1. E

    Hairy man in morgue slab

    He has a nice death stare.
  2. E

    Handsome guy autopsy

    I haven't seen this video posted again so I did.
  3. SmileyFaceKiller

    Azerbaijani Boxer at His Weigh In

    Tumblr find. This one's for you @Meatpie ;)
  4. U

    Bald hairy autopsied body being examined This dude looks quite good for an autopsied corpse. Can someone in our forum can start a bald, hairy or whatever-state-of-hair corpse collection thread?
  5. S

    Dead Arabs (video)

    Linking back to my other thread this is the video of the two Mahmoud Al-Razzaq Al-Hamad and Ibrahim Al-Attiyah Abu Bakr Al-Qadisiyah are their names
  6. altsxman

    Sexy Facebook Guys

    just a few of the sexy guys you'll find on Facebook... Who would you Fuck..?
  7. Meatpie

    Hairy Guy Shot Dead

  8. Meatpie

    Sleeping Hairy Bulgarian

  9. altsxman

    Fat & Dead

    do you like, fat & dead..? what could you do, to my sexy body..?
  10. K

    Daniel Ross facebook exposed

    This hairy ape is Daniel Ross, he lives in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. What do you think about him ? Wouldn't be fun to rape him under the threat of a gun, make him shoot a big load of fat cum all over his hairy body and then strangle him to death and let the pathetic piece of dead meat in front...
  11. M

    Hot Guy Laying on Table Naked For Full Body Massage

    I think you guys will enjoy this. I just wish the towel would come off.
  12. K

    My furry date tonight

    Say goodbye to Carl, he will never respond anymore on Grindr.
  13. altsxman

    Who TO Fuck Tonight..?

    If you could pick one of these guys to "Fuck", Who Would It Be..? Like Them: Hairy...? Smooth..? or DeaD..?
  14. Meatpie

    Does Tom Daley shave his legs?

  15. W

    hello from Mex!

    my main interest and kink is in submission and humiliation of proud men, hairy arabs are good for that when they will be hanged or subjected. Ive been reading some comments and i felt very aroused by many of them with the fantasy of being able to torture a big burly hairy man. Hope i can met...
  16. K

    Naked hairy man decapitated in the swimming pool

    This father was just relaxing and masturbating in the swimming pool while his family was not at home. But a burglar surprised the poor father and murdered him in order to be sure there is no witness, then he played with the hairy dead piece of meat and decapitated him. I think that his wife and...
  17. K

    Beefy lifeguard

    What would you like to do to this hairy big piece of meat who spends his time to save lives in his tight red bulge ? Me I would simulate drowning and would let him come to save my life. Then I would grab his neck and would put his head under water until he drown. Finally I would rape his dead...
  18. K

    Hairy man choked to death in the showers

    The poor unlucky man was just wanking in the public showers after a weight training session, when another guy jealous of his hairy body, choked him to death with a plastic bag.
  19. K

    Bear strangled to death

    New unlucky bear I just Snuffed ;)
  20. K

    Snuffed Bear in the park ;)

    Poor bear, when I met him in the gay cruising area of the park and proposed him to fuck, he did not suspect I was gonna to snuff him, he was so horny ! :hahahahha: He was lying on his back and masturbated while I fucked his round ass and massaged his full balls. His moans of pleasure where so...