Looking for a New Victim

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Jul 8, 2011
Washington DC (Georgetown) and New York City (UES)
Hey guys

I am looking for a willing victim who enjoys being killed and/or play dead and have his corpse abused. I currently live in Washington D.C., but I travel to New York City for business from time to time. I have been vaccinated for Covid-19 but I would prefer to meet someone once the pandemic has settled down. Think of it as a post-pandemic necro celebration.


I am 32, white, 5ft11, 200lbs, brown hair and eyes. I have played with eight victims and always enjoyed my necro sessions. My victims have been from all walks of life with varying degrees of experience in necro. I have had newbies also so first timers are welcomed. I really enjoy talking to potential new victims about what they are into and what their expectations are. Most of my victims have said the part they enjoyed the most playing with me is that I am very good at making them feel like they are really dead and that they really feel like their dead bodies are being abused and treated as corpses.


I want to feel that I have ABSOLUTE control over a dead body. When I play with you I want to feel like the only individual in the room is me and that you are now nothing more than a dead piece of meat that only exists to satisfy my necro needs. I do not need to think about your desires and wants as a dead body has none. I am open to all methods of killing but I do have a preference for strangulation, poisoning and smothering. My last victim was poisoned and I had such an amazing time holding his dying body while he was convulsing and consoling him before he finally “died”. I am pretty flexible when it comes to roleplay. Do you me to find you dead like victim 7? No problem. Maybe you want to be like victim 6 who wanted to be a deathbot who was “programmed” to be killed in different ways. I can make that happen. I really like slowly disrobing the victim. It is so fun to slowly take off a dead guy’s clothes and appreciate the limpness of the corpse. Dragging a corpse to different places is also something that thrills me. I love to drag a dead body and lean and dump it on a couch or lean it against a wall and admire its deadness. I LOVE touching the corpse and licking its pecs and dead feet. One thing that gets me really hard is cuddling the naked dead body while I watch TV. It is su exciting to have this much control over a limp body. Speaking of limp, I also love to play with the dead arms by picking them arm and watch them clash on the floor when I let them go. I also like to drag the corpse to a bathtub and shower with the dead body looking at me with his dead glassy eyes. I always end a necro session cuming on the corpse as if I am marking my territory. Once you are dead you are my possession.


  • I am open to victims of all ages and sizes as long as you are really into necro. I do like a blue-eyed victim because they have great deathstares.
  • Women clothing – I got nothing against guys who like to dress women clothing but for me it is a huge turn off that I cannot accommodate.
  • Lack of hygiene – Please take a shower before a necro session. Stinky dead feet just doesn’t do it for me.
  • Flakes and insecurity – time is at a premium for me now. I have spoken to people who just want to talk about necro but when it comes to finalizing the deal they will flake and then get mad when I lose interest. I get that stuff happens and I also understand necro can make victims anxious but if you are not open to meeting then I am not your guy.


If you are interested in becoming my nineth victim then email me at andrewwal1988@hotmail.com

Make sure you say on the