1. johnny1743

    Greetings form Taiwan

    Hi guys. Well. I have been here for a long time but active lately. Allow to introducing my self. I'm from Taipei, Taiwan. And I really to playing dead. And also like to be a "killer". I't mean that I like to be the killer and the victim. Most of my playing death's pictures was took at 2011 and...
  2. E

    Need a genuine sadist

    Hello, I’m a 19 year old boy looking for someone to rape, torture and brutally kill me, once you have me bound you can do ANYTHING you want to me. My Kik is “killmeslowandbrutal”
  3. madeiradesouza


    "Kill" -- Original masculine male characters and 3D digital art produced using DAZ Studio Pro Edition with NVDIA Iray rendering with various Genesis male resources by Desouza of Vegas
  4. M

    Snuff chat

    victim here, looking for some guys to chat with Wickr: mcsp69 Kik: mcsp1994
  5. N

    Does Your Necro Side Interfere with Your Life?

    I would like to get an idea how many people here feel that their necro fantasies interfere with their personal and professional lives. One of the most important concepts in abnormal psychology is that any behavior that deviates from "normal" behavior is not necessarily a symptom of a...
  6. MarchWhitfield

    Snuff request

    There's a lot of folks who post requests to meet someone in RT to be snuffed, and I guess I'll add my ask to the pile. I've been into this lifestyle for almost 30 years, and the older I get, the more I realize it's what I want done to me. Of course I have my fantasies, but the person doing the...
  7. denirr

    teen boy look who execute him

    Looking who roughly execute me not worse then on the video But only I want be totally nude one, possible make video with my execution. Can travel in any country. My email:
  8. biggerguy11

    Big guy cannibalised alive

    So I have a fetish which involves some kind of serial killer guy kidnapping me and either killing me and eating me, or eating me while I'm still alive. Do cannibals go for guys my size, or do they prefer leaner meats? And are there people who are into doing those sorts of things to guys? Thanks
  9. K

    Looking to be executed by hanging

    Hi Im looking to be executed by hanging . Especially slowly. I loved also other methods but generally slowly suffocation I want dangle for your pleasure
  10. D

    Tie me up and suffocate me to death with your cock in Tacoma, WA

    I am in Tacoma, Washington. I have been trying to find a BBC or BWC or group to tie me up, torture me and suffocate me with their cock. Don't pull out until you cum. If that takes too long, well, what a way to go. If I survive OK but if not OK too. I want to cum just as I lose consciousness from...
  11. T

    kill me

    I'd like to chat with sadistic killers about their violent fantasies. I'm in my mid-forties and totally submissive. I have fantasies about been beaten up (love kickboxers breaking bones) and slowly tortured before being killed. Love to be stabbed, gutted, burned, roasted, arrows, knives, swords...
  12. AxoloteFel

    Hello dudes, I think we can some fun with web cam

    Well, my name is Amilton, 19, live in Brazil So, Hello guys I'm new user here, my english is really bad, i'm sorry, but I can try talk with you I just think all these things, really really really exciting, I not plan to kill myself or kill someone, but this all are very exciting So... my skype...
  13. todd00009

    Hot model KT is beatup, strangled, stabbed and shot

    BestDeath's newest model KT's film YOU CAN'T KILL WHAT WON'T DIE premiere's today... Watch him beat up, strangled, stabbed, shot...all of this totally NAKED!!! ....this kid just won't stay dead!!! This film is almost 30 minutes long and shows more nudity that we've ever done... it features long...
  14. Meatpie

    WTF is Al-Shabaab? Are you ready for global jihad?

    Al-Shabaab fighters believe they have a duty to Allah and fight a global jihad for single muslim state No religion in history has caused so much senseless violence and war...Islam is once again rearing it's ugly head with the latest terrorist attack in Nairobi led by the Al-Shabaab militant...
  15. todd00009

    SNeak Peak at BestDeaths videos September 25th, 2013

    Some good stuff coming up... The premiere of KT's first short film YOU CAN'T KILL WHAT WON'T DIE... More Teen Actor Trevor... More Dead Boys Club... Deathbots shoot it out in old Western scenario... and more......
  16. Meatpie

    Zookeeper mauled to death by a Siberian tiger in Munster, Germany

    Cute: Siberian tiger Rasputin killed his keeper with a single bite to the throat after a door was left unlocked Horror: The keeper, named as Martin H, was laying out food for the tigers in their outdoor enclosure while they were inside...
  17. todd00009

    Sneak Peak at September 18th BestDeaths videos

    Some really good videos here... More DEAD BOYS CLUB killings... The RETURN OF CHAD AND JAKE! More HUNTER! and MORE BEST DEATHS!!!
  18. P

    Kill and burn a dead guy
  19. ArrowMan

    ARROWED deep

  20. ArrowMan


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