1. bikerboots

    hanging in biker gear

    Hi, Biker here, into snuff by hanging - mostly. love guys in boots (favorite is offroad bike gear, or army gear). preferably dying or dead... I speak English and French. My big turn on is to be forced to hang. I will not go willingly... but would love to find a guy who has the guts to do me in...
  2. jon_b

    Biker in multiple pile-up

    He died when he got caught up in a multiple vehicle pile-up :dunno:
  3. Meatpie

    Biker Rear-ends Truck, Brazil

  4. chainsawjockey

    cops make great mest

    All these years hunting a serial killer he never thought he would be his Final victim .he was huge at least 6/8 tall gruff bear build wearing a Rubber apron and boots .The young cop tears streaking Down his Boy band looking face realised his taunts in the papers worked To well .he saw all the...
  5. PiercedChest

    Dead biker

    Not sure I haven't seen this before. If so, I hope you enjoy the reminder. The victim, Cristiano Rosa dos Santos, 26, was returning from a bar when the accident happened, he lost control on a bend and crashed head on into a pick up.
  6. phyzzique

    Sexxxeee biker executado

  7. PiercedChest

    Foot loose (handy for feet lovers) and trouser free

    Amazing traffic casualty: As a car crashes into a biker, he ends up inside the vehicle, with his pants and both his feet torn off.
  8. todd00009

    New "Deathbot" introduced this week!

    Wouldn't you love to have a human robot you could kill again and again... This week we introduce a brand new young Deathbot robot named "Stan"... He's based on one of our favorite actors :) This one comes dressed up as a hot teen biker...You like him? See more pictures on BestDeath... The...
  9. jon_b

    teen biker collides with trailer

    19 yr old biker died when he drove into the back of a parked lorry trailer :shock:
  10. PiercedChest

    Drunk biker kills himself

    and ends up in an inviting position....:
  11. PiercedChest

    Biker shot dead

  12. todd00009

    The DEATHBOT returns (so you can kill him again and again)

    The fantasy male robotic "sex doll" has been fixed, so he can be killed again and again. We believe this is the future... and one day everyone will have fantasy companion they could do anything they want with (or to).... But watch out, cause sometimes these DEATHBOTS malfunction... and then...
  13. StiffBoy


    :totally hot: Hidden evidence of murder guy...! *Click image to continue...! :totally hot::totally hot: STONED TO DEATH Hey, shit happens, he picked the shortest straw. *Click image to continue...! :totally hot::totally hot::totally hot: ABANDONED MORGUE Corpse waiting for burial Old...
  14. todd00009

    Los Angeles Biker Chloroformed, Drag, Stripped And STRANGLED!

    In this clips a cocky LA Street Biker is chloroformed, dragged around... stripped, and strangled to death...this clip is SUPER HOT!! More pictures can be found on Name of clip:Los Angeles Biker Chloroformed, Extended Dragging, Stripped And Strangled
  15. jon_b

    teenage biker

    Youth got on his motorbike with broken brakes - and here are the sad consequences :dunno:
  16. jon_b

    Honda rider shot dead

    Found dead beside his Honda - this biker had been shot with 5 bullets :shock:
  17. metalmachine

    After a Motorbike Accident....

    (Dedicated to useless bum)
  18. todd00009

    Hot Jock knocked out, strangled, fondled and toe-tagged in Doctor's office

    In BestDeath's new series of "doctor's office/morgue" videos... a hot young jock waiting for a physical is knocked out with chloroform by a crazy young doctor who fondles his smooth body, touches his feet, then strangles him to death... then touches him some more before toe-tagging him for the...