Dan’s World Famous Ribs


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Jul 8, 2012
The secret back room of the barbeque restaurant was full gutted carcasses hanging by their ankles. At Dan’s world Famous Rib’s these carcasses were those of human men. That was the secret, fit, under 40 men. Patrons travelled for miles for the ribs served here. Dan personally butchered and prepared every one. Today’s specimen was a unique case. A man named Isaiah with whom Dan was acquainted.

Normally Dan followed a standard, string em up, slit the throat and gut em once they’re drained. However, he had special plans for this one. Very special plans.

Dan pulled out a scalpel. “I don’t want you enjoying this, even by accident. So this part is both necessary and incredibly pleasurable for me” Dan moved the flaccid cock out of way, and made a quick incision down the ballsack. He carefully removed the testicles and then stitched up the wound so his victim would not bleed out. Isaiah would have screamed. But Dan had taken care of the tongue the day before. Dan then crammed the balls into Isaiah’s mouth and and clamped his nose and mouth shut. Forcing him to chew and swallow to be allowed to breathe again. “Now. We can begin”

Isaiah was spread eagle on his back. His head was hanging over the table. “It’s important to clearly mark the incision line” Dan stated. “I have a special method for you.” Dan immediately rammed his cock into Isaiah’s mouth, his neck bent and a painful angle. Dan pulled out and shot a straight line of cum down the centre of the chest and torso. “There we go” he smirked.

With the scalpel, Dan made a careful incision down the line of cum. Careful to make it clean and smooth. Then, Dan pulled a crowbar out. “This, is going to hurt” he jammed the crowbar into the sternum. With great effort, he cracked Isaiah’s rib cage open like an oyster. Isaiah was twitching now, coughing up blood. Dan has the ribs butterflied our and then flipped the twitching man onto his stomach. The. Dan fucked until the body stopped twitching. When the twitching stopped Dan ripped the ribs free of the mess on the table. Then he continued thrusting into the intact lower half until he shot the biggest load of his life. Cum shooting of the lower half across the mess of guts.

“Damn. Well. That’s what you get for trying to blackmail me, Isaiah. I’m going to have these ribs all to myself”


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Jan 13, 2012
Bowels of Hell
I would make the incision first and then shoot a line of cum into it. My tongue would slide up and down the incision, tasting the sweet mix of cum and blood. Isaiah would feel my tongue slurping at his belly. When I make the incision deeper, bits of gut would begin to protrude. I'd begin to nibble on the yellowish innards. Then bite and pull and chew. My ecstasy would increase as would Isaiah's torment. Isaiah would endure hours of pain, and my dick would never soften. Sensory overload as my tongue tasted flesh, my nose sniffed putrid entrails, my eyes feasted on blood, and my ears his screams of terror. His Hell. My Heaven.