1. NecroHeadfucker

    Heads from the Silver Screen

    Some of the best heads come from TV and movies. This is Elijah Woods head from "Sin City." Then there are others we love. The head of that hottie from "300." Here are some more heads from the movie universe.
  2. Brian2012

    The Hunt

    Chapter 1. The First Hunt Seven men congregated in the great hall, each one eagerly awaiting the start of the amazing event they had all been invited to. A group of the wealthy elite had put together this occasion where athletic young man between the ages of 18-30 were hunted in a blood...
  3. T

    Looking for guys who into dismemberment

    Hello there. I'm looking for anyone who's into dismemberment, especially alive dismemberment and decapitation like Mexican cartel style, while their outfit and boots/shoes are still on. You could DM me if you're interested to talk to. Thank you.
  4. Daemon66688

    Young Man Beheaded

  5. Daemon66688

    Decapitated Young Man Chopped Up

  6. Meatpie

    Man Beheaded by Train in Russia

  7. Meatpie

    Post-mortem decapitation by domestic dogs

    All heads were taken by German shepherd dogs.
  8. C

    New Zealand snuff play?

    Looking for anyone in New Zealand into snuff play, particularly beheading.
  9. T

    Snuff me within the next 4 weeks

    The worm has arrived. All I think about is a young man with an insatiable thirst for the violent deaths of these strangers he has never met before, and the extreme pleasure he received from regularly killing these victims. I want to be one of those victims. I can't stop thinking about having...
  10. socksjockspig

    New member socksjockspig

    Been a Satan worshipper for years, mostly thru scat. Am getting interested in hanging, decapitation, necrophilia, cannibalism, genital mutilation and human sacrifice. Pig into sniffing dirty socks, cumming on them, licking dirty jocks/briefs cumming on them, suck, cock ass and turd worship, 666...
  11. C

    Incest and beheading

    Anyone who knows me will know I'm all about decapitations. But today I'm also really in the mood for gay incest too. I might imagine a stocky british bike riding father and son being forced naked, lay the son down on a guillotine, then the father on top and behead them both in the guillotine. Or...
  12. Meatpie

    Decapitated in car

  13. Z

    Interested with dead guys in jeans and headless body

    Hi, if you're interested with dead guys in jeans or headless body or both, check my album. I'd like to share my photoshop work with you guys. Enjoy :cute wink: Here's the sample
  14. S

    Headshots and Very Graphic Beheadings

    I'm not sure if this has made the rounds yet. The beheadings at the end are very graphic and I came almost instantly the first time I saw the second set of beheadings.
  15. C

    Twitching severed heads Is this really involuntary? It's controversial.
  16. F

    Islamic state

    Should the hostages before decapitation must be nullified?
  17. Katharsis

    Korean War Beheading

    Picture of an unseen South Korean soldier holding the severed head of a North Korean Communist (picture by Margaret Bourke-White: Cholla Poktuk, Korea 17 November, 1952)
  18. jon_b

    Decapitated Youth

  19. O


    hello everybody !!!! my name is orangeade. I love hanging crucifixions...
  20. denirr

    Strong thin short guy 18y.o. offer himself for the decapitation video!!!

    Strong thin short guy 18y.o. offer himself for the decapitation video!!! I'm looking for the possibility to be kidnapped. You can do castration, rape, dismemberment, decapitation.... I want that You made real video with my cruel crush in nude one! I have no relatives and really offer myself! I...