suicide jump

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    Young Man Jumped from a Building in Krasnodar, Russia

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    Suicides Collection

    Happened In October 2015 in Pattaya, Thailand. Obese 52-year-old American jumped from the 16th floor of a condo. He had apparently been in an argument with his Thai boyfriend and was in poor health which required him to constantly take medication.
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    Young Man Jumped from 19th Floor in Russia

  4. Bisha Hotel Toronto Suicide Jump from 30th Floor

    Bisha Hotel Toronto Suicide Jump from 30th Floor

    Footage from ground level cctv
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    Man Jumped off the 30th Floor of the Bisha Hotel, Toronto

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    Naked Suicide Jump in Romania

    Passed away a bit later after this video was taken.
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    Man Jumped from Balcony in Krasnoyarsk, Russia and Landed on Car Below

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    Tall and Lean Suicide Jumper Landed on a Car

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    Young Man Jumped from Block of Flats in Kemerovo, Russia

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    Naked Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Building in Dnipro

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    Amazing Brain Splatter After Fat Man Jumped from a Block of Flats in Russia

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    Handsome Young Man with Big Feet Jumped from a Building in Russia and Survived for a While

    This is not in Death Images only because according the source dude survived for a while at least until the paramedics arrived personally I don't think he lived much longer after this photo was taken. In any case super handsome lad with big feet.
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    Young Man Jumps from a Building in Vietnam

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    Young Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from a Bridge

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    Former Brazil Mayor Firmino Filho Jumps from Building

    The former mayor of Teresina, Firmino Filho, 57 was found dead on Tuesday afternoon. He jumped from a building where he worked for many years. Firmino Filho was an economist, a politician from the Brazilian Social Democracy Party and a professor at the Federal University of Piauí. He was...
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    Mexico Suicide Jumper

    Source say the man was in his 50s.
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    16-year-old Jumped from Building and Landed ontop of a Parked Car in Russia

    Moscow from a few hours ago. No other details are available at this time.
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    Man Commits Suicide Jumping from 8th Floor