1. proton

    Strangled While Streaming Online

    Young man accidentally strangles himself while streaming online. First part shows short compilation from his earlier streams and the kind of extreme and very dangerous sex games he was into. Then 1/3 into it, it shows his death. If you continue listening, you will hear someone calling and...
  2. D

    Would you be willing to participate?

    Imagine a prison where young guys are executed. Two guys are chosen. One is tied down on the gurney and the tubes are inserted for lethal injection. The other guy is told to bring the guy on the gurney to orgasm. If the guy on the gurney orgasms within 5 minutes, he dies. If he does not orgasm...
  3. S

    Erotic Asphyxiation Gone Wrong

    Guy hangs himself from door nob passes out and dies.
  4. Meatpie

    17-year-old shot dead

  5. BlackWorld

    Hottie brutally murdered with 9 stabs

    Is it just me or this bitch had an orgasm from being stabbed? Open in new tab to see bigger btw.
  6. Meatpie

    Man croaks in his hammock

  7. I

    What Would you do with my dead body

    What would you do with my body? I committed suicide in the woods by hanging. I was wearing jeans, white ankle socks, no shirt, and skate sneaks on the ground. I just had my last orgasm and pissed myself. My body is still warm as I just passed on. My eyes are open and my body is moving slightly...
  8. S

    Ken Park - Tate: autoerotic asphyxiation Sadistic and unstable, Tate lives with his grandparents whom he frequently verbally abuses, and is shown engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation to orgasm. He later murders his grandparents in their bed, in retaliation for his...
  9. Meatpie

    Couple falls from window while having sex

    Sources say they were having sex up on the 5th floor when they fell.
  10. ArrowMan

    AGONY n' ECSTASTY of gettin' killed

    THE agony n' the ecstasy of bein' killed dead in manly CUMbat :automatic: :stroke::load::load::load: :Rock2::Rock2::Rock2::Rock2::Rock2:
  11. M

    some hanged men

  12. Brian2012

    Being led to his Death.

    This poor guy is being led to his death. What would you do to him and how would you finish him off?
  13. B


    i am sorry my English
  14. spt1966

    Fictional Hanging Story - Orgasm of a Lifetime

    Here are the first two parts of a story I'm writing about my ultimate fantasy hanging encounter. I'm intentionally taking it slowly so as to build the tension and excitement over many more parts. Criticism is welcome as are suggestions, but I already know where the overal story arc goes, and...
  15. jon_b

    death drugs & sex games

    Found dead - he appeared to be using drugs and playing sex games :dunno:
  16. ArrowMan

    Deep blade penetration

  17. J

    Plot to Kidnap and Murder Justin Bieber
  18. W

    Still wondering about pleasure and hanging

    I've seen a lot of guys that really get turned on by noose play with a trustworthy friend and I've been wondering at what point the pleasure begins. Is it when you first step off the stool, or when your feet are kicking, or when you're about to pass out? I'm too scared to try it but there seem...
  19. W

    Want to find headsman

    I think I'm ready to have my head chopped off. But I want it cut off instantly with one swing. A very sharp and heavy ax or simitar or sword to slice off my head through my muscular jock neck. You can pick the perfect spot to lop off my head, so long as my head rolls with one perfect chop...
  20. metalmachine

    Bruce Campbell - The X Files