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    Eleven tortured bodies found stuck inside a van in Mexico

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    Human head found ontop of car in Mexico

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    Man found murdered naked in Mexico

    It was a mistake switching to pixhost for our photo uploads, they are based in Slovakia and they have serious problems restoring access to their .org domain so we are back to using good old imagebam. Until pixhost become more stable we now recommend imagebam to all users.
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    Naked chopped up guy from Mexico for Easter

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    Fat man and two women found tortured and murdered in Mexico with narco message left

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    Street murders in Mexico

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    Seven police officers die in Mexico prison riot

    Seven police officers have been killed in riots at a prison in Mexico, according to Mexican officials. The deaths occurred during an operation to quell an uprising, they said. It happened in the La Toma prison in Amatlán de los Reyes in the eastern state of Veracruz between Saturday night...
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    Hadsome young man killed in Mexico car crash

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    Stiff murdred lad in Mexico

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    Pile of dead guys found in Mexico

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    Mixed Mexico March Murders

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    Man tortured killed and dumped like trash in Mexico

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    Tortured and beheaded young man in Mexico

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    Five teenagers kiled in Mexico City car crash

    Kids between 12 and 15 years ripped and thrown on the road like ragdolls. Miraculously the driver survived.
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    Man in Mexico chopped up has eyes gouged out and face removed

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    Mexican Atlas of Forensic Medicine

    Below are all photos from the first edition of Atlas de Medicina Forense by Mario Alva Rodriguez. Currently looking for download links for second edition.
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    Looking for Mexican Atlas of Forensic Medicine

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a working download link for this Mexican atlas of forensic medicine: Atlas De Medicina forense by Alva Rodriguez I hope members from Mexico can help we offer a reward.
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    Two male corpses found naked in Mexico