Barefoot Gladiators


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Mar 7, 2018
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The two gladiators had battled in the arena for many minutes. The younger was Dan, only twenty-one, he had already caught the attention of the crowd by winning several matches against older men. The other man, Gary, was older but at 195 pounds, he had a strength advantage. The crowd now watched closely as soon one of them would surely make a mistake that would cost him his life and thrill the spectators. They were dressed in simple white cotton loincloths and wore sandals on their feet; both held the Roman short sword and each was trying his best to bury his weapon in the bare belly of his opponent.

Suddenly, Dan dodged a thrust by his opponent by ducking under his blade. With an upward stroke he hoped to reach the other man's lower belly, but his attack failed as the other grabbed his wrist while side stepping the blade.

A quick twist of the wrist and a kick from a sandaled foot sent the smaller gladiator sprawling in the sand without his sword. The wind knocked out of him, he scrambled to his feet to meet the point of his opponent's sword against his chest. The crowd screamed with the excitement of the impending kill.

"You are finished, Dan, remove your sandals, you'll die barefoot for me and the crowd."

"You have won" Dan replied, "But I won't take off my sandals in deference to you. Kill me now, as a gladiator."

"I will have you barefoot when my sword pierces your belly!" Gary shouted in anger, "Think carefully, would you rather die barefoot for my pleasure, or would you prefer that I castrate you and hold your cock and balls up to delight the crowd?"

Dan thought about Gary's threat and knew that he would take his cock for the amusement of the crowd. Slowly he knelt down and untied his sandals. Stepping back a few feet, Gary also untied his sandals. The noise from the crowd grew louder, as their lust was awakened by this new turn of events.

Dan thought to himself that he might yet have a chance to win. Gary's desire to have his victims barefoot may provide the opportunity to have him die in the dirt. Dan removed both of his sandals and waited for Gary's next move. Gary, now barefoot also, picked up his sword and approached his opponent. Dan jumped up throwing his sandals and both handfuls of dirt at Gary's face. Momentarily blinded, Gary bent over rubbing his eyes with his free hand. Dan rushed him intending to knock him off his feet and grab for the sword.

Gary lowered his shoulder to meet Dan's belly as he charged him. Keeping his balance, he pushed Dan back with his shoulder and raising up shoved his sword into Dan's navel.

"AAAAHHH" Dan cried out in pain and surprise.

He was impaled on Gary's sword. The shock of the wound froze Dan in his tracks. He threw his arms skyward; his back arched as he screamed out his agony. Gary stepped on Dan's bare feet.

"Die you barefoot slave" he whispered into Dan's ear.

"NO, spare me" Dan pleaded. He felt Gary's hard cock against his side. Still standing on Dan's bare feet Gary commanded; "Take my cock in your hand."

Hesitatingly, Dan reached under Gary's loincloth and took hold of his cock.

Gary then thrust his sword to its hilt into Dan's belly.

"NO NO You would spare me...."

Dan fell backwards slowly to the ground. The sword pulled out of his body as he fell and Gary's cock shot its cum onto his chest.

"I only wanted you to satisfy me as you died. You shall die barefoot in the arena"

Dan's bare feet twitched in the sand as Gary grabbed his ankles and tied them with the lacing that he had taken from Dan's sandals. Now, his feet tied together, Dan's body convulsed in its death throes. Gary raised his arms to the cheers of the crowd.

Then he grabbed the end of the leather straps that bound Dan's feet and dragged the dead, barefoot gladiator from the arena.