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    Three Guys Found Executed in Tecoman, Mexico

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    Suicide Attempt Inside a Hospital in Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, Mexico

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    Entire Family of Six Shot Dead Inside a Pickup in Veracruz, Mexico

    Two children and four adults were found executed with multiple shotgun wounds inside their pickup after being chased by several vehicles around Veracruz according to witnesses. Police believe the horrific crime is cartel punishment.
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    Mexican Cartel Members Barbecue Chopped up Young Man

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    Bus Driver Fell Asleep Behind the Wheel in Mexico

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    Mexico Mayor Assassinated in Town Hall Massacre

    Mayor Conrado Mendoza Almeda was shot several times from close range. Gunmen have shot dead the mayor of a small town in western Mexico, and at least 17 others, officials say. Police say gunmen stormed the San Miguel Totolapan town hall at 14:00 (19:00 GMT) on Wednesday. Photos online show it...
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    Dead Young Man Prepared for Funeral in Mexico

    Summer 2022 necro feast is here this is a screenshot from a completely uncensored morgue video showing dead young man prepared for funeral from start to finish until he is placed in casket. The video is 2 hours and 16 minutes long and is available only in our Death Eaters club from exclusive source.
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    At Least 17 Young Men Killed Many Naked and 22 Injured in Brawl between Rival Fans at Mexican Football Match

    Up to 17 football fans have been reported dead, with 22 injured, after violence broke out during a game between Mexican football teams Queretaro and Atlas in Mexico. Many of the young guys were undressed stark naked and beaten to death. A brawl broke out at Queretaro's Estadio Corregidora on...
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    Mexican Thief Tied to the Back of a Pickup and Beaten with a Baseball Bat on Bare Ass

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    At Least 54 Migrants Killed in Mexico Truck Crash

    At least 54 people have been killed and scores more injured after the truck they were being transported in crashed in southern Mexico on December 10, 2021. More than 150 people, said to be migrants from Central America, were crammed into the truck's trailer when it rolled in the state of...
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    Mexico Collection

    Remains of three beheaded and chopped up young men were found dumped wrapped in plastic bags near Almoloya de Juárez.
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    Man and his Three Sons Found Executed in Mexico with Throats Slit

    Old case from 2015.
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    One Dead After Out-of-Control Cement Mixer Crashes into Oncoming Traffic in Mexico

    Two angles. A cement mixer ran out of brakes and crashed into four vehicles and a street stall, causing the death of one person and injuring eight more on Thursday, October 28 in the capital of San Luis Potosi. Recordings released by the State Police show the moment when the mixer runs out of...
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    Young Parents Gunned Down in Mexico for Owing Money to a Gang

    The couple recently had a baby which was taken to hospital for a full check-up.
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    CJNG Cartel Behead Member of Los Zetas

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    Tortured and Beheaded Man Found Dumped Naked on a Street in Mexico with Cock and Balls Cut Off

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    Man Chopped up and Face Skinned in Mexico

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    Cartel Shootout with Police Leaves Eight Dead Guys on the Road in Tamaulipas

    Notice one of the dead cartel members was not only shot but also gutted.
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    One Shot Dead Two Injured in Mexico Bar Shooting

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    Crocodile Attacks and Kills a Woman in Mexico

    A huge crocodile attacked and killed a woman when she was on the shore of the Laguna del Carpintero, allegedly washing clothes, right next to Benito Juárez’s hemicycle. This event, which occurred at approximately 7:00 p.m., mobilized the staff of the public security and rescue bodies who...