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    Pile of dead guys found in Mexico

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    Mixed Mexico March Murders

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    Man tortured killed and dumped like trash in Mexico

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    Tortured and beheaded young man in Mexico

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    Five teenagers kiled in Mexico City car crash

    Kids between 12 and 15 years ripped and thrown on the road like ragdolls. Miraculously the driver survived.
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    Man in Mexico chopped up has eyes gouged out and face removed

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    Mexican Atlas of Forensic Medicine

    Below are all photos from the first edition of Atlas de Medicina Forense by Mario Alva Rodriguez. Currently looking for download links for second edition.
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    Looking for Mexican Atlas of Forensic Medicine

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a working download link for this Mexican atlas of forensic medicine: Atlas De Medicina forense by Alva Rodriguez I hope members from Mexico can help we offer a reward.
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    Two male corpses found naked in Mexico

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    How little our lives are worth - 8 young guys thrown into back of pickup like trash

    Thousands of Millennials marched today in the USA against gun violence and how little young life is worth in the USA after hundreds of young people were shot, autopsied and went to their graves in America after senseless acts of violence in the last couple of months alone. Just across the border...
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    Four construction workers found murdered in Mexico

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    Young couple found strangled to death in their bedroom

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    Young man eviscerated alive by rival cartel

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    Chopped up naked male torso with cock exposed

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    Two beheaded in Mexico

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    Athletic young man dismembered alive completely naked by Mexican cartel

    Fit lad remains conscious until all four of his limbs are completely severed. <code class="html clickselect undefined xml" style="-moz-tab-size: 4; display: block;"><video width="900" height="600" controls poster=""> <source src=""...
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    Naked young guy beheaded and chopped up in Mexico