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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
Ascent Into Paradise

Caleb was nervous. More nervous than he had been in his life. He had scored a dinner invitation he knew was almost impossible to attain. Dinner with Andre. He stood in an elegant room, with Andre and three others, drinking cocktails, making conversation, and getting to know each other. Andre, a good-looking man in his mid-forties, wore a suit and tie. The other three all wore jeans and tanks. The invitees had been encouraged to wear whatever we wanted, even nothing, so Caleb decided to go for the knockout look. He wore nothing but chaps and boots. His large biceps and muscular torso stood out among the others. He had a huge thick cock that hung low, swinging as he moved, along with his pendulous nuts. And his firm smooth bubble butt filled in the back perfectly. It all had the desired effect as everybody stared and unconsciously wet their lips. Caleb’s ego, as big as his dick, had been stoked again. But he was nervous. Had he overdone it?

Andre had a manner that put each guest totally at ease, even Caleb. He escorted the group into another room. In the center of this room was a metal table with a naked man tied to it. Andre spoke:

“First, I’d like to speak to those of you who are new here tonight. We are a small, elite group, bonded by our love of Man. We love Man much more than your average gay guy does. We adore Man, revere Man, worship Man. We consume Man. Just saying the word “Man” makes our hearts pound and our groins tingle, because we are all cannibals, homosexual cannibals. We eat male flesh. We drink male blood.” (A long low moan emanated from the naked man on the table.) “Later this evening, we will dine on a beautiful young man, Deiter, an eighteen-year-old blond German boy. His Aryan meat will not be the only delicacy served, but will be incorporated into every course. No man offered here has ever reached the age of twenty-four, and when he is butchered, every bit of him is used, either served at table, or used to fertilize our gardens, where we grow our own vegetables, herbs, fruits and all else used in food preparation. The entire dinner will be prepared by our master chef, Zakary, who is also my son.” He gestured to a tall handsome young man dressed in a white chef’s outfit, including toque, who stood nearby.

“Before dinner, though, we have an amuse-bouche, a light bite to prepare us for the big meal. That would be Henry.” He put his hand on the smooth chest of the man tied to the table. “Henry is twenty, a rent boy whose professional name is Colt Ryder. Over there, on the TV screen, you can see highlights from his many porn videos. A very sexy and talented youth, don’t you think? Colt is yours to use as you like.” (Another moan.) He gestured to a small table nearby. “There are instruments for your use, if you choose, but be careful as they are extremely sharp. Also, Zakary will perform any procedure you ask to be done. He is very expert with sharp tools. Colt has been partially sedated but will not be immune to your actions and may cry out. That is natural. Unlike the outside world, we do not try to shield our ears from the normal sounds of butchering. On the contrary, it can be quite stimulating for some. In sedating Colt, both in his capture and tonight, we have used only natural ingredients. No chemicals that might taint the quality or taste of the blood or flesh you will enjoy tonight.

“Over there, on the sideboard, you will see bowls containing various delicious dips, created by Zakary from the innards of young men. Also, some blood fondues. I encourage you to try them, perhaps as finger food.” Using pruning clippers, Andre casually snipped off one of Colt’s index fingers, dipped it into a brown cream, and slid it into his mouth. Colt uttered nothing more than another low groan. “And so, gentlemen, enjoy your appetizer.”

The cocks of all four guests were rock hard as they moved to Colt. He lay on his back, his legs slightly bent and spread wide, offering easy access to his crotch and butthole. His upper torso was raised slightly, showing off his smooth belly, chest, arms, and face, and his head rested on a wooden block. The table itself was a stainless steel morgue table, and had several holes from which, underneath, tubes ran to a large bucket with a spigot.

