dead man

  1. Frazeeme

    Hot Young Assassin with Bullet Holes Floating and Loses His Pants

    No water in those lungs. Hanging around waiting to show his stuff. Here it comes! :totally hot::totally hot::totally hot::totally hot::totally hot: Too chicken shit to pull down the zipper. :facepalm:
  2. Frazeeme

    Hot Young Man Beaten and Stabbed to Death Dumped with Bleeding Head

    Good watch even though no one handles the corpse.
  3. Frazeeme

    Buried Man 41 Unearthed and Lifted into Morgue Tray

    Dug out of riverbank -
  4. Frazeeme

    Hot Young Man With Bullet Holes

    That's his rest stop.
  5. Frazeeme

    Young Man Hung Himself

  6. Frazeeme

    Hot Young Man Strangled and Dumped in Wet Street

    Body taken away by necroes who claimed to be family members.
  7. Frazeeme

    Pulling a Stiff Dead Guy Out of the Garbage

    Hope the bag is scented.
  8. Frazeeme

    Today is Garbage Pick Up Day in Acapulco

    Remember, it is OK to take anything left at the curb.
  9. Frazeeme

    Most of a Young Man Dismembered in Mexico Last Night

    Best parts are there though -
  10. Frazeeme

    Fit Dead Man Jiggling in a Morgue Tray

  11. Frazeeme

    Count the Bullet Holes in the Windshield - Man Killed With 10 Shots

    Red pickup in a club parking lot Saturday night.
  12. Frazeeme

    Dead Man 31 Examined in the Grass

  13. Frazeeme

    Young Man Semi-Nude and Decapitated

  14. Frazeeme

    Blood Gushing From Mouth of Young Man Shot in the Head

    :wow sign:
  15. Frazeeme

    Blood Flowing From Dead Young Man in Chair

    Most clearly seen at 50 seconds. Young guy on floor not flowing as freely.
  16. Frazeeme

    Good Views of Bullet Holes - Man Shot Dead in Auto

  17. Frazeeme

    Young Burglar Beaten and Beaten and Beaten to Death

    Pants pulled down toward end of video.
  18. Frazeeme

    Dead Young Drug Dealer With Nice Tattoos

  19. Frazeeme

    Unwrapping the Pieces of a Dead Young Man

    Better than Christmas! ;)
  20. Frazeeme

    How Reassemble a Dead Man

    Didn't need instructions. Obviously experienced. :forum with coffe: Fortunately, there were no missing pieces. :hat: