1. M


    Thrillermakers miss me
  2. Multipaco

    Fucking my ex one last time

    I posted pics of my ex a while ago, playing dead, we broke up but we still talked a bit, he still sent me nudes from time to time Some teasing him being strangled One day I told him about meeting again, he had in mind fucking, but I had other plans. We met at his house around 8 pm, his...
  3. Choke_Me!

    YOU Can Choke ME!!!

    Hey guys! I'm 31 from NY looking for someone who wants to choke the shit out of me. It's the greatest feeling in world when my eyes are bulging and everything is moving in slow motion. If you wanna choke me or just talk about it, message me!
  4. secretchamber78

    Me and the girl

    [From collection] After a failed battle, I was ordered to accept the death along with all other 5 mates. The execution happened at midnight. To make it easy, we would be killed in the workout area, the gym. My mates who were excluded from the death penalty would execute us. Interestingly...
  5. secretchamber78

    Punishment for Losers

    My rowing team lost a crucial game against another college. After returning back to the training centre, the team manager said there would be some punishment on us. We did not think too much on it; just entered the accommodation room, climbing onto to the bunk beds, lying there for a while and...
  6. B

    I love being strangled and suffocated

    Perhaps I was strangled too much or not enough. What can I say except how much I love being choked out. It's a high unlike no other. The feeling of having someone on top of me as I'm being strangled or suffocated feels great. So many has squeezed this neck of mine in many different ways. I've...
  7. B

    Developer in search of a temp place to stay

    Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Elon Reeve Musk, Steve Jobs, and all other wealthy/successful people had to start somewhere. 12 years ago I met a programmer online. After moving in with him I learned of his health conditions. He suffered from congestive heart failure since a kid "genetic condition"...
  8. secretchamber78

    Revived, and then executed

    A story from my collection. It was on a website many years ago but now the website has been shut down. I was taking a shower after soccer training. The hot water in the school shower room was cut off due to an accident; so I just took a cold shower. Suddenly, I collapsed on the floor. Before I...
  9. cowboy4brian

    Strangle and Dangle and Hanging By a Noose

    Because you was strangling and dangling and hanging by a noose! Cowboy4Brian on KIK KockyKowboy on Wickr KockyKowboy on WhatsApp Lets get together, real time only, no cyber
  10. B

    Take me in as your houseboy choke slave

    I'm looking for a master and I need a place to stay anywhere. I can pay $400 monthly. Right now I have no one to choke me. Will you let me stay at your place? I wish to be choked in various ways I wish to be suffocated in various ways I wish to be smothered The last master I had used to do...
  11. J


  12. Multipaco

    Video Roleplay

    Hey 19 boy here, interested in playing dead for you, I can send you videos of scripts that you send to me, I use Kik and Skype, I am beefy but not muscular, not fat either, somewhere in between, If you are interested just ask for my skype or kik below.
  13. Icarus19

    New victim here in NYC

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say hello. I'm new to the site, but definitely not new to the fetish. I've fantasized about being a victim for most of my life. I love the idea of being strangled, especially if I'm decked out in my tight spandex running and triathlon gear. Hit me up if you want...
  14. seryan63x

    Snuff and necro play in NW Missouri

    Looking for my killer in NW Missouri. Looking around KC area. I'm looking for someone to strangle me then play with my dead body. Hit me up to discuss more details.
  15. Tapesealed

    Question for all you hand stranglers

    Being someone who gets off on being hand strangled, I'm curious: Do all you hand stranglers prefer to use bare hands (to feel the constriction more "intimately") or do you prefer tight gloves of some kind (since a man's hands in tight gloves are definitely hands of power and control)? I'd love...
  16. J

    Any1 is frankfurt interested in strangleplay?

    Any1 in frankfurt interested in strangleplay? If yes private message me or leave me any contacts :*
  17. D

    28 Year Old Guy Looking for Killer in Toronto

    Hi, I'm a 28 years old muscular man in Toronto. Like to play victim who is stabbed or strangled to death and whose body is displayed in positions the killer likes for his fun. If interested, please hit me a message and we can discuss more in details.
  18. B

    Choke slave seeks Master

    You may squeeze as tight as you want and watch me get a boner while struggling for air as many times as you like. Use your hands or whatever else you desire including bags or pillows to suffocate me in various ways. Make me pass out and push me as hard as you wish. My neck and body is yours to...
  19. secretchamber78

    Watching two friends' noose challenge

    Two years ago I took part in a sport training summer camp. And during that fortnight, I got to know two friends Mikka and Luukas. I was in fencing session and they were good swimmers. One day afternoon after training, some other guys in swimming training team told us that Mikka and Luukas would...
  20. N

    Victim in milwaukee

    I am going to be in Milwaukee in march. Any Midwestern victim willing to be my corpse?