There were tears on Colt’s cheeks as hands caressed his smooth white skin. Poking. Prodding. Twisting. Ears, nose, mouth, nipples, dick, nuts, butthole, feet. One man softly stroked Colt’s face, and then scraped his fingernails across the boy’s cheek, drawing four rivelets of blood. Then Caleb leaned down and but off his little toe, chewed virorously, and swallowed. Other teeth began to nibble and bite Colt’s body. He groaned loudly, his body jerked against his bonds, and his eyes glowed with fear.

“Zakary, can you cut away his sac so his nuts hang free? I want to suck on them.” “Of course, sir.”

“Zakary, I’ve been trying to bite off his toes but not doing so well.” “But you are making progress, sir, and he’s feeling a lot of pain.” “Think so? O.K. I’ll keep chewing.”

“While he’s working on that foot, would you cut off all the toes on this foot and a few fingers, too, so I can try your dip?” “Of, course, sir.”

“I just cut his lips off, Zakary. What do you think? Too ragged?” “No, an excellent job, sir. It accentuates his teeth and gums.”

“Hey, dude, how bout a contest to see who can chew a nipple completely off the quickest?” “No way you’ll beat me!” “You’re on. Winner gets his ears and nose.” “Right!”

“Zakary, would you trim off his foreskin and all the outer skin of his dick. I’ve fantasized eating dickskin since I was a kid.” “Absolutely, sir.”

“Hey! Can I chew the dick after the skin is off?”

Caleb looked through the cutting instruments, picked up a scalpel, and stood by Colt. The others watched as he sliced the boy’s smooth belly, making an incision about six inches long, from side to side, just below his belly button. Ohhs and aahs as rich red blood quickly filled the slit. Then exclamations of joy as yellow intestines began to poke through the opening. Positioned as he was, Colt’s eyes could also see this and they widened with terror, and his breathing and heart beat increased. Even under sedation, Colt was panicking, which pulsated his guts further and faster out of his belly. As the others marveled at this, Caleb leaned in and pushed his face into the yellow pile, savoring the unique smell and slick texture. When he raised his head, he brought with it a long intestine clamped between his teeth. The others applauded and Zakary cut the gut free from the mass, leaving it to dangle from his mouth. As the others clawed at the slimy pile, Caleb chewed his piece.

Zakary smiled, “You’ve got experience, sir.” His hand squeezed Caleb’s huge hard rod. “Impressive.” His other hand cupped Caleb’s butt cheeks, sliding a finger between them. “I hope you will return.” “So do I.”

The others were now cutting and chopping at Colt. Soon, they heard the inevitable “I’ve gelded the colt!” His blood continued to run onto the table and down into the large container. Zakary filled two mugs with the boy’s blood and gave one to Caleb. They clicked glasses as he said, “To the future, Caleb…I hope.” He nodded and they drank together. “Yes, Zakary, I hope so, too.” He then cut a slice of Colt’s thigh and lifted it to Caleb’s mouth. “And I hope we will share many more meals.” As the meat slid into Caleb’s mouth, his dick erupted, shooting a huge load of thick creamy jizz onto Zakary’s apron. “Oh, God, I’m so sorry.” “Not at all, Caleb”, said Zakary, “but next time, I hope your aim is better and you can shoot it into my mouth.”


Zakary got his wish. Every day for the nest year, he and Caleb filled each others’ mouths and buttholes with copious amounts of cum. The thick and creamy cum that healthy young men in heat will produce. They fucked constantly. Ate a lot of male flesh, too. Daily. Zakary liked to experiment in the kitchen, perfecting dishes to serve at his father’s soirees. So there was always someone to kill and cut up in the kitchen. Caleb was his assistant and together, they gave every ingredient a taste test.

Caleb moved in. Andre was pleased, glad Zakary had a buddy to help him blossom into manhood. Caleb worked with him in the gym, and Zakary grew into a solid muscular stud. He no longer wore the full chef’s outfit; just a short apron that barely covered his nuts and cock. Of course, he wore the toque, too. At many gatherings, Zakary and Caleb were greater attractions than the man on the table. More appetizing and appealing to the eye.

