1. Frazeeme

    Fire aboard cargo ship in Atlantic Ocean may have been intensified by electric-vehicle batteries from luxury cars like Porches and Bentley

    WOW! :whoaaah: The massive fire on a cargo ship that's adrift at sea in the Atlantic Ocean and hauling thousands of luxury cars may have been intensified by the batteries in the electric vehicles on board, according to reports. The 650-foot-long Felicity Ace — which is carrying some 4,000...
  2. proton

    Horrible. Woman Tries to Leave a Burning Car

    Just horrible.
  3. TheDurp

    Roasted Cock Shot
  4. Meatpie

    Catastrophic fire engulfs Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Horrific scenes from the heart of Paris tonight as the 850-year-old Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral collapses in huge fire. 400 firefighters on scene huge crowds gather and gasp as top spire collapses engulfed in flames.
  5. Meatpie

    Fire Victims for Friday

  6. Meatpie

    More than 40 killed in Russian shopping center fire

    At least 37 people are reported to have died in a fire that tore through a shopping centre in the Siberian city of Kemerovo. Russian media say dozens more are missing, children believed to be among them. The blaze started on an upper floor of the Winter Cherry complex and many of the victims...
  7. springmarie2000

    light my fire

    Looking for some one to light my fire.
  8. foltermasoskin


    looks damn violent
  9. P

    Sad: Two young boys die in a tragic fire

    (sorry if its a repost, but new to me) (from 2013 I think) Their mom left them at the house and locked the door from outside. They died from the smoke.
  10. lindier

    The four humours

    the ancients believed that man was comprised of four elements, air, Earth, fire and water. Dependent on the percentage of each was his character, a gay with an excess of fire might be choleric. It struck me that it might be interesting to devise a way in which a mans termination included all...
  11. D

    Burned guys

    Hey.... looking for "hot" material..... Anyone else interested in burning guys?
  12. Meatpie

    Naked couple set on fire while having sex, both die from severe burns

    Woman caught her partner sleeping with another woman and in a fit of rage poured flammable liquid ontop of them both while they were naked in bed having sex. Both croaked from severe burns.
  13. Meatpie

    Two men burn in house fire

  14. madeiradesouza

    Hot roasted muscle

    Original 3D digital illustration by Madeira Desouza.
  15. Meatpie

    Nairobi Westgate Mall Terrorist Attack

    On 21 September 2013 ten to fifteen masked militants from the Somali al-Shabab stormed into a fancy, crowded mall in Nairobi called Westgate and opened fire killing at least 68 civilians. More than 150 were injured in one of the most chilling terrorist attacks in East Africa since Al Qaeda...
  16. Meatpie

    Lean guy croaks with mouth wide open in apartment fire in Ukraine

  17. ArrowMan


    Major USA news media outlets are reporting that there is an active shooter storming through the U S NAVY YARDS in Washington, D. C. Unconfirmed reports say that four dead so far:
  18. B

    Dark fantasy in texas

    Looking to be forced to a sucluded location, striped naked with all my stuff destoryed in the camp fire,. I want to be bound, shaved clean from head to toe, gaged, guted, splited from ass to out of the mouth and cooked and eaten. this is a fantasy of mine, but alittle ify on it really depends on...
  19. Meatpie

    Horrific crime: Ten-year-old girl raped by paedophile, murdered and set on fire

    10-year-old girl was lured with a piece of cake by a family friend who had a history of paedophilia. The girl went with him to his house where he put a plasic bag on her head and suffocated her. Victim was raped repeatedly even after death. Sick fuck then took the dead girl in his car...
  20. C

    Sub Lad

    Hey guys, north London lad here, originally from up north. Interested to chat with and meet like minded 'top' guys :-) Guns, knives, army, strangulation, executions etc