1. phyzzique

    Very fit 22 yo Francisco de Sousa assassinado

    Frank got paid today, went out drinking with 'friends'. His body was later discovered in a pool of water, head bashed in. His cell phone, money and bike all gone. All that's left is Frankie's beautiful legs, feet and ass
  2. lerano

    Cute barefooted 20y.o. lies in nice position.

    Tiago Lopes da Conceição, 20y.o. was shot and died on stairs in pool of his own urine.:RIP: PLEASE SOMEONE FLIP HIM!:sad1:
  3. lerano

    Cute 18 y.o. got headshot and wet his pants

    Young Jose Miranda de Almeida (Junior) 18 y.o. was friends with wrong guys. As result he over his short life in pool of his own blood with cute faceshot and one opened eye. Also looks like they tried to upend dead body, and that moment Jose did last action in this world: badly pissed his pants...
  4. moscowmikey

    Repost of a removed Reak KO

  5. Meatpie

    Hairy guy drowns in swimming pool

  6. Meatpie

    Fat guy drowns naked in backyard swimming pool

    Sean Burgess, 58 Sean Burgess, 59 News article
  7. Meatpie

    Man drowns in pool

  8. J

    How do I put a profile picture up?

    Hi - have been trying to add a profile picture but when I go to MY PROFILE and SETTINGS I can't find where / how to do it - if anyone could help - that'd be great. Thanks!
  9. todd00009

    A "corpse" gets a boner in the morgue, then is strangled to make sure he's dead..

    A "corpse" gets a boner in the morgue, then is strangled to make sure he's dead.. A young celebrity is having a drink by the pool when he is chloroformed... He is presumed dead... but when he gets a hard on the mortician is forced to strangle him to make sure he's dead... More pictures and...
  10. O

    Russian guy shocked by electricity and drowned with his dog

    On July 5, the Russian guy in Shanghai was jogging with his dog. The dog stepped into a pool which happened to have a broken electricity wire in it. Seconds later, both the dog and the guy were twitching in the pool and no one can give them a hand until power was shut down several minutes later...
  11. phyzzique

    Tennis player Alex Rovello drowns

    Friends and family are mourning the death of University of Oregon tennis player Alex Rovello, after he died in a diving accident over the weekend. According to school officials, Rovello drowned at Tamolitch Falls in the Willamette National Forest on Saturday after he failed to surface following...
  12. seawz999

    drowned strong man

  13. M


  14. Meatpie

    Two young guys croak in London both taken for autopsy and put on slabs stark naked

    16-year-old stabbed in Pimlico, central London yesterday A man in his 20s was found unconscious in a pool of blood in Camden Road, north London after a falling sign hit him on the head. Both guys are now naked in morgue...
  15. jon_b

    tied, tortured, beaten..

    Aged 60 & 34 these 2 guys were tied up, tortured..and then beaten to death with an iron bar - and left in a pool of blood :shock:
  16. S

    Revenge of the Ninja 03

    Guy killed with a poissoned fuki-ya while making love in a pool...
  17. Waratplay

    Oops. I didn't mean to do it...

    This is a fantasy story. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. The photos are all reposts War lay on his bed watching TV after a long night at work. He soon dozed off, only to wake a short while later. He put a DVD in the player and undressed. It was a muggy day so he lay on...
  18. todd00009

    Two Jersey Teens strangle each other at Christmas

    BestDeaths celebrates the holidays the way they do best. In this video a few of our teenage actors created this awesome Christmas video...Each shirtless teens takes a turn at strangling his friend with Christmas lights.... "HOLIDAY DEATH: TWO JERSEY TEENS DOUBLE STRANGULATION!"...