1. metalmachine

    Wonderful 18 Years Corpse

    maycon charlisson de mendonça, 18
  2. G

    Hey! anyone from south america?

    I'm from paraguay 18-years old :Off topic: ... Just want to make contact with anyone who is at least are from this part of the world :cheers: ... and if you're here then ... we might meet :too hard to take: Ps: i'd love being strangle to death...
  3. stonefree

    Cute fit Thai boy murdered and abandoned in the river

    From classic mkn-yala site...lots of murdered victim here I also find their facebook... The same event... Both site have...
  4. Roger

    Old man go to home

    It was a very busy day and the odd couple were tired. The older man..usually full of life and excitement was walking slowly. He now needed assistance to walk with his walking stck. His handsome companion was very considerate and helpful with his older the old guy support as they...
  5. yarkov

    More gadiator deaths

  6. abusaid

    THE shattered

    Dismember two young Were raised in a den of Veracruz and dumped in bags TUXTEPEC! Tragic death found two young men who were "raised" in Ciudad Valles, Veracruz and were found dismembered in this locality in garbage bags The bodies were found dismembered in ... Kings Day on the road leading to...
  7. Destroymykok

    Hanged by my Genitals

    A couple of years ago I met a guy who hanged me by my cock & balls. He also hanged me by my cock which caused the flesh at its base to begin to tear. Upon seeing what was happening he cut me down fast. If he hadnt cut me down I often wonder would it have torn my cock off or just skinned it? Can...
  8. B

    sex boy

  9. J

    I want to be here, but...

    Hi, I've been here on and off for the last 7 years. I've had the necro feelings ever since I was 13 - I'm not sure what caused them or why I have them - I wish I didn't, but I know I'm stuck with them. I worry when I come here that my partner will find out or that it might in some way become...
  10. m3m1

    Family Matter

    Vinnie Simonini and his young brother Frankie strolled casually and coolly down lower Fourth Street. It was obvious they were brothers, just by looking at them. They both had a knockoff “Jersey boy” look with their spiked black hair, black sleeveless muscle tees and shiny track pants; they’d...
  11. HangTime

    Ave, Caesar!

    David Severinus was the youngest son of one of Rome’s most powerful men, Senator Severinus. David was 20 years old, 5’10”, 170 lbs, and had brown hair and eyes. Since his father was so powerful, David grew up at the court of the Emperor, and became very close friends with the Emperor’s eldest...
  12. abusaid


    HIGHEST BRANCH! FOUND HANGED IN A PARK YOUNG Coyoacan! A young man committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in the park of the Mountain, in the colony Taxqueña rides in the Coyoacán A resident of the area who exercised in the public park, located between the avenues Paseo de los...
  13. abusaid

    DOWN A DRIVER extortionist!

    DOWN A DRIVER extortionist! Beside her body left a narcomensaje SIGNED NEW PEOPLE! FEDERAL MéxicoDISTRITO Beside a "narcomensaje" wire tied back and leaning against the wall of a building, was located the body of a man identified as Roberto Abarca Lucas, 22 years old The victim was wearing a...
  14. metalmachine

    Blond 19 Years old - Bad Brazilian Guy

    Marcelo Correia Santos. 19
  15. Roger

    Old man Goes to Home

    This is another morbig history from me collection i like this specialy beacouse i like oldman!! Enjoy reading guys!! It was a very busy day and the odd couple were tired. The older man..usually full of life and excitement was walking slowly. He now needed assistance to walk with his walking...
  16. W


    Just a quick note to say "hi." As my name indicates, I have fantasies about being snuffed. I've been reading snuff stories for years, and have always felt a little queasy about it, even though it gets me off... so I thought I'd join.
  17. T

    Looking for a strangler or victim in Manchester, UK

  18. satanic-cumshot

    what is the best product for increase muscle mass ?

    i start training bodybuilding for 4 Month i want to know what is the best producte for increase muscle mass i buy Cell-tech , any one know this or eat this before ??? i have a friend he eat cell-tech ,he take 9 kilo of mass in 1 week
  19. vicky1987

    Hello everyone, I am a novice, please comments, thank you!

    Hello, everybody, I am 26 years old, a boy, from China, I am very pleased and honored to be here Here, we have a very good exchange. Thank you :tognue2::tognue2::tognue2::tognue2:
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