1. Brian2012

    The Wrestler Stalker Killer POV

    Chapter 1. Unleashing the Beast As someone who finds college wrestlers sexy, I have spent a lot of time trying to understand what it is that draws me to them. At first glance, it might seem like a strange fascination. After all, why would someone be turned on by a group of young men dressed in...
  2. Brian2012

    The Camp Williams Massacre

    Chapter 1. The Beginning “Are you sure this is good idea?” Gunner asked as one of the cars in the three cars convoy sped along the dark country road. “Look I told you I have the keys to the place. My dad has bought the place. So we’re good.” Hunter replied as he took his eyes away from the...
  3. Brian2012

    The Jock Stalker

    Chapter 1. The Beginning Simon was twenty three years old and frustrated with life. His family had disowned him since coming out and Nothing had really gone right for him at school, he’d always been one of those kids that were picked on and the jocks at school and college always made his life...
  4. Sam Hennessy

    College Gerry and the Drunk Jocks

    Anyone has vids of these? Am open for trading... :yummy::teddybear:
  5. S

    Camp Muscle Pines: Jock Massacre

    Chapter 1 The moon was full and the forest surrounding Lake Adonis was peaceful. It was early July and even though the sun had set it was still absolutely boiling. Jack and Ali hiked through the woods, it was late and they had been walking all day, their young, strong bodies were tired and...
  6. H

    hi from California

    Hi, I'm fairly new to this....not real sure what I'm into but do like Jocks in bondage....strangulation is an interesting fantasy of mine.
  7. seawz999

    drowned strong man

  8. PiercedChest

    Murder victim dug up

    So that's what you look like after a few days in the ground.
  9. todd00009

    Montage of BestDeaths video clips - March 20, 2013

    Lots of young cocky frat boys slowly strangled... hot jocks, cute college guys... and much more...
  10. Meatpie

    I am selling my smelly socks on the internet

    I met a guy on the internet who says he is straight, wife kids etc doesn't want to see me, doesn't want to see my bare feet...but pays top dollar if I wrap my smelly socks and send them to him. I asked him why and he said "I only get it hard if I smell a man's socks before I start fucking my...
  11. phyzzique

    Gabriel Machado morto aciidente

  12. N

    Beefy dudes naked and ready

    Beefy dumb jocks ready to be used, abused, raped, castrated,tortured and discarded.
  13. W

    Showing off feet

    I really love guys' feet, especially the bottoms. There are so many pics of guys kicking back casually on a sofa in jeans or shorts with their barefeet on the table. They aren't incidental photos, the guys are always looking into the camera with a smirk or smile deliberately posing their feet...
  14. J

    Jocks Gutted