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Nov 19, 2011
Knife to a Gun Fight (fuck a corpse game)

Shannon has worked late at the store, an hour past closing. He gets up from his desk and stretches his muscular body and feels a stirring in his crotch. Yeah!. It is the thought of putting on his leathers for the ride home that is creating the tent in his jeans. By the time he has his boots and chaps on, he is nursing a full erection and it feels incredible. Of course, the smell of the new leather is helping. God. He is glad he is able to afford these new leathers. His old ones had worn out and the inclement weather had done in a good amount of the exciting and erotic leather odor. Shannon slips into his new biker style jacket, unsnaps the lapels, and zips up the front all the way to his neck. His hands move slowly over the supple, thick cowhide, enhancing his already straining erection until he thinks the skin will burst from his engorged cock. His sac is shrunken tightly around his bluish balls. As he takes his first steps in his skin tight gear, it seems to him that his precum is already flowing. He can barely wait to get home, do some poppers and work on his throbbing cock, which he will have to get to by just unzipping his jeans. He will not have the time to take them off and work out his load in just his leathers, because by then he will probably shoot if he just barely touches his cock.
Shannon steps out into the cold night air and closes and locks the back door after first setting the alarm. Damn! He remembers some asshole had parked in his spot near the door and he will have to walk to the other side of the parking lot to reach his bike. This side of the lot borders on some trees and grass, giving it a look of being in a forest, even though the store is located in the middle of a large city. He walks along the back of the strip mall, behind a row of shops which had long since closed.
At first, Shannon can barely make out the form of someone coming his way in the dim light. He sticks out his chest and walks with the swagger of a man who is horny as hell, and in full leather. When he gets closer to the dark figure, he finally recognizes who it is; a young, very hot looking guy from his own store. The guy was off work that day and now he seems drunk or fucked up on something. He is also wearing a full set of black leathers, similar to his own with the exception of his smooth, shiny leather pants and knee-length black boots. Shannon doubts that he’s into him, since he’s flirted with the guy at work, and he’s not sure he’s even into guys, let alone him. Now, he looks amazingly hot. They both walk toward each other and both stop a couple of feet away. The guy, Todd, looks him up and down and gives a soft whistle.
Shannon says” Wow, you’re even sexier in leathers.”
Todd answers, his speech a little slurred; “Wanna have a lil’ fun? No one will know if we do it back here.”
Shannon replies “S-sure,” uncertain of the encounter because the guy’s condition
Todd reaches into his right front pocket and pulls out a .40 caliber Glock. He says to Shannon “Then let’s get it on, motherfucker.” He unzips his leather pants and pulls out his seven inch long uncircumcised rock hard cock. “Time to get down on your knees, cocksucker”
Shannon kneels and takes Todd’s big cock in his mouth, putting his hands around his legs. He begins working Todd’s cock hard, getting into the smell of his musky crotch smell and the scent of his leathers and hia own spit, all the time feeling the cold steel of the gun against his forehead. Shannon can tell that the guy is getting into it when he starts thrusting his hips, shoving his cock deep into Shannon’s throat. He grabs Shannon by his black hair and starts fucking his head roughly for a few minutes.
He abruptly pulls his cock out just as Shannon thought the guy was ready to cum.
Todd commanded him to get down on all fours. Shannon hears a sound and then feels something cutting into his jeans, getting access to his ass. Then, oddly, Todd hands him a knife. Shannon thinks for a moment to turn and shove the blade through Todd’s body, but then realizes that he’ll probably just end up with two bullets in his chest for his trouble, so maybe he should just go along and enjoy the sex.
Todd tells Shannon to position the blade against his chest and hold onto the handle to keep it straight or get a bullet in the head. Todd uses a malevolent tone in his voice when he says, “All you have to do to stay alive is to keep from falling down while I fuck your ass.” Shannon figures that’s going to be pretty difficult since he’s really only got three limbs supporting him. In a deep voice, Todd says, “Just keep yourself above the blade and you’ll live”
Todd spit on his cock twice and slicked it up. He shoves his cock into Shannon’s tight ass all the way using a little extra force. More force than Shannon expects. Shannon slips a little bit and the tip of the knife pierces his leather jacket. Todd begins thrusting harder and harder. Shannon begins to feel the knife entering his chest, fierce white hot pain is beginning.
Todd pulls his cock back out and so does the knife blade. He plunges his cock back into Shannon and the blade goes in deeper. With each subsequent thrust, Shannon is riding Todd’s cock in his ass as well as riding the knife blade into his chest as well.
Soon the pain is too much and Shannon slides fully onto the blade, the knife now completely through him. If it weren’t so dark, Todd would have noticed the bulge in the back of Shannon’s thick leather jacket. With a final shove, Todd’s cock explodes into Shannon’s ass.
Todd gasps in complete pleasure a few times before saying that he was going to kill him anyway, and that the knife game didn’t matter. It was just for fun. “In fact, here, ride my steel one more time” and as Todd shoves his cock in one more time, he forgets about the blade length, and collapses heavily on top of Shannon’s body to make the last one a good deep plunge.
Instead of the expected result, the weight of both bodies on the knife drives it into the hilt, sticking it deeply into halfway through Todd’s chest, too. He pulls up screaming, looking at the knife wound in his chest, through his leather, blood beginning to run out of the hole. In a fit of outrage and anger, Todd fires two bullets into Shannon’s back, killing him. Todd staggers up to his feet and starts kicking Shannon’s body. He rolls the body over and kicks it continually, screaming obscenities, too distracted to notice that all the noise has attracted attention and sirens are wailing in the distance. Todd fires two bullets into Shannon’s gut while holding his left hand over the bloody knife wound in his leather jacket. He gets down and straddles the dead body. Todd starts fucking Shannon’s body in the new hole his two bullets have just made, laying his gun on the ground. He rams his cock deep into Shannon’s gut through his leather, too frenzied to pay attention to his surroundings. He finally hears someone coming up behind him around the same time the police yell “Freeze!”
Todd reaches for his gun and makes it but never gets to turn around. He feels seven or eight bullets rip into his back and sees them burst through the front of his leathers. His cock explodes with pulse after pulse of cum and he drops forward, landing face against face with his victim. He smiles in death, knowing he died fucking the corpse of the loser in his fatal game.
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Jul 8, 2011
Floral Park NY
great story, really hot, it would be so much fun enacting that!

I agree. I would love to play the cop (a leather cop of cause) Leatherdude97 (Jon) should play Todd. Saladfingers (Seb) should play Shannon. Now it would be my time to have my fun with the two dead bodies.


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Jun 14, 2011
mesa, az
damn shame the officers couldn't take him alive so he could be tried and executed either in the gas chamber or electric chair for the murder.