1. jon_b

    teenager stabbed & buried

    Teenager Wilson was stabbed to death - & buried close to a river. :dunno:
  2. todd00009

    Which Actor do you want to see strangled naked?

    BestDeaths is producing a Halloween special video where a trick or treating young man is lured into a psychopath's house, who knocks him out, strips him and strangles him naked... Which actor would you most like to see in this scene? 1) Alex the Underwear Model? 2) Tim the Innocent Student 3)...
  3. phyzzique

    BREAKING BAD 'Felina'

    Cute redhead gets offed
  4. phyzzique

    CDG morto GIF

  5. Art Of War

    Volcanoes and Super Volcanoes

  6. B

    Looking for a young guy like myself to watch me hang play and tell me what do

    Looking for a guy around or close to my age that is at least 30 or younger to watch me in a video chat and tell me what to do, I really wanna do some hang play or what ever hit me up if you want
  7. J

    Undressing a dead Body
  8. Meatpie

    Mark Sutton, 41 daredevil who parachuted into 2012 Olympics killed in accident

    Tragic: Mr Sutton crashed into a ridge and is understood to have been killed straight away The daredevil who parachuted into 2012 London Olympics dressed as James Bond was travelling at 124mph when he hit mountain ridge and died, it was revealed today. Mark Sutton, 42, was killed yesterday...
  9. phyzzique

    Very handsome 22 yo Ricardo Oliveira assassinado

    Earlier on Wednesday (14), Ricardo de Souza Oliveira, 22, aka "Crucible", was killed in his own home, located at the end of Rua Street Calama with T-05, in the district are Francisco, 2nd District of Ji-Paraná. According to the victim's father, his son was sitting in the backyard of the...
  10. A

    Matt Mcconnaughey lookin nude dead in The Paperboy

  11. jon_b

    Vanildo Guimarães Marques age 27

    Vanildo was met by 3 men who got out of a car - they stuck their guns into him and started shooting him at close range. He died instantly. Police counted at least 10 bullet holes of multiple cailber - many fired point blank into him - you can see the black contact wounds :shock:
  12. Meatpie

    At least 39 die in bus crash in southern Italy

    An Italian tour bus plowed through cars, crashed through the side wall of a highway bridge and plunged into a ravine, killing at least 39 people including children. Rescuers place bodies into coffins as they recover victims who died when a bus plunged off a motorway into a ravine near...
  13. phyzzique

    Drug dealer morto

  14. Meatpie

    Man hit by train

  15. jon_b

    Reinaldo Curcio

    Reinaldo was gun down inside his car - just look at the number of bullet holes!! Someone really wanted him dead - he was riddled with bullets :shock: sorry - just noticed I posted these pics in reverse order :dunno:
  16. W

    I Made up a stroy based on one pics

    Jame is office guy, he is very handsome and tall, he work very hard everyday, but his health is not very good beacuse of his over working usually. he felt not good at one day evening after off duty, there are nobody in office accpet me , he said he want to lie down,then i carried him on one...
  17. steambun

    Washing a dead guy. Hot feet!!
  18. Meatpie

    2013 Lac-Megantic Train Disaster

    The center of a Quebec town has been wiped out, according to the mayor, after a freight train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in a fireball at 1am on Saturday. About 30 buildings were destroyed and 60 people are believed to be missing, but the force of the fire has prevented...
  19. stonefree

    Close view of a drowned dude - don't know he is dead or alive Hope not a repost blood dripped from his mouth 2:19 maybe he already died
  20. Meatpie

    In pictures: 2013 Brazil Protests

    Protests are ongoing in Brazil as people took to demonstrating against high World Cup spending. It was the latest in a wave of protests, beginning with those against transportation fare increases and later expanding to other issues, including the rights of indigenous people, abortion and gay...