1. C

    London Sub

    Hey guys, young looking 35 year old, north London, interested in chatting to and meeting with guys looking to explore their dark side - maybe even relationship :-) Snuff play, executions, knives, guns, strangling, hunting, gear
  2. O


    Hey I'm from Tennessee. I'm 18 and gay. I'd love to talk about necro stuff if anyone's up for it!
  3. MorbidMercy

    Why hello there!

    Hi! I'm MorbidMercy and am new to CDG but not new to gore.... Looking forward to chatting in the forums!
  4. Brian2012

    Being led to his Death.

    This poor guy is being led to his death. What would you do to him and how would you finish him off?
  5. phyzzique

    New series on FX 'The Americans'

    Handsome blond Soviet agent Rob Rob chatting with fellow agent before meeting his death Rob being driven to hospital by fellow agent after being stabbed Rob walking to emergency room Rob on the slab
  6. Sharkbait


    For weeks now Alan Kenyon had been stalking his victim. He was a young guy, beautiful body, cocky, and in those weeks he had had about three or four, 'relationships' on Facebook. This guy liked the ladies. Tom logged into Facebook and searched for him; 'Tom Walker'. The profile popped up, and...
  7. D

    Chat Features?

    I know there is the messaging service on the forum, but does anyone else think it would be a good (or bad) idea to have a realtime chatroom type feature? It's just a thought that I had. It may be a dumb idea but I thought I would share it anyways :dunno:
  8. W

    For you guys into guns...

    Honestly, I've never figured out the difference between a 22, 38, 45 or any of those guns. Aren't they all designed to kill? What would be the dif if a guy used a shotgun (single or double barrel - I really don't know the diff) but what is the diff when a guy uses any one of those, or one I...
  9. Caronte

    I need money

    This is the reason why I need money... I can not stand those videos are there and I could not afford This is unfair
  10. V

    Real knock out in London

    Hi there. I'd be very interested in chatting to guys in the London (UK) area who have the means and experience of knocking someone (me!) out. Chloroform, pills, etc. Also interested in knocking others out myself.
  11. harold452003

    on line role play

    I am a dom looking for partners to role play on line. Let me know If you are interested and I will give you mu yhaoo IM. :doggie: :rude_anal::secret room:
  12. E

    Old ThrillerMaker movie

    This is an old movie I posted on youtube from the ThrillerMakers. It's called "HIT." Two young high school boys meet at one of their houses before going to a party, but one has something different in mind for his friend. After awkward chatting, one of the boys snaps and strangles his friend on...
  13. Will Scott

    sat night

  14. O

    Australian guy with a liking for violence/brutality/snuff

    Fascinated and very much turned on by most things violent, nasty, cruel and sadistic. Would like to chat and meet up with like-minded guys. More of a victim, but could team up with the right partner.
  15. goner

    my firt post here

    Hello everyone, I'm not big on posting.. but when I logged in the website a message appeared telling me that if I didn't posted anything my account was at risk of being deleted so here I am, introducing myself. What can I say... I'm not exactly "turned on" sexually by seeing dead guys, I am a...
  16. F

    Anyone wish to share their experience with stustustugoo?

    If you had any experiences with stustustugoo, PM me. Lets share it.
  17. B

    Have you met the Newbie next door ??? There is more than meets his eyez .......

    :I am new here: i didn't think so ??? Well let me start by introducing myself. my name on here is bedroom eyez, but you can call me eyez if that is easier for you. :smile: just cuz i am a newbie on here doesn't mean i don't have any thoughts or things i want to exxxplore. If you take the time...
  18. G

    Anger Management

    I really don't like being angry. It bothers me. Angry people lose control. Anger makes you do stupid things, and in my line of work, stupidity can have serious, potentially terminal, consequences. But, in spite of what is widely believed, I am human. I even can cry at films about dogs and...
  19. C

    National Enquirer publishes Whitney Houston casket photos

    Big Scandal
  20. moscowmikey

    Anyone wanna watch me go under??

    Going to KO myself on cam tonight if you'd like to watch.... add me on yahoo messenger... will take requests for as long as I'm conscious.