard the voice of his companion in his ear, “We have rewarded them for their gift to us. Now we must go on to the palace and gardens of the Hummingbird of the South.”
The last bits of oxygen were used up by Jeremy’s dying brain. And the fantasy that was as real as reality faded, having all played out in his last micro-seconds. The body slumped to the stone, the head rolled to one side, the beautiful eyes empty of life. Jeremy ceased to exist. The rituals continued around his dead body.