1. anonboy

    Dan’s World Famous Ribs

    The secret back room of the barbeque restaurant was full gutted carcasses hanging by their ankles. At Dan’s world Famous Rib’s these carcasses were those of human men. That was the secret, fit, under 40 men. Patrons travelled for miles for the ribs served here. Dan personally butchered and...
  2. joeslave

    Am looking for a brutal master who cuts my pubic area and cock !

    20 year old teen boy is looking for his hard master who cuts my pubic area and robs my cock and my balls brutal acts as Tropähe .. He wants to torture me and wants to eat me! :hot::hot: Please contact us!
  3. euroteenboy

    I search a hard brutal Sir cutter or doctor cut my belly and pubic area and my sack

    I wish my belly and pubic area and my scrotum and my cock would be cut .. :Yeah Right::stroke::hot:
  4. R

    I was castrated in July, my castration site, looking to meet guys into castration

    I had myself castrated in July in Mexico. Since then I started a castration site on reddit since my castration didn't cure my obsession with being castrated. Here's a good place to start, an interview I did with Dean, who was castrated by his father for being homosexual in 1970...
  5. R

    Father castrates homosexul son in 1970's Deep South Dean was sent to a psychiatrist by his father, and after a month of therapy they decided to castrate him after a long and thorough brainwashing. This is a graphic, in-depth detailed interview...
  6. euroteenboy

    Forced Castration and Hard Genital Torture

    I am looking for a very brutal and hard older sir worldwide. Who captives me ! Who tortures me hard and forces me to castrate ! I am Ready Sir .. I am a piglet. :blush::redface:
  7. I


    A ball was castrated! 19/6/2017 VietNam
  8. madeiradesouza

    "Savage Eyes" -- violent new Desouza illustrated story

    Young and helpless men endure a mysterious ritual involving sex, violence, and eating in “Savage Eyes." This is my latest illustrated story which is not for the faint of heart. Posted here is one slide. The free PDF with 9 slides (no sales pitches, no obligation to buy anything) is available...
  9. goobypls

    23y/o Male - No Penis, One Testicle, Seeks Castration + Rape (Florida, U.S.)

    Hello everyone, new to these forums... I came here in hopes you guys would find me and my story interesting and provide some help. About 8 months ago I shot my cock with a 32 special revolver 4 times at the base from right to left and finished severing it with a switchblade. Whilst bleeding...
  10. madeiradesouza

    Gang removes leader

    After discovering that their leader had drowned a rookie cop, the gang removed the leader as only they could do.
  11. JockMeat

    Home Penectomy - Bored on Sunday Afternoon

    Horny sicko with gutter tats treats viewers with his cock detachment!
  12. hikerlad


    anyone into castration? knife or banding
  13. S

    Penectomy/castration play

    I enjoy the whole area of penectomy and castration play. Always had a fantasy of a guy taking my cock and balls to make a nice trophy or even hotter a sausage dinner that he would eat in front of me as I serviced his cock. Would be hot to do some sausage roasting roleplay with some guy. Not in...
  14. hikerlad


    I have this fantasy about being castrated under surgery ; any one else share this fantasy, but:wink: being the surgeon? Sam +1 (416) 938-8774
  15. bninnc

    Hangings in Second Life

    Recent hangings in Second Life.
  16. C

    Looking for someone to castrate me.

    I'm looking for a man to castrate me and more...PM me if your serious.
  17. T

    Hot hung guy has his cock sliced off on the slap
  18. madeiradesouza

    Rough revenge

    Original illustrated story by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas
  19. madeiradesouza

    Revenge against military advisors

    A slow, brutal end for two U.S. military advisors abducted in Iraq by ISIL. Original digital illustration by Madeira Desouza.