1. Meatpie

    Friday 13 Morgue Guys

    Full sets in full resolution in our Secret Room. Lots of cold pale feet and tons of dead cock.
  2. Octave

    Strangling, Hanging, Choking.

  3. phyzzique

    CDG morto GIF

  4. phyzzique

    19 yo José de Freitas assassinado GIF

  5. phyzzique

    17 yo CDG John Sousa executado GIF

  6. phyzzique

    Fit 32 yo motorcyclist Rosevelton da Cruz plowed into wall

  7. phyzzique

    OMG Very fit dude was found in Rio Paraná

    CDG was found by fisherman. Shot at least 15 times fit victim was then gutted to remove the bullets and replaced with rocks to weigh dead dude down in the water so he would not float......didn't work
  8. J

    For all the Australians...

    OK...just wondering... A) Who do you want to win next weeks election? and B) Who do you think will win the election? Me? A) Rudd B) Abbott
  9. StiffBoy

    ASS LOVER W.O.W !!!

    :totally hot: I WOULD F.U.C.K. ALL OF THEM ! Thumbs up to all of them Wow love it, Yummy!!! Which is your F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. :question mark:
  10. StiffBoy

    HANG B.O.Y. FOR YU. Mmmmmmmmmm..! ♥♥♥

    :totally hot: Be my l.o.v.e.r ♥ sweet f.u.k.e.r....! *Click image to Continue...
  11. stustustugoo


    phyz, happy happy birthday to you my bud!!!! you are a valuable asset to our community here and I hope everyone appreciates you here as much as I do! Have a great day buddy!
  12. linxynus

    atrocious art et animation dark alley 3
  13. StiffBoy


    :totally hot: iN BLOODY SCENE and shoot in the brain !!! *Click image to continue...
  14. Octave


    — This boy thought certainly that it had the qualities to be a erotic or porn model. But it was not the case. He was not the beauty we can find in magazines but I didn't want to sadden him. I took some photos and I was distracted by his body. Even if it was not a top model, I wanted to touch...
  15. phyzzique

    Handsome fit 16 yo Valdecir Andrade executado

  16. phyzzique

    16 yo Claudio Ruiz asesinado

  17. Meatpie

    Only 17 but quite fit

  18. StiffBoy

    ♥ H.O.T. CORPSES TO LOVE !!!

    :totally hot: Do u remember in 2011 (Fresh & hot corpses) :question mark: *Click image if u want to see it A.G.A.I.N...!
  19. StiffBoy


    :totally hot: THEY WAS ONLY 14 & 17 Y/O ...! Cousins ​​initially identified as Victor William aged 17 and 14 were found dead on the banks of the River Gamelleira Park Allotment Gamelleira Itororó on the afternoon of Friday, 08. According to the family of the victims was usual Vitor and...
  20. D

    HOT dead guy in water

    Sleeping with the fisher...:load::load::load::hot::hot::hot: