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    ISIS Beheadings and Executions for the New Year

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    ISIS Mega Thread

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    Five ISIS Fighters Killed in Air Strike East of Lake Hamrin in Iraq

    This is in Diyala Province in northeastern Iraq. The stiff corpses of the young guys are used as ornaments for the humvees. :cheerswine: :Happy New Year:
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    Remains of ISIS Rats after Iraqi Airstrike

    This is somewhere in Hamrin Mountains in Iraq.
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    Iraqi Jets Target ISIS Hideout in Kirkuk

    Zaghitoun Valley, Kirkuk Province in northern Iraq.
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    ISIS Execute a Wizard

    The Islamic State terrorist organization has purportedly issued a photo report showing the execution of a "wizard" in Syria back in 2017. In the report, an ISIS executioner can be seen executing a man accused of "magic" in Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp.
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    Chechen ISIS members killed by Iraqi Army in Anbar Province

    Some ISIS trash from Iraq to kick off the new week.
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    ISIS Rats Killed in Air Strike in Iraq

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    ISIS Fighter Killed in Iraq in 2016

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    Senior Iraqi Police Officer Kidnapped and Beheaded by ISIS

    A Senior Iraqi police officer and a father of five was kidnapped and then beheaded by ISIS. The group posted photos of his beheading 16 days after the kidnapping, showing his head on his back and a fighter is standing over him. Iraq prime minister met with his five children and mother after...
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    Mixed ISIS Executions Videos and Beheadings for Valentine's Day

    Beautiful selection for Valentine's Day. Which one do you like best? :heart love::circle jerk:
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    Islamic State Leader Abu Ibrahim al-Qurayshi killed in Syria

    The leader of the Islamic State is dead following a US raid in northern Syria on 3 February 2022 that also killed a senior deputy of the terror group. Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi set off a blast killing himself and his family as special forces rounded on his hideout after a gunfight. He...
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    Classic Deep Throat Cut by ISIS [HD QUALITY]

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    Man Beheaded by ISIS in Iraq

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    ISIS Beheded Taliban Informer

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    ISIS Kids Execute Handsome Young Men

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    In Recent Weeks More than 21 Were Killed in Clashes between ISIS and the Taliban in Afghanistan

    Provincial officials in southern Kandahar province said that the Taliban officials conducted large-scale operations against ISIS-K fighters in four districts of Kandahar province on Monday night, November 14. It is the first time that the Taliban launched operations against the Islamic State of...
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    New Combat Footage and Brain Splattering Shotgun Execution by ISIS

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    Compilation of Recent ISIS Executions

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    African ISIS Execution of Young Man