dead men

  1. Frazeeme

    Two CDGs Pulled Out of a Tiny Red Chevy

    Amazing how much cargo space there is in that little car. :oops1:
  2. Frazeeme

    Truckload of Dead Ganstas in Columbia Dumped in a Pile

    Local gang war.
  3. Frazeeme

    Sandy Treasures At The Beach

  4. Frazeeme

    Bagging Dead Ruskies In Ukraine - Several Cocks - Best Dangling Cock Begins About 1min20sec

    Soooo HOT :stroke:
  5. Frazeeme

    Prison Riot in Ecuador - Corpse Abuse

    See Death Images for stills -
  6. Frazeeme

    Two CDGs - One with a BIG BIG DICK

    Imagine that one erected!
  7. Frazeeme

    Two CDGs Shot in Car

  8. Frazeeme

    Two Dead Men in Car Crushed by Dump Truck

  9. Frazeeme

    Dead Criminals After Good Night's Hunt - Score: Police - 3 and Gangstas - 0

  10. Frazeeme

    Blood Flowing From Dead Young Man in Chair

    Most clearly seen at 50 seconds. Young guy on floor not flowing as freely.
  11. Frazeeme

    Dead Young Men Unloaded by Policia

    Three ganstas down.
  12. Frazeeme

    Fiery Moterbike Crash - Two Dead

  13. Frazeeme

    Two Delivered Fresh To Morgue

  14. Frazeeme

    Two Young Guys Killed in Crash

    Tossed into the bushes
  15. Frazeeme

    Two Dead Thugs

  16. Frazeeme

    HOT Chinese Story: THE CLEANERS

    Sent to me in Chinese by a good friend. Translated from the Chinese by Google. Translated from the Googlese by me. Thanks to my friend who helped me understand the Chinese slang and imagery. THE CLEANERS "Have you seen the game from yesterday?" A new day of work was about to begin. After...
  17. Frazeeme

    Slaughter in Parauapebas - September 2021

    No cocks but some hot corpses that would be a lovely find on a walk in the woods. :totally hot: Last 3 look like they were taken on site! :spiked hair:
  18. Frazeeme


    :Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree: This was running through my head when I woke up this morning. :geek: :Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree: THE NECRO RHYME A is for...
  19. Frazeeme

    Artfully, Disgracefully, DUMPED

    Take your pick.
  20. Frazeeme

    They clean out the morgue fridge every 30 days.

    Shot Hit and Run