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    Iraq Removes Remains of 123 People Killed by Islamic State in Bid to identify victims

    Iraqi authorities said on Sunday that the remains of 123 people killed by Islamic State jihadists had been removed from a mass grave in a bid to identify them. The Badush prison massacre was one of the worst crimes IS carried out after it seized control of a third of Iraq in a lightning...
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    Hospital Fire Kills 82 Covid Patients in Baghdad

    Reports say an oxygen tank explosion was the cause of the blaze At least 82 people have been killed in a fire at a hospital treating coronavirus patients in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad. More than 100 others were injured in the blaze, which erupted at the Ibn Khatib hospital on Saturday night...
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    Leftovers Of War - Human Remains on Iraqi Battlefields

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    Dead ISIS Rats in Iraq

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    Mass Grave of Murdered Kurds Found in Iraq

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    Iraq's Federal Police wipe out ISIS rats hiding in underground bunker in Hawija

    Photos taken a few days ago in Hawija, Kirkuk province northern Iraq.
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    Killings in Diyala Province, Iraq

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    Three ISIS fighters killed and corpses hanged from water tower in Kirkuk

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    Iraqi troops torture and execute ISIS fighters

    The tide has turned and new video posted online shows Iraqi forces torturing and executing ISIS militants in Mosul. <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" scrolling="no" width="1000" height="700" frameborder="0"></iframe>...
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    ISIS in Iraq Release Executions Video for September

    ISIS in Syria are destroyed but they continue to kill young models in Iraq. Exclusive video in HD quality released a few days ago. For more ISIS executions follow our #Islamic State tag.
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    Beheaded ISIS fighter in Tikrit

    An Iraqi migrant to Finland has been found guilty of committing a war crime after he posted images of himself on Facebook with the head of an ISIS fighter. Jebbar Salman Ammar, 29, was given a 16-month suspended sentence by the Pirkanmaa district court. The court found he had desecrated the...
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    ISIS Mass Executions by Beheading and Shooting in Kirkuk

    ISIS execute several spies and apostates by beheading and shooting in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk.
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    ISIS Behead Fattie in Mosul

    Video released by the #Islamic State from Mosul, Iraq titled “The Procession of Light"
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    Islamic State execute four men in Kirkuk, Iraq

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    Soldier checks cock of dead boy

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    Dead Islamic State Fighters

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    Iraqi police kill two suicide bombers

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    Islamic State burn four men alive hanged upside down

    Four Iraqi men accused of spying for the Shia resistance against ISIS get burnt alive Anbar, Iraq.
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    Handsome Dead Ukrainian Soldier in Iraq (Committed Suicide)

    Your dream cum true! 11/18/2003 - A handsome Ukrainian soldier serving in Iraq committed suicide with pistol to his head. Died fully uniformed with sweaty smelly feet in comfortable well used combat boots in the desert. :totally hot: HD photos! Enjoy! :load:
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    Islamic State Behead Iraqi Soldier near Baghdad