Caleb lived in bliss, happily in love with Zakary, content with their lifestyle and diet. But life can change. Abruptly. And not always for the better.

Descent Into Hell

Before he opened his eyes, Caleb knew. He felt the steel under him, and knew. He was strapped to the table and the cannibals were going to eat him.

Zakary stood next to the table, rubbing his chest and looking down at him.
“Hey, Caleb.”
“Hey, Caleb?! What the fuck does that mean? Why am I here, Zakary?”
“It’s time. That’s all. Nothing personal, but it’s just time. To move on.”
“You’re tired of me, so it’s time to kill me?”
“What else can I do?”
“If you’re tired of me, just send me on my way. Say good-bye.”
“Doesn’t work that way. You can’t just leave.”
“But WHY?”
“It’s just always worked this way. Since I was eleven. Papa let me pick a friend but would only let me keep him for a year. Then we ate him and I had to find a new one.”
“So, you have a new friend? Who? Nathan? The creepy bodybuilder?”

“Doesn’t matter, Caleb. You have to go. Tonight. But it doesn’t mean I don’t still love you. But let’s be honest. You’ve only been here because I wanted to eat you. I find a guy. Have sex for a year. Eat him. Simple. Nothing romantic. Just appetite.”

“Fuck you!”
“You’ve been fun. Like Johnny. He was the friend I had when I was fourteen. He was thirteen. We discovered a lot about sex that year. And his meat was so succulent. You know how tasty they are at that age. Think of it this way. You’re a gorgeous man with an absolutely spectacular body. Every man lusts after you. They want to consume you. You’ve got an ego, so what more could you want?”
“I want to live, Zakary. I don’t want to be sliced to death and eaten. I FUCKING WANT TO LIVE! PLEASE! DON’T KILL ME!!”
“I’m sorry. Papa had an offer to sell you to a sadist who wanted to take you to his dungeon and torture you for days. But I pleaded for you. Told Papa you would want to die here, to be eaten by friends, and watch it all in the big mirrors.”

“No Zakary. Please! No!”
“And it won’t be painful. Papa says the new drug that paralyses you will also shut down your pain receptors. You’ll see everything but won’t feel a thing. It will be a huge turn-on, watching yourself be cut up. You’ll get a huge hard-on watching. At least until we cut off your dick. Do you want it up your ass or in your mouth after it comes off?”
“I don’t believe it. You’ve looked into the eyes of the guys we’ve killed. They felt something.”
“Papa says you won’t feel it, Caleb. Now, it’s time. I’ve dreamed of eating you since your first day here, and every day since. Every time we fucked. Every time I swallowed your cum, I’ve wanted to swallow your blood. And now I will. Thanks, Caleb, you’ve been a great friend.”
“That’s all you have to say? You’ve been a great friend? Fuck you! But, please, Zakary. Don’t do this! DON’T KILL ME! PLEASE!”

As Caleb cried out, pleading for his life, Zakary slid the needle into a vein in his ankle and pressed. Caleb immediately felt a warm sensation run through his body as the liquid coursed through his veins. His body flushed and he became lightheaded. It felt so nice, like shooting up cocaine. In seconds, his entire body was still. No struggling. Just relaxed, immobile. He watched as Zakary removed the hypo and cleaned the drops of blood from his ankle. He leaned down to Caleb’s face, whispered “I love you”, and kissed his lips. Then he leaned into his crotch and took the large soft cock in his mouth and bit down hard. And Caleb FELT IT!

Caleb could feel the teeth biting deep into his meaty dick. The drug had made him speechless and immobile, but had actually heightened his sense of feeling! Zakary was wrong! Caleb would feel everything! He would suffer extreme pain and they would never know. He was about to suffer the torments of Hell.

