1. Meatpie

    Elderly male crushed by metro train in Mexico

  2. Meatpie

    Metro Suicide

  3. Meatpie

    Man crushed by metro train in Russia

  4. Meatpie

    25-year-old model and actor kills himself by metro train in Moscow

    25-year-old Efim Diachkov was a student at the Moscow Art Theatre. He was beautiful but unfortunately had no desire to live and decided to become a beautiful medical cadaver and give his body to the necros at the morgue. Along with his acting dude worked as a model. This is how his life ended...
  5. Meatpie

    Dismembered Young Guys in Mexico with Hairy Cocks

    I love them hairy Mexican cocks! :tognue2:
  6. Meatpie

    Chechen terrorist Tagir Sulebanov offed by FSB

    Tagir was a member of the Caucasian Front organization, an islamist movement trying to establish their own muslim state inside the Russian Federation. They are part of a wider global jihadist front and are supported by Al-Qaeda. The United States government has offered US$5 million for...
  7. Meatpie

    Male cadaver leg for surgical technique seminar in USA

    Jesse Vault and Mark Smith of the Surgical Training Institute prepare a cadaver leg for a cardiovascular surgery technique seminar inside their mobile lab in the Metro Health Village parking lot. Photo taken in Wyoming, Mich. Tuesday, July 16, 2013.
  8. H

    Beheading Roleplay

    I'm looking for people to roleplay or cam with on yahoo if interested add me
  9. Meatpie

    26-year-old police officer Sean Collier killed in shootout with the Boston bombers

    Police today cordoned off a block of Curtis Street in Somerville, around the three-story house of 26-year-old Sean Collier, the MIT police officer killed in a late-night confrontation with the two suspects in the deadly Boston Marathon bombings. Through tears, his roommate — who trained with...
  10. Meatpie

    A bag lady started stalking me on the metro yesterday

    Serdika 2 metro station in Sofia A fat ugly smelly disgusting woman asked me for directions at the metro station in my neighbourhood yesterday...I told her which train to take and thought no more of it. But she started stalking me. Five minutes later inside the train she came up to me and...
  11. Meatpie

    BR Girl jumps in front of a metro train

    Brave dude saves her.
  12. Meatpie

    Three hot dudes in the metro

    One of these three hotties is dead in our Secret Room, handsome and peaceful as hell. Guess who the dead dude is and where he is from and you will get free premium membership for a full year.
  13. Meatpie

    Young guy jumps under the Prague metro

    One of my favourite vids. I love this guy.
  14. Will Scott

    never give up

    that is my mantra as I continue to search the NY metro area for men into intense role play and can host or know of an available dungeon rental.....merciless pain trips 50 50
  15. Meatpie

    Young lady jumps under the Moscow metro and gets stuck under the wheels [HD VIDEO]
  16. Meatpie

    Two brothers croak before Christmas, one on his birthday

    Two young guys from Moscow have both croaked before Christmas. 23-year-old had a heart attack in November and passed and 25-year-old Oleg Shugurov was stabbed with a knife on the Moscow metro while coming home from his birthday, Dec 20. Dudes passed within weeks of each other. Their mother...
  17. Meatpie

    28-year-old stabbed to death with knife in the Moscow metro

    Corpse at 28....Andrey Klochkov A young man was stabbed in the Moscow metro on Dec 17 by two thugs with knives. Andrey is naked in morgue, just 15 days before Christmas. Police are investigating. Morgues in Moscow and St. Petersburg are full with dead young guys this winter. Killers...Do...
  18. Meatpie

    Man falls on train tracks in the Madrid metro
  19. M

    Inmate too fat to escape from Brazilian prison

    He doesn't really look that fat to me, though.
  20. Angel Lust