mexico cartel wars

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    Beheading of Two Men in Mexico by Rival Cartel

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    Athletic Young Man Found Chopped up Naked in Mexico

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    Mexico Cartel Member Found Dead Fully Wrapped in Plastic and Placed in Sitting Position on a Bench

    Dude was Carlos Martines aka "El Cholo" his body was found on March 18, 2021. He was wrapped in plastic with big knives left stuck in his body. Dude was also shot many times and top of his head was blown away. The day before a video began circulating online showing "El Cholo" confess that he...
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    Post-mortem Beheading of Member of the Gente Nueva Cartel in Mexico

    Full story here.
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    Mexico Cartel Confrontation Leaves Five Dead Young Men Three Beheaded

    After the shooting and massacre some of the corpses were just dumped on the road while the heads of the three beheaded young guys were placed ontop of a car in the Mexican state of Chihuahua a few days ago. Two rival cartels were fighting for control in the area police said both groups were...
  6. Overkill Gang Execution of Young Lad

    Overkill Gang Execution of Young Lad

    Mexico. Clear version no watermarks CDG exclusive content.
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    Mexican Narcos Slaughtered By Rivals

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    Heart of Young Gangster Ripped by Rival Cartel in Mexico

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    Face Stripped, Cock and Balls Cut off

    Old set from Mexico cartel wars still among my favourties off all time so worth a repost to kick off the new COVID week. Just 18 days remaining until Christmas when we will unleash our wildest collections in the entire insane, turbulent and very mortal year 2020. :Christmas Tree::Merry Xmas...
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    Young Man Beheaded by Rival Cartel

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    Cartel Chop Up Victim with Axe and Machette

    Older vid but have not seen it here before.
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    Cartel Interrogate Young Man then Pull his Heart Out

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    Young Lad Beheaded in Mexico by Rival Cartel and Head Used for Football

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    Young Man Chopped up in Mexico

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    Beautiful Young Guys Chopped up Naked in Mexico

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    Pile of Beheaded Young Bandidos

  17. Young Man Butcherd Alive by Rival Cartel

    Young Man Butcherd Alive by Rival Cartel

    Remains conscious as executioner eats part of his lung raw.
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    Naked Man Beheaded by Mexican Cartel

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    Young Man Murdered in Mexico, Chopped up and Prepared for Cooking

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    Tortured and Murded Young Men in Mexico