1. groveport64

    Some dead guys with cock

  2. groveport64

    Dead Soldier Replicas

    So apparently you can purchase very realistic replicas of dead soldiers for use in prop movies. Who knew. I saw one on this site, the pic is of the head, suprisingly very realistic.
  3. A

    D-day: Giving a German soldier a loving farewell

    It was early morning on D-day. After the botched airdrop I found myself alone and wandering the French countryside looking for my unit. As the day broke I stumbled upon three German soldiers lying in a small clearing. Whoever had killed them had moved on, and there was nobody around. The man...
  4. sirius86

    young drunken sleeping Peruvian soldier

  5. secretchamber78

    Short and nice execution

    This is from my collection. When I read this one, I visualised the guy being executed as the one in the photo. The battle finished at 4 PM. I led a small team destroyed an important communication hotspot of the enemy. But due to a technical mistake, my team shot a mate in the neighbour group...
  6. secretchamber78

    Death scene of a teen spy novel

    Below is the final scenarios of a novel I collected many years ago. The plots of the whole novel are like this: Four high school kids with ages from 15 - 17 completed many daunting tasks for the government; but finally their identities slipped during a task and the dark corporations knew the...
  7. secretchamber78

    Most powerful guy on noose I have ever seen

    My fencing team had a paintball game last week. We divided ourselves into two groups; as we did before the lost group members were punished by being shot by the wining team with upper body exposed. But that day the group captain, a 18 yo boy who is also a rowing athlete, insisted he should be...
  8. kakpoc

    Dead soldier 1 hour examination
  9. Meatpie

    Fierce Clashes Between Kiev Forces & DPR Erupt In Eastern Ukraine Two Soldiers Killed

    Fierce Clashes Between Kiev Forces & DPR Erupt In Eastern Ukraine Two Soldiers Killed #Ukraine War continues well into 2018 with two young soldiers taken to morgue in Horlivka today as video below shows.
  10. secretchamber78

    Execution without detail

    I found a sci-fi story about the life of a young (or even teen) spy called Tom. And the last scenario of the fiction is Tom is exposed and going to be executed in secret in the basement of an agency's building. A part of this scenario is like this below: The soldiers remove his (Tom's) bullet...
  11. secretchamber78

    Short story

    It was the last day of a captured special force soldier. He wouldn't have his 27th birthday successfully due to his exposure. Before this day, he had been electrocuted for 2 days by the officers in the enemy camp. They put one electrode on his left pec and the other on his back from his left...
  12. U

    The last words of the soldier

    Hi, guys I will record a death video of soldier and I have a plot but need replies. You can write the replies and send them to me. here's the script: it's a monologue video in which I speak to my killer i will be in army gear and will wear "bulletproff" vest First I will tell to the killer to...
  13. secretchamber78

    Execution Lorry

    2:30 am in the morning. My team, totally 5 young soldiers, were asked to leave the accommodation immediately and arranged with a secret task. Within 2 minutes, we all dressed up with combat kit. But the officer asked up to wear nothing on our upper bodies. We were confused, but did as he...
  14. Meatpie

    Ukranian Soldier

  15. T

    Unidentified Dead Barechested Soldier

    A dead soldier had his shirt removed, exposing his fit body.:tognue2: Don't have any info on him but he looks Caucasian and his boots look Russian.
  16. Simondc26

    Strangled Soldier

  17. B

    Ukrainian soldier dead, pants down, blue undies
  18. T

    Ukrainian Soldier Takes Off Boots to Rest

    HD pic of a very handsome Ukrainian soldier resting without his boots on, he even took out the insoles for reasons unknown. We can also imagine him becoming this:
  19. Meatpie

    Russian Soldier

  20. T

    Group of Dead Ukrainian Soldiers

    HD video of group of dead Ukrainian soldiers killed in Debaltseve on 19/2/2015. <object id="player" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" name="player" width="575" height="362"><param name="movie" value="" /><param...