1. Meatpie

    Movies and TV Series: What are you currently watching?

    Anyone seen Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal? I haven't seen it myself yet but all the reviews I read so far were positive. NIGHTCRAWLER is a pulse-pounding thriller set in the nocturnal underbelly of contemporary Los Angeles. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Lou Bloom, a driven young man...
  2. Art Of War

    Best Death Scenes In Movies? Ypu Choose

    We have all watched tons of movies and have come across awesome death scenes, so what are your favorite death scenes from the movies? Here are a few of mine
  3. todd00009

    Dead Boys Club continues.. watch hot boy masturbate, then get strangled...

    The classic underground student film DEAD BOYS CLUB continues on BestDeaths this week.. Watch a hot boy start to masturbate, then get strangled by his room mate... In this segment, the boys journey to Hollywood and end up in a crazy pervert's dungeon.... More pictures and video on BestDeaths....
  4. UnconsciousSole

    Dead guys in entire movies and plays

    I was wondering, are there many films where a guy is dead throughout the entire film, and there's a bunch of dead body role play? I suppose there's 'Weekend at Bernies' and it's sequel, and Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Trouble With Harry', but I can't think of any others. Also I was wondering if...
  5. todd00009


    A while back a bunch of gay student film makers created one of the best necro-themed feature films ever... DEAD BOYS CLUB... It's now available for the first time as digital download... watch these hot naked college boys kill each other again and again in Part 3 of a 7 part series.... More...
  6. linxynus

    atrocious art et animation dark alley 3
  7. D

    Does anyone know of a similar this scene,from movies???

    Sex crimes (1992) Betrayal (2003) Too hot to handle (1977) serie Acapulco heat Unknow
  8. phyzzique

    Awesome projectile

    Poor dude, even if the explosion and the hard landing didn't kill him, the electrocution would have:eek:
  9. todd00009

    NEW THRILLERMAKER video this week (a double strangle!)

    This is the first BRAND NEW Thrillermaker production in many years... The strangles are realistic as always... more pictures and the video can be found at The name of the video is: THRILLERMAKERS "Do Not Disturb"... Its a tale of death and revenge and features a DOUBLE...
  10. aaron

    Movies to rent

    "Salon Kitty" Nazis kill Helmut Berger in his own bathhouse.
  11. Meatpie

    Weekend dead guys in movies

    American Gangster - scene with Norman Reedus: Arya & Baldev in the morgue - Deleted Scene 11 Teddy Altman & Dead Henry Burton Last Moment in Morgue
  12. L

    New Group : " Chained Male ... Defeated Heroes "

    Presenting my new group on Facebook : "LesMecs DeCokto " My new group about killed , destroyed ,murdered ,chloroformed ,passed out ,knocked out ... heroes .. in Movies ,Series ,Animation etc ... Everybody can upload his favourite scene Defeated Heroes Only My group on FACEBOOK : " Chained...
  13. L

    Cruel Betrayal

    Cruel Betrayal , whipped skinhead ... Full Movies
  14. stustustugoo


    hansel and grettel witch hunters and jack the giant slayer rock!
  15. todd00009

    Just some random cute dead guys

    Here's a few of my favorite cute dead guys from past present and upcoming BestDeaths videos... Hope you like em.... Todd -- film maker for
  16. S

    Do you know some good necromance movies?

    Can someone tell me a few good necromance movies, or something like Dahmer (2002) ?
  17. J


    Hey guys I have been looking for somewhere to buy the thrillermakers movies can anybody tell me where. They show on but you can't buy them
  18. S

    rape movies?

    Would like to see some good rape movies
  19. Meatpie

    Balsamist, 2001 Polish movie

    Real or fake?
  20. Katharsis

    100 Movies 100 Decapitations

    Sorry, if this is a repost. All together 141 decapitations in these films.