Wish that was me.....
....kicking him in the head.
I'd like to stomp his face, too. Squash his nose.
Then listen to his breathing.
Very beautiful shallow last breaths with short pauses of a handsome young man shot on motorcycle along with a friend.

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Shot young man grimaces as he bleeds out in the street and performs gorgeous agonal breathing with long pauses.

Shallow Agonal Breaths with No Chest Movement

According to sources dude was a thief in Brazil who got caught and lynched in the street with rocks to the head.
Very close to death takes deep agonal breaths as trachea and throat fill with blood.

1. Stoning vids are hot. Wish I could have watched him stoned.
2. Love watching a guy choking on his blood. I always want to give him mouth to mouth and suck it out. Yum
Shot in the Head and Bleeding a Lot but Still Pulls Agonal Breaths

Last Breaths at the Cemetery

Dick touched from a dying guy. Filipinos have a weird excuse to touch a man's dick while in Cardiac Arrest. They say that by pulling the dick, the man goes back to it's senses.
Nice tradition. I've found that, instead of pulling on a dying man's dick, he reacts better if I bite it. He still dies, but I feel better.