1. P

    Young boy drowned and his funeral

  2. secretchamber78

    Nipple electrocution

    This is from a Youtube video. The teen boy's chest is not bad!
  3. K

    Teen murdered in Hospital Bed for Raping

    This sweet faced boy is not so sweet. He raped a young girl in Brazil and got beaten up by the family but after his arrest the girl's dad went to the hospital to blow his brains out: :stars:
  4. Terrific

    Guy hanged himself with a cord

    This guy decided to end his life with a tight cord. He suffers minutes of horrible pain, is not able to free himself until he is slowly losing consciousness, but still twitching, his tongue is protruding... it takes another few minutes until his body gets limp. :hang: What would you do with...
  5. secretchamber78

    Death scene of a teen spy novel

    Below is the final scenarios of a novel I collected many years ago. The plots of the whole novel are like this: Four high school kids with ages from 15 - 17 completed many daunting tasks for the government; but finally their identities slipped during a task and the dark corporations knew the...
  6. secretchamber78

    Special execution for a star athlete

    19 year old Tom was a famous tennis player in the club of his city. But due to his mistake happened in a crucial championship games, his team lost the rank so the club committee decided to punish him. Tom asked for death penalty, which was approved by the committee. However, considering about...
  7. C

    Cross Country Boys

    Part 1 The weather was incredible. I was hiking out in the woods, wearing a tank top and basketball shorts. I looked up into the sky, lifting my hand to shield my face from the sunlight filtering down through the big, green leaves and onto the fern-covered deerpath I was walking on. Aside...
  8. P

    Young Lad Drowned

  9. secretchamber78

    A Sudden Death

    He was a teenage spy. And now he was arrested by soldiers and prepared for execution. He was only 16. In the past two years, he had done well in many cases. But this time, in order to protect one of his teammates, he had to get ready for his last task: being executed! "Is death really...
  10. P

    Teenager boy killed

  11. P

    Fit young lad executed

  12. B

    Guy kill 14yo. teen boy and eats the liver

    The crime occurred on April 11, in the Pedreiras city, in Maranhão/BR. José Antonio de Souza, called of 'Tonim, killed and quartered the teen Manoel Messias da Silva, only 14 yo. after eated he liver. On the day of the crime, the two plus a friend, were using drugs when Tonim gave 100 R$ for...
  13. P

    16 yo Boy Killed

    Here's the video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MCOk10dyRk
  14. Caronte

    Drowned Teen Boy

    Fabiano Ferreira Pereira was swiming in the beach with his friends, when they decided to get a boat that was within 100 meters of the shore. Suddenly he began to drown and called for help, saying he was cramping, his friemds tried to help him, but it was not possible.
  15. Rikky

    Honduran boy dies from drug overdose [first post]

    Christian Martínez, aged 15. He went to a party and drank some sort of coffee with his friends. Later on, he became ill and decided to recover at his ex-stepfather's place before returning home. After a night of intense shivers and vomiting, he passed away. The alleged cause of death is drug...
  16. P

    Teenager boy drowned

  17. J

    Give me your Shoes.

    Greg is the owner of a skater shoe and clothing store. He is someone everyone trusts but what everyone does not know is he is a psycho who should not be trusted. His store is close to a high school and every day he watches Drew go by on his skateboard from school and thinks of how he can get...
  18. P

    Cute 14 yo Boy Murder

  19. P

    Autopsy set Part 2 : Young Teen with beautiful cock

  20. P

    Cute 15 yo Boy Killed