Zakary looked down, running his hands over the immobile but gorgeous body, grinning sheepishly.
“I lied, Caleb. About the drug. You’ll feel everything. You won’t show any reaction, but you’ll feel it. All of it. You and I have talked about how hot it is to watch a guy suffer as he dies. So, I will know, but the others won’t. Our secret. Knowing you are in agony will keep me hard, and make you taste that much better. Jesus, Caleb. I’ve waited a year for this moment. To hurt you. To kill you. To eat you. Tonight will be Paradise for me. Unfortunately, Hell for you.”

It wasn’t long before the door opened and the others trooped in. Andre and Maurice, as usual. Mathew, Felipe, Zack, Terry and Trey, all regulars, all naked. And another guy Caleb didn’t recognize, in a jockstrap. Was he Zakary’s new boy? Who himself would be on this table one day? They surrounded Caleb and began to stroke his body.

“It’s Caleb! I wondered when you would serve him up.”
“Andre, why didn’t you just sell him to me when I offered twenty-five thousand? I could have made him last four days on my rack. I really wanted to torture this glorious hulk.”
“Sorry, Maurice. But he wasn’t mine to sell. He was Zakary’s boy. Maybe someone else someday.”
“No, Andre. There will never be another Caleb. This one was special.”

Andre spoke, “Gentlemen. This indeed is a special event. Caleb has been with us for a year and has been a wonderful companion. A bit arrogant about his beauty, but why not? He is a beauty to look at. And none of us have ever encountered such a massive cock. We’ve all touched it from time to time, but tonight we will feast on it. Now, let’s move him into position.”

They lifted Caleb off the table, set him on the floor, and pulled him into a sitting position. From the ceiling, they pulled down two meat hooks. (“Oh, fuck, NO!”) They stuck one into his back, just inside the shoulder blade. (“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! OH, GOD, THAT HURTS!”) Then the other hook went in next to it. (“JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! IT HURTS SO BAD!”) To the others, Caleb gave no indication of the unbearable pain he was feeling. His body didn’t react, he didn’t scream. Somebody pulled on the ropes. The sharp points of the meat hooks dug deep into his trapezius muscles, and his body began to move upward. His arms hung loose at his sides as his butt lifted off the floor. Slowly, painfully, the hooks lifted his weight, dragging his limp legs along, until he was fully suspended in the air, with his feet inches off the floor. The pulley stopped. Caleb dangled, his body swinging slightly. His head lolled forward and he saw himself in the mirror. His gorgeous, muscled, naked body hanging from meat hooks. Limp. Glistening. Swaying. It was mesmerizing. Breathtaking. A dream. And his cock began to grow. Engorged with lust. Lust for himself.

“My God!”, someone said. “He’s got a hard-on!. Hanging on hooks and he’s got a hard-on! Can you believe it?” The men gathered around Caleb. Touching his naked skin. Touching his massive dick. In awe once again of this sexy man. A mouth covered his dickhead. Teeth dug into the shaft. Broke skin. Sucked blood. And Caleb cried out but nobody heard. Teeth began to nibble at his nipples. His biceps. Someone was on his knees, chewing at his toes. Caleb felt something slide between his butt cheeks and enter his hole. Something sharp. Fucking him. Then he felt warm blood running down his legs, dripping from his feet. It had begun. And the pain would only increase as his body was enjoyed more than it ever had been enjoyed before.

Then the inevitable. Someone bit into his testicle. He SCREECHED, SCREAMED, SHOUTED TO STOP, YANKED VIOLENTLY, BODY THRASHING ON THE HOOKS, ARMS AND LEGS FLAILING, FEELING INSUFFERABLE PAIN. But the men saw no movement, heard no sound, and continued their onslaught as Caleb hung limply, quietly, a slab to be butchered. They knew nothing of Caleb’s pain. They knew only their own lust, their determination to turn his beauty into a pile of meat and sinew and gore. Their desire to consume him, drink his blood, eat his flesh. But no awareness of the hideous pain Caleb was suffering for their pleasure.

Andre spoke: Gentlemen, let’s take a break here from our passions and appreciate Caleb as a man, a friend, one last time. He has been a great friend to my son, Zakary. Teaching him wisdom, building his body, honing his skills, expanding his imagination. Zakary learned many killing techniques from Caleb. Techniques that will be put to good use in the future…tonight, perhaps. We all enjoyed Caleb’s wit and friendliness, his infectious personality. So, let’s begin by drinking a toast to Caleb.” Zakary slipped a syringe into Caleb’s arm and drained his blood into six small glasses. “To Caleb!” “Caleb!” “Now, return to his body. Fondle him, caress him, cut him, take your selfies with him.”

They crowded in, ran their hands over Caleb’s body. Caressing and pinching. Nibbling and licking. Mouths on cock. Fists in asshole. Tongues in his mouth. Taking selfies and group photos. Posing in salacious positions. Making lurid comments. And Caleb just hung, swinging on his hooks, a piece of slaughterhouse meat, an object of derision and lust. He hung suspended, silent and immobile, but inwardly demeaned and scared. Through his pain, Caleb cried in shame. No tears on his cheeks, but inwardly he sobbed uncontrollably.

“O.K. guys. We all know that, beyond his many attributes, Caleb’s dick is his pride and joy. The biggest piece of meat any of us has ever seen. Take a last look, a last feel, a last nibble, while it’s still intact. It’s about to be cut off, so have at it one more time.” Hands and mouths grabbed at Caleb’s cock. Pulling. Pinching. Sucking. Biting. Scraping.

“His cock is already hard. How he did that, I’ll never know. But we want to keep it that way, so Zakary will slip on the elastrator. And then Caleb’s cock is coming off.”

Caleb heard all this. He knew the inevitable was approaching. The mirrors allowed him to see himself from various angles. Still magnificent. Still stunningly beautiful. Even more so after being bloodied and beaten. Smooth white skin splattered and dripping with blood. He’d been here before, in this room. He’d seen men hanging here, and on the table, about to be sliced. He knew the feeling of lust. If he were down there looking up at himself, he would have a raging hard-on, barely able to wait to begin ripping at the hanging body with his knife. But he wasn’t down there. He was the dude swinging from the hooks. With a hard-on.
Caleb saw the elastrator and wanted to pull away, but could only hang as Zakary snapped the first band on his thick shaft. (FUCK! THAT HURT!) And so did the second one. And the third band that tied off the nut sac. It was quiet in the room as all the guys were staring, breathing heavily, practically drooling with anticipation. With the banding, Caleb’s cock had grown even bigger. Deep red, vessels straining with engorged blood. Almost quivering with pride as Zakary brought forth the knife. An extremely sharp blade. The men panted with excitement and anticipation. Caleb stared helplessly into the mirror as Zakary placed the blade between the two bands and pressed downward. Thick as the cock was, it popped off with one cut. The pain was immense but it didn’t matter as Caleb watched with his own fascination as Zakary held his severed dick in his hands and raised it so Caleb could see clearly what had been lost. This was the beginning. The first cut. The first piece of Caleb to drop into their hands and mouths. Caleb watched the guys passed his cock around, licking, kissing, nibbling at it. Someone grabbed Caleb’s hair and pulled his head far back, forcing his mouth wide open. Then his dick was shoved in, cut end first, barely fitting because of its size. Caleb saw them laughing, heard them making obscene jokes. And saw his reflection in the mirror. His crotch devoid of its treasure, his mouth stuffed with his dick, pee hole gaping. He was mortified. Moments ago, he was a hunk to be lusted after. Now a disfigured laughingstock.

His nuts were next. A sharp cut and his nuts were being handed around, chewed, and finally swallowed. He felt his fingers being snipped off and laid on a tray with a dip Zakary had made with the liver of the cute blond they killed last week. Suddenly, two fingers were stuffed up his nose. Christ! The indignity of it! But he realized that with his mouth and nose stuffed, he couldn’t breathe, and hoped maybe he would die before anyone noticed. He prayed for this. But then Zakary yanked the dick out of his mouth. He could breathe and would continue to live through his torment.

Zakary slid a tube into Caleb’s dick and then forced something down the tube. He pulled the tube out and announced, “I’ve filled Caleb’s dick with a puree from the brain of one of his favorite victims.” Then Zakary began to cut the cock into round slices. Even the cockhead. Everyone watched, including Caleb, as he laid the rounds on a small cooktop and heated them, both sides, until they were crisp. All remnants of that huge, glorious penis disappeared down their throats in minutes. He heard someone ask, “Will the rest of him taste as good?”

They all stood around Caleb, each holding a small sharp knife, perfect for cutting small pieces out of a carcass. Andre said, “Zakary has the honor of taking the first bite. Then Caleb is open to everybody. To keep him alive as long as possible, please try to cut flesh without severing an artery. I’m putting this bucket under his feet to catch the blood that drips down his legs. And do NOT touch his eyes. We want him to enjoy the scene. To enjoy watching us enjoy his body. To enjoy seeing his own body being eaten as he has eaten so many.”

Zakary leaned up and kissed Caleb on the lips, as he had kissed him so many times before. “Sweet man. You made me happy. And you make me happy tonight. Suffering for my pleasure.” Then he cut swiftly and removed those lips. As the others pounced, Caleb saw his reflection. His mouth was now a bloody hole revealing teeth and gums, looking like a cartel victim in one of CDG’s videos. He felt teeth sink into his bubble butt, grinding and gnawing, trying to break through the thick muscle, and then giving up and cutting out a big chunk with the knife. Nipples disappeared quickly. Pliers yanked at his tongue and it was cut from his mouth. His biceps were a favorite target, but so were his muscular thighs and calves. Ears gone. Nose gone. Toes gone. A slicing sensation on his back, and then the hideous pain of skin being peeled off. Cross-carving of the abs. Pecs sliced off, leaving him strangely flat-chested. Flat-assed, too, as someone removed his entire butt and laid the glutes on the table.

All this occurred slowly, deliberately. Caleb’s friends knew how to draw out the mutilation, to keep him alive, to keep his heart beating and his blood flowing. They worked slowly, leisurely, often stopping to talk about Caleb the friend or Caleb the carcass. To sip a beer or a cup of blood. They knew Caleb was an exceptional victim, a treat to linger over. Extend their pleasure. And, inevitably, extend the torment. They had been assured that Caleb would feel no pain, but each sensed otherwise. The idea that he was suffering horribly made his death that much more appealing. These cannibals love to kill and want their victims to feel. So, yes, Caleb was feeling unbearable pain, but had no choice. He must endure the pain without any hope of passing out. Everyone there that night knew it, and exhalted in the knowledge.

Someone shoved a piece of flesh into Caleb’s mouth. “Have a bite of yourself, Caleb. You are so delicious!” More derisive laughter, as a big piece of his butt was wedged between his teeth. These were his friends, mocking him and making obscene jokes as they chewed his flesh, and as his blood splattered their naked bodies. Caleb understood, and didn’t hold it against them. A week ago, they consumed a boy and joked in much the same manner. Lust changes you. Especially the lust that enables you torture and kill and eat another man. Caleb swayed slightly with each hack and cut into his body. He could not resist. Could not cry out. Could not let them know how hideous the pain was that they were inflicting. No, he could only hang motionless, suffering, feeling warm blood run slowly down his torso and legs into the bucket that they dipped their cups into.

Caleb had been in this room so many times with his fellow cannibals, tearing apart a beautiful man, reducing him to a puddle of bloody gore, eating his flesh and drinking his blood, masturbating on his carcass as they consumed it. It is erotic, this cannibalistic lust. The purest of sexual ecstasy. The attainment of Heaven. The human male becomes an exquisite banquet. A platter of meat set on a table, to be consumed and be enjoyed with a fine wine. A sublime banquet of flesh and blood, the finest of cuisines. Caleb watched them in front of him and in the mirrors, feasting on a man, enjoying another communal meal. The slaughter and the feast become one. Tonight, Caleb could not join in their boisterous camaraderie, for tonight he was the feast.

He stared at the mirrors and, despite his pain, he found it strangely erotic to witness the destruction of his own body. So many times, Caleb stood in front of a mirror and jerked off to his reflected magnificence. His ego had been stroked by the envy and lust that others felt toward him. Even as they killed a young beauty, eyes in the room inevitably focused on him. And he loved it. Caleb was again the center of attention in this room, but not as he desired, not as a participant but rather as the object. Still, watching in mirrors as his body was being slashed and mutilated, he was aroused. Of course, his cock and balls had long since been hacked off, but somehow, he was experiencing the erotic arousal that comes with the mutilation of a man. He saw himself gutted and skinned and scalped, encased in a suit of sticky crimson, muscles reduced to mere sinew. Saw the joyous ecstasy of his fellow cannibals as they consumed his body. Then felt an immense surge in his groin and a massive eruption, spraying his friends and flooding the room with endless streams of his thick creamy cum.

This all happened in his mind, of course, for at that moment his eyes stared blankly. Caleb was dead.


Caleb died young. His death was hideously painful. Yet, inescapable. He was doomed from the start.

Many of us could have foretold his fate. He was extremely handsome and well-built, supremely egotistical, and had an insatiable appetite for young men. He consumed them. Literally. He was a cannibal. A gay cannibal. He surrounded himself with men of similar tastes. It was inevitable that they would someday yield to their own desires and turn on him. Caleb was too consumed with his own beauty to realize his beauty could be consumed by others. And would be.

From the day he entered Andre’s home, he was doomed. He thrived on the praise others laid on him. In the mirror, he saw their praise validated as he jerked off to the Man in the Mirror. He was too popular, too admired. Everybody wanted to be his pal, to pat him on the back. He couldn’t see that they really wanted him on his back, to be carved, roasted, eaten.

It’s like going to a barbeque with friends. You stand around, drinking beers, watching a cute kid turning on the spit, roasting slowly, over a low fire. Then next week, you feel sharp steel rammed into your own ass, through your colon, guts, chest, throat, and out your mouth. Then you yourself are turning over the fire, hair singed off, eyeballs melting, skin browning and crisping, fat sizzling as it drops into the fire. All while your friends sip their beers and comment casually on your body as it rotates slowly. A gay cannibal’s lifestyle.

Cannibals, especially gay cannibals, are self-absorbed beings, with an insatiable hunger for attractive young men. It is this hunger that drives their desires. It is all that matters. If one of them desires you, he will inevitably consume you. Caleb ignored this trait, and it cost him. How many men had Caleb killed and eaten? Ejaculated as he inflicted horrendous pain on them? Exulted in their pain as he drank their blood and chewed their flesh? Yet, he could not see the inevitable. That others would want him on their table.

His friends could hold off their desires only so long. He was hung on meat hooks that night because he was so desirable. Even Zakary could not resist that primal homosexual urge to consume beauty. He ate his lover.

Poor Caleb? Nope. No pity for Caleb. It’s the law of the jungle. Live with cannibalism. Die by cannibalism. He died knowing he was the best meal his friends would ever eat.
Caleb your story was intense and very compelling. I never once did I look up as I was reading it. I could imagine how much of yourself you put into this. And how much you could see yourself in it. Thank you for sharing yourself in this incredible piece of literature.
Thank your your story. I love how I can see you in it, hell it was easy to see myself in it. Especially when became time to be butchered by Zackary or spit roast, literally, by my friends ^^

Lovely